Voodoo and Hoodoo. Opinions/ knowledge?

Hi all, so i have this itching thought that keeps occurring which is more like a push to gain knowledge about voodoo and hoodoo magick. I am not a fan of setting bad intentions or casting a spell to hurt anyone, but regardless i would love to gain knowledge and then decide if it is right for me. Does any one have any information that they would like to share to poor little me who is oblivious to this topic? Please share and sorry if i got the concept wrong it shows i came to you lovely people for info before going to my good old friend google search lol :blush: :flushed:


Voodoo is a category of African diasporic and/or traditional religions that is usually closed to outsiders. That doesn’t mean you can’t learn about it, but those practices generally require initiation and lots of training, plus being invited in to the practice from those practitioners.

As for hoodoo, that’s a little bit different and I don’t quite have the words to describe it. You might enjoy checking out Lilith Dorsey’s work. I’ll leave a few links here for you :blush:


Greetings @TheMuslimWitch,

I see Megan gave a great answer above with some awesome resources for you! :+1: Apologies, as I don’t know much about Voodoo/Hoodoo myself aside from the fact that it is largely considered to be a closed practice. There are some here in the forum who practice Voodoo, Hoodoo, or use elements from them in their eclectic practices, so perhaps you could learn a bit from what they’ve shared too?

Here are some discussions related to Voodoo/Hoodoo that may help you learn more:

Good luck and blessed be! :sparkles:


Hello @TheMuslimWitch.

Both @TheTravelWitch_Bry and @MeganB have wonderful suggestions for starting your path to knowledge. I have limited information on Hoodoo, as I was being taught by a practitioner in VA. But, sadly I moved prior to getting very far. One book she mentioned to look at, as I gained knowledge, was https://www.amazon.com/365-Days-Hoodoo-Rootwork-Conjuration/dp/073874784X. I have yet to venture very far in the book, but I wanted to share it with you, in case you are interested.



Thank you for clearing that up and also for the links :blush: I just find when i ask people about it they tend to shy away or change the subject as if i had said something wrong. Since i don’t know about these topics and i am also a very curious individual, i have to at least get a general idea about the subject then i will decide if it is right. I will be sure to check the links…


Thank you i will check the other post from practicing witches. :blush:


Thanks! I absolutely love reading as its my own little way of exploring without others seeing what i am doing. I also like reading since i am a fast thinker, talker and tend to be very hyper so its the only thing that genuinely gets me seated for long enough to relax! Trust me i wake up almost every morning feeling like a bus hit me since there is no one here to slow me down and i am even worse at attempting so. I will check the book now and go from there thanks . :blush:


Hey @themuslimwtich Voo doo is fascinating. I watched this informative video about it and learned a lot so II thought I would share it since the topic came up. It’s 45 minutes but VERY illuminating about the “Hollywood” version vs. “authentic” voodoo.

I incorporate some hoo doo in my practice for intentions like justice and truth spells. I like this website, Original Botanic.com. It is has a good blog and I have ordered materials before – I think the prices are good and the delivery was timely. It’s a good resource for things like high john, low john, primrose oil, and a little bit of everything from a variety of cultural and spiritual traditions.


You know, sweet girl, Knowledge is power, knowledge is strength, knowledge is a choice.
There is nothing wrong with learning about anything. The using of it is a choice.
love ya


Thanks @mary25 i will be sure to watch it and update my knowledge.
@Garnet I believe the same however i want to do my learning within an culturally appropriate way which does not cause any issues and also respects some sacred traditions/beliefs which is why i always ask with fingers crossed that i have not offended anyone out there… As they say ‘you will never know until you ask’.


Not at all, sweetheart, Knowledge is what we all seek, how we use it is our choice.
I used to be so afraid of certain types of Magick, but as I have grown, I have also come to understand that it wasn’t the Magick that made me afraid, but me. Growing up means you can look at what frightens you and delving into it to find out why?
Love ya,


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