Thoughts on multiple deities from multiple pantheons

So a few months back I found that I was being contacted by Frigg, a Norse deity and wife of Odin. it’s been quite sometime since she and I have worked together as I have worked a little with Aphrodite and also with Lord Ganesha on the occasional ritual here and there but yesterday after attending church with my boyfriend and his family and cooking for the Thanksgiving dinner at his church I got a loud kinda long ringing in my ear and given I was in mixed company and without my cards or pendulums I brushed it off. It happened again about 2 hours later while I was headed back to church and again without my divination tools I made a mental note to check into it today. Well it seems as if Inanna is making contact with me and is interested in working with me (on what I’m not sure yet) but from what I gather she is a Sumerian Goddess. Now I know deities aren’t jealous and you can work with others but my questions are:

  • Is there something I’m supposed to do to release my connection with Frigg now or has she simply moved on?

  • Am I no longer working within the Norse pantheon?

  • Is this a sign that I wasn’t a good fit for working with Norse deities or something?

  • And lastly have any of you worked with Inanna?


Not sure if they aren’t jealous or at least playfully jealous.

I was connecting with Egyptian pantheon Ra and Thor and in my altered state of consciousness saw a goddess which I thought to be either Isis or Hathor. The whole experience we her kind of playfully shoving her rude finger up at me and walking away all sassy almost as if playfully jealous that I hadn’t bothered to want to reach out to her yet and learn about her.



I have only worked with the Celtic Pantheon. Currently I work with Brighid & the Morrigan.

I know of people that work with different deities from different pantheons with no issue. It’s going to have a lot to do with your relationship with them though.

I feel like you are going to have to find out from Her about that, just because as of recent you haven’t specifically worked with Her, depending on your relationship that could be perfectly fine. Maybe a Frigg meditation to connect with Her.

This is up to you, as I have seen, depending on the reason or relationship with the other pantheons working with different pantheons is possible. As long as nothing adverse seems to be arising from working with more than 1 pantheon, I feel like you should be okay to continue.

Unless something else happened or another situation arises, I don’t believe so. Based on what you have said, this seems more like another deity may have some better insight or knowledge on what you are going through & how to help.

I have not, actually Inanna is a new deity to me! I had never heard the name before.

As I said, I have only ever worked with the Celtic Pantheon. I can say that right now, I do Honor Brighid, but I haven’t specifically done anything with her since the Morrigan came around me. She has her own space, I draw an Oracle card each day that I share with the coven, & “tend Her flame” each day. As far as any meditations or workings though, the Morrigan has been guiding me over the last few weeks.

You may want to look into these too for some other references, advice on the topic as well. I know that @MeganB has done a few topics regarding working with deities & polytheism too.

Introduction to Deity Work

Deities More Than One?


@Susurrus already got you covered with answers to those questions in basically the same way I would answer them :laughing: I just wanted to pop in and wish you luck with however your deity relationships move forward and see if maybe I can provide some information about Inanna. I don’t work with Her nor have I ever interacted with Her, though, so keep that in mind too :pray:t3:

Wikipedia is a great place to start. It isn’t a great primary source, as in you wouldn’t use it for all of your information, the best thing about Wikipedia is the references section at the bottom of the page.

Wikipedia → Inanna - Wikipedia

I also found this bit of information that comes from the University of Pennsylvania, free to access online. It has some information as well as links to follow for more research.

UPenn Info → Ancient Mesopotamian Gods and Goddesses - Inana/Ištar (goddess)

The Encyclopedia Britannica can also be a good place to get quick information and give you a better idea of what you’re looking for.

Encyclopedia Britannica → Ishtar | Goddess, Worship, & Facts | Britannica

I hope those links give you a good starting point in your further research!


I’m a little behind the times I guess. Aren’t you suppposed to be on bed rest? Please do not over exert yourself during Thanksgiving! Also, given some of the past health issues that you have shared, have you ruled out other potential causes for ringing ears? (Okay, Dad, give it a rest)

I don’t know anything about how you release a connection, but I have wondered about that, too. As far as mixing pantheons goes, well, if the deities aren’t worried about it why should you be? I have read that as we grow we need different things and at different times we can benefit from different connections. Makes me think that relationships with deities can be like relationships with people. There are times when I have met people who would seem a perfect fit, but due to where each of us are in our lives the connection wasn’t made. Perhaps your connection session with one has timed out, but it may be renewed later. Just my thoughts.


@anon87969570 I’m on light bedrest now. Honestly I was only up for church and to put my macaroni and cheese (which was phenomenal and reminds me I need to post the recipe) together and get it in the oven. Cody would check it for me and was taking pictures of it so I could see it. :rofl: I came off complete bedrest and the steroid injections last week


Glad to hear that your bedrest has been downgraded to light. Stay well!


I’m glad you’re off complete bed rest as well! That makes me so happy to hear! :smiley:

I’m a bit out of it because I’m coming down with allergies or some sort of seasonal crud, so I may have completely missed it if someone else already had similar input, but I thought I’d share my two cents about working with multiple pantheons – please forgive me if others have already said something similar :sweat_smile:

TLDR: I personally believe that it’s okay to work with multiple pantheons. Everyone’s different, so it’s possible that it may not work for you, but only you know what will work for you :slight_smile: That being said, make sure to be careful when adding additional deities, especially from different pantheons, and make sure that you work with those you already work with to make sure that they are aware that you’re planning to add others and make sure you find out how your current deities want you to continue properly honoring them.

Speaking from experience, I added an additional deity (from the same (!!) pantheon), and the deity I was already working with was NOT happy about me having added someone else. It took A LOT of work to earn back the trust of the deity I had been working with, and She still hasn’t 100% come around yet after several months :grimacing:

Only you and your deities know what will work best for you, and make sure that you maintain open communication with the deity/deities you already work with :slight_smile:

Also, not to be a party pooper or anything, but as others have suggested, I’d also recommend that you as a healthcare provider about your symptoms if at all possible just to make sure you’re staying physically healthy in addition to spiritually healthy :slight_smile: Sending positive healing energies your way for if you choose to accept them :green_heart: :sparkles: :sparkles: :sparkles: (throwing that last bit in there because I feel weird not giving people the choice to accept or reject my energies because ethics :see_no_evil::sweat_smile:)


Right. Currently I am working with Egyptian deities and am very new to this. But as I mentioned above, I definitely got a sense of jealousy from a goddess in the same pantheon because I hadn’t yet approached her.

What I’ve found interesting about the Egyptian pantheon is that their names and qualities changed through history and come of the gods were combined to form another. This is taking me a lot to get my head around and I need to be so careful with that.



Oh Tem, how exciting. Let us know how you do with the Egyptian Pantheon.
I’d be very interested in your progression. Happy feast day, my friend.
Much love to you and yours.


I don’t know what’s the traditional way to part with a deity but I once had to deal with a situation with Odin. I made the mistake of asking him for help with something in a poorly worded and naive way. He gave me exactly what I asked for and it was not pleasant. After a bit of cursing at him (Odin can take it) I parted ways by saying thanks for the lesson but it’s time for me to walk a different path and when meet again may it be as allies and friends. Seemed to do the trick as a bearded old man I had never seen before or since drove by me and waved the next day as I was out cutting the lawn. Followed in a a few days by my first encounter with Hekate who I had never heard of at the time. Things have been…different…since then.

As for working with multiple pantheons, I’ve always been taught that it’s fine to do so, just not in the same rituals or workings. I’ve got my shrine to Brigid in the house and I do my Hekate work out in woods or at the altar out in my art studio. Everybody seems ok with it.


@Valen that is an interesting experience with Odin. Thank you for sharing that with me. I personally have not actually worked with him but I have ressr quite a bit about him since originally I worked with Frigga. He seems to be very literal and tempermental.


Valen, the Deities and spells are opaquely similar in that you have to be careful what you wish for, you may just get it.


Must be a sign u were not paying your respects to her too so she got a little jealous… I would take this as a sign to work with her…


I work with her every Monday now and things have been amazing.


Will check out somethings here and online while i wait for the book about her to come… I am sure i saw a devotional to her here on Spells8 too…