Sun magick: I need help

The sun is associated with masculine energy, power, prosperity, happiness, and growth. Here are a few ideas on Sun Magick:

Sun Light Water :sweat_drops:

This water is pretty easy to make and is safe to drink! You will need a clear glass bowl, a picture of the sun, spring water, and an outside surface.

You will take your items outside where the sun is shining. You will then place the image of the sun on a flat surface and place the bowl on top. Then pour your water into the bowl.

Once this is finished, lift the bowl up to the sun till you know the light is dancing on the water and it is getting direct sunlight. Speak your incantations, chant or charge the water at this point with the bowl raised and the sun shining down. Place the bowl back down over the image of the sun and let it sit for 3 hours. Then retrieve it and use it in solar energy spells, baths, anointing water, blessing water etc. - From Patheos

Sun-gazing :sunny:

Sun-gazing is the act of looking directly into the sun during dawn and dusk. It has certain dangers so it’s best to learn how to practice it safely before trying it.

Sun Sigil for Success :muscle:

This is a spell to Pass an Exam that channels focus and concentration into a solar sigil.

Find the recipe here:

Meditate with a Tarot Card

Explore the meaning of The Sun card. Alternatively work with the runes, such as the Sowilo rune which symbolizes Norse goddess Sól/Sunna.

Prayers to Solar Deities :pray:

There are many solar deities that you can add to your daily practice, and many religions have worshiped the sun in one way or another. Learn how to find a patron deity here.

Here are some prayers to popular solar deities:

List of solar deities »

Good luck and blessings! :sun_with_face: