Uses for incense ash ✨

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I burn a lot of incense and wondered whether there were any uses for the ash?

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You can use when you make black salt. Maybe add a little to house plants but not very often. I think if you put too much on the plants it will give them too much nitrogen. Anyone, please correct me if i’m wrong about that. I toss most of mine in the trash.
Does anyone know how to turn incense ash into GOLD? now that’s an answer we all wish to hear :laughing: So Much ASH!



I usually spread the ashes in my yard when I’m finished to release the energy to the universe. I also put them in my fire pit when I’m using it. :fire:


Black salt is a good one. I’ve also created my own ink to make sigils out of incense ash!


Oh I’m going to save this for my morning witchiness tomorrow! I would love to learn how to make ink! Thank you for sharing! :two_hearts:


You can use ash to make black salt or you can just return it back to the earth and show your gratitude.


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You’ve got a lot of great spellwork and crafting ideas for your incense ash! Just as a suggestion for in-between projects and as a way to collect it, have you considered using an incense burner bowl?

They use them at temples in Japan- the bowls range from really simple to extremely elegant. As the incense burns, the ash drops down and collects. Then you pat it down and can use the ash itself to hold up incense sticks.

Picture from the Monastery Store

I was told when I lived at a Zen temple that incense ash is sacred and actually quite valuable. It can be used for many things or just collected for good spiritual energy!

I’m sure you will find some great uses for your ash. Blessed be! :sparkles:


I need to get me a bowl like that. I’ve used a burnt out pillar candle before :laughing: not as nice-looking but it did the trick!


I have a copper bowl that I have been collecting the ash from cone incense in, but I never thought to do this for the sticks. I like it & I think I am going to try it!

I was just thinking yesterday that I need another stick incense burner. The one I have, the hole is off so when you put the stick in, it sits diagonally across the wood & over the table, altar, counter, etc… so the ash goes everywhere but where you want it to go. :joy:

@Carter that’s usually what I do, I spread the ash outside my front door to give it back. I do think I may try to make the black salt or even ink after I watch @meganb’s video.


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Thank you so much for the suggestions! I will definitely be using them all :white_heart::sparkles:x x


I also use my ashes for black salt and sigils but sometimes I also use them in my spell work. For instance if it is a cleansing ritual (protection spell jar, etc) I’ll add some of the ashes from my Palo Santo or sage, I enclosed some of the burnt ashes of lavender and rosemary in my farewell ritual for my mother-in-law and estranged husband tonight. Or like if im using bay leaves for a jar spell I will write my intentions on the bay leaves, burn it and then I add those ashes and a couple unburnt bay leaves to my jar so that the intention gets released to the Divine but still have their place within my jar.


@Susurrus the hole on my stick burner for my tarot table is slightly off and I have the same problem so I usually just try to angle the stick when I place it in the holder but also I’ve found if I pull it through a little bit farther and let that end sit a little off the table it helps keep the ashes from dropping everywhere else so much. I also put a plastic place mat under it so i could just pick it up and dump it in the container I save my ashes in for salt.


I love all these suggestions! I normally just thank it for helping me in my spell work (or whatever I’m doing) when I toss it in the trash. But now I have ideas to continue to make use of them! Love it!


What are some ways to use incense ashes other than making black salt.
What kind of properties does it have?


Hi, incense has been popular over the last week or so! We recently had these discussions:

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I hope these answer your questions!

In general the ash will have the same properties as the incense that was burned, such as protection & cleansing.


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I hope you don’t mind but I’ve merged your question into the larger thread discussing uses for incense ash. Siofra gave some great tips, and hopefully you can use some of the resources shared above as well!

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No problem, I actually love that. Thank you!


I was having similar problems with my stick incense too. I started breaking the end over just enough so I can adjust it over the tray.
I like the bowl holder too, its a good idea for sure!
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Oh, my goodness, I’ve been lining my trash can for years. Better start saving, huh?