Thoughts on Creatures?

I know the title is vague😂 I’m curious to hear from all of you, given that we are part of a practice that works with Spirits and Deities, do you believe in the fantastic creatures that would be the Sidhe (Fae), Dryads, Nereids, Satyrs, Centaurs, etc etc?; considering that some (of the Greek creatures at least) were bore from some of the deities we venerate?

If yes, how do you acknowledge and or work with them?

I’m curious to see if that is actually a thing, or if my brain just really loves the idea of mythological creatures existing :joy:

I, personally, do believe in these beings. As a green witch, I acknowledge that Dryads reside in the trees, Nereids reside in the waters, Satyrs roam the forests, and always ask of their permission before collecting from their domain and give offerings. I see them as an extension of nature. (AND I STAY AWAY FROM FAIRY RINGS! :joy:)


I have always believed in the Sidhe/Fae/Fairies, as long as I can remember. I recently started learning more about them through my Celtic journey & I haven’t directly worked with them but I do stay away from their fairy rings should I come near 1 :fairy:

Working With The Fae may be a good topic to look into also. I’m going to bookmark it for when I start learning more specifically about them :joy: Thank you for starting this discussion! :hugs:


I’ve read it can be risky given their temperament, and also the different kids of fae as well. They are all mischievous, but there are some that are outright malicious. With Fae being an umbrella term, the specifics I can think of are the obvious Banshee and Kelpie, but there are some fairies that can be particularly menacing as well :thinking:

I’m not sure how much of the stuff I’ve read is reputable or if it’s more of a Tolkien high fantasy type of thing. If I can find the site, I’ll send you a link!


That is the little bit that I have come across through learning about the Celtic practice & the Morrigan (1 of the sister’s names is derived from Banshee & Morrigan herself is associated with them also).


Oh I did not know that! I just know the old fairy tales of “if you hear her wail, someone’s gonna die”

Just like the Kelpie and it’s “Don’t pet the water horse or you’ll be sleeping with the fishes!”

I learned something new! Haha!


Oh yes, that is a common theme from the time as the Morrigan was a Goddess of Death. It was said that to hear Badb wail was that someone was going to die or if she was seen washing your armor or battle clothing that you would die in battle.

The Goddess Brigid would go over battlefields shrieking to protect what was hers also.