Updates from a colombian warrior 🇨🇴

Hey all.

About 2 months ago I posted something about what is still happening in Colombia.

I just wanted to say thank you for all the comments and love, I was really desperate and your kind words did warm my heart. :purple_heart:

Now, a couple of updates:

  1. I’ve been feeling sometimes worse and sometimes better, haha. There’s so much to talk about the protests, but overall, it’s been exhausting, a little bit more every day. My only hope is to see my country united and in true love for each other, that’s the only way all this is going to worth it, to see my country and all Latin America supporting each other as one, because that’s what we are, not only what we were, before the colonizers. That’s is the only way we’re going to really change our lives.

  2. Yoga, meditation, my book of mirrors, and my crystals are literally keeping me alive and safe atm. I’m truly grateful for that. Just wanted to mention 2 weird things that happened: I had a rose quartz, as big as a ping pall ball, I was using it one day and it broke O.o my cat did something near it and it fell to the floor, I’d be nice to see your thoughts about that, I have my own, but my baby witch, I’m not sure about many things ahaha.

Another thing that happened was that I went to a crystal store looking for some other pals that I don’t have yet and found a Chrysocolla in the middle of a bowl full of other kind of crystals (I quite remember they all were red jade, but I’m not sure), the lady at the store said that this was the first time in months a to see a Chrysacolla, the store run out of them for such a long time and didn’t know that there was a last one. That is incredible to me, like, I feel that it was meant to be, which makes me ssooo happy!

  1. We’re still protesting, we’re tired and depressed about all this, but, we have hope, and that’s all that matters.

Once more, thank you for reading, I find in this community an opportunity to express myself in a new whole level never felt before (this much, this way).

Blessed be :purple_heart:


You continue to be in my thoughts! Sending you love & light!

I know that it was once said that if you lose a crystal or break it, then it has done its job for you.

The chrysocolla definitely was there for you to find. There must something about it that feels like it can assist you in some way. :heart:


I keep you and your country in my thoughts and prayers my friend. And yes, it sounds as if that chrysacolla was meant to be yours! Good deal!


That’s right. :relaxed:And @WhiteFox I’m terribly sorry to hear about your country!!! I’ll keep you in my prayers. :sparkles::pray::sparkles:
I’ve had many crystals break on me. What I do, is use them in other ways. Like the little pieces I use for crystal grids or medicine bags.
You’re special to have found the chrysocolla!!!
Te mando amor y luz :sparkles: :pray::sparkles: :candle:


Praying for Colombia :pray: :colombia: I’m glad you are staying grounded and calm. Chysocolla has a nice energy of peace and teaching that will guide you.

Mucha fuerza, WhiteFox! Saldremos de este pozo!! :muscle:


I agree with Siofra- it is likely that your rose quartz broke because it completed its job for you, or protected you in some way :heart:

As for the Chrysocolla- what a find! That crystal was meant to be with you :blush:

Thanks for the update, @WhiteFox- I am glad you are hanging in there and staying strong! You are in my thoughts and positive energy continues to flow your way. Be well and stay safe! :pray::sparkles: