The Sun The Moon and The Planets

The sun the moon and the planets influence of the zodiac.

What are your experiences with astrology? The zodiacs and planets? I’ve been doing a lot of studying on this topic lately. It’s very fascinating and there is SO much information it makes my head spin!


I don’t have too much experience with astrology, but it’s something I’ve been meaning to learn about! I just have to find the time and the motivation :laughing:

There is one thing I do in tune with astrology, though, and that’s working my prosperity altar on Thursdays, the day of Jupiter. I’ll try to work it during the hour of Jupiter, too, but that’s not always possible.

Thanks for this video!


I’m fascinated by astrology and am particularly fond of the Zodiac signs, but how much astrology I use in my practice tends to wax and wane. I haven’t found a steady place for it in my practice.

Recently I’ve been thinking about the planets and how I might incorporate them into my practice more- there really is a lot to explore and consider when it comes to astrology! :star2:

Thank you for this video, @SilverBear! :milky_way: :sparkles:


I did a deep dive a year or two ago, but I do not feel like I really understand it. Nonetheless, I often try to time my spells to match the energy of the planetary hour and day if possible. I read about this in Arin Murphy-Hiscock’s book, Spellcrafting. I found the book very helpful, though it is not specifically about astrology.


Does spells8 have an astrology section? I have lots of things that I have made myself linked to the signs and planets. I do not mind sharing them as starting point for astrology references for members? It’s basic but may be a good starting point for beginners.



Yes! Here in the forum is the Astrology Tag- all posts related to astrology are labeled with this tag to make them easier to find for fellow astrology enthusiasts :star2:

You are very welcome to share your wisdom, @Cosmic_Curiosity! It sounds like a great resource for those getting into working with the signs, planets, etc :milky_way: :sparkles:

Please feel free to make a new post (here in the Witchy Wisdom category would be a lovely place to put it, labeled with the “astrology” tag- if you have any trouble, I or another Mod are happy to help!) - I’ll look forward to reading when it’s ready! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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@TheTravelWitch_Bry Thank you for that. I will put it all together as a "beginner’s guide"and post it if thats ok. Hopefully it will help as i have seen a few people mention that astrology is something they don’t know much about but would like to learn more.

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Thanks @Cosmic_Curiosity ! I look forward to reading your post!

My nanny was really into astrology and she had this astrology machine that you would input basic information and it would light up which houses were in play. It was given to me after she passed away. I used it one summer to write the astrology column for a local newspaper. I have only dabbled in it since but every time I look into it I can see the influences and they always make sense.

Thanks for the video @SilverBear :heart:


@Cosmic_Curiosity There’s also a whole post Astrology Information :milky_way: with astrology based topics from the forum listed.

I still have to go gather some that have been done since the original post was made, but I have added to it recently :smiling_face:


Oddly enough, I have always been interested in astrology even though forecasts rarely, if ever, are correct for me. From a physics & relativity point of view, astrology makes sense as the alchemists knew. It can just be difficult for the average scientist to imagine any real or potential effect on individual humans, especially since, there are so many such as myself where the readings aren’t accurate.
But again, the theory behind astrology is valid. Einstein proved that sunlight (AKA energy) can be bent by the gravitational forces of planets in part because of the SpaceTime Matrix, if you will. It’s an electromagnetic force, so it’s both a particle and a wave. We know that sunlight permeates atmospheres and effects life on earth. So, technically, that planets can effect life on earth based on positioning is proved by inductive reasoning! (Just my logic :blush:)
Even though my results are iffy, I do believe there’s a system to it.
I use planetary times, but I’m also highly Chaote…so there’s that.


I originally was introduced to astrology by my mom, but only as far as my sun :sun: sign because we shared the same same sign… I was always reading about that one sign & knew of my family’s sun signs so knew a little bit (basics) about those.

I didn’t really start officially learning or diving into anything past sun signs until close to 2020… it may have been 2019 when I was taken out of work then Covid happened & then I REALLY set out to learn more once I was like… ‘This stuff isn’t working & hasn’t for years but this did when I was younger & felt right…’ So I’m going back to this & shortly after joined Spells8 & the forum… I’ve been learning ever since! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I saw your beautiful post, @Cosmic_Curiosity- thanks again for taking the time to put it together and share it with everyone! :raised_hands: :heart: :milky_way:

(Here’s a link for any fellow astrology-lovers who haven’t come across it yet–> Beginner Astrology - Guide to the Planets )

Blessed be! :star2: