We need a Coven Name!

Still wanting a Coven name!

I used to in another Coven a couple years back but since that has ended, I am so much more happy to be a part of this group w you all! But my bf’s, kids, friends areasking me what the Coven’s name is and I say I don’t know! Bahahaa it doesn’t have a name! :rofl::rofl::rofl:

But it should very much have a name! :sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart:

@Francisco you mentioned we should hold a contest for names- can we still do this ?! :sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart:


Absolutely!! Thanks for remembering!! :+1:

Let the brainstorm begin!! :brain: :cloud_with_lightning:

Let’s use this topic to suggest ideas! Anything is welcome! However I recommend following these ideas on picking a coven name by Steven Posch

Avoid the humorous. Really, will the joke still seem funny 25 years down the road, after the ten thousandth repetition?

Probably not.

Avoid the clever. Really, will it still seem clever 25 years down the road, after the ten thousandth repetition?

Probably not.

Keep it lean. English likes terse.

Anything long and unwieldy will either slim down in use, or become (ugh) an acronym.

It’s best to forestall such erosive processes from the get-go.

Keep it native (or at least English-proximate). Names in languages other than English are simply pleading for satire. You know English-speakers: we will make fun of what we don’t understand.

For gods’ sakes, give us something we can pronounce.

Consider geography. Covens have a long, long history of being named for places.

Geographic names are (in general) honest and unpretentious. Interests and mythologies come and go, but place endures.

We’re nothing if not the people of place.

Steer clear of pop culture. Pop culture is a yawning vacuity. For a good coven name, you need depth, resonance, and mystery.

Move along, folks, there’s nothing here to see.

Comb the Lore. The Received Tradition is a rich source of resonant, evocative names. Avail yourself of this trove of ancestral wealth.

Consult a bard. If you know someone with a good feel for words, don’t be afraid to ask his—or her—opinion. Your local lore-master will be able to tell you what’s worthy and what isn’t.


Well, we’re from all around the world. Why not Gaia’s Circle? That pretty much covers all the places so no one country or area feels left out. Just my two cents! :earth_americas:


This is awesome- thanks for opening up the Coven Name discussion, @Aedreysa! :heart_eyes: And Francisco shared some great guidelines for naming :+1: On that notes, does anyone know a bard? :laughing:

Ohhh @Amethyst- I like the sound of “Gaia’s Circle”! It encompasses the whole world and suggests strong ties to the earth and natural world :earth_asia: :sparkles: I love it!

I’ll put a few other suggestions/starters on the table too:

  • Connected Coven
  • Coven Across the Miles
  • Bond Without Boundaries
  • Grace of the Moon
  • Powerfully Pagan
  • Spells in Eight Directions

Its fun to brainstorm! Looking forward to hearing more ideas and feedback from everyone- feel free to share your thoughts! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Ooh, I like those! Especially Coven Across the Miles. Glad you liked my offering!

Maybe something to do with the figure eight. On it’s side it’s an infinity symbol. The Infinity Family? Just a thought!


I love it!!!


LOL, which one? I suggested two. Glad you liked it, whichever one it was! :blush:


The both lol but I like the idea of Gaia’s Circle.


Yeah, I like that one too myself. :earth_americas: Thank you!


Just tossing some ideas without much thought. Bare with me lol.

The Silver Mist Coven
Circle of the elemental
Ethereal Circle
Circle of shadows

I’ll think of more…


Gaia’s Galaxies
Gaia’s Gains
Cosmo Covenant


Uni-verse courteous
Co-create Covenant
Co-creator covenant


Welcome to the coven, @amber1! These are wonderful names. I really like Circle of Shadows.

Brianna, I love Coven Across the Miles. It might be too long, though. :frowning: Grace of the Moon is my next favorite from you. :star_struck:

@Amethyst, Gaia’s Circle. Wow. :heart_eyes:

Should we also Google/Ecosia(uses Bing) these to make sure there are no other online covens with these names?


I love bond without boundaries that has such a cool ring to it


Also your suggestion slips off the tongue so smoothly


I want to acknowledge the roots of the coven and it personally started with the Spells 8 website. This is not by chance, It was thought out.
Ethereal Circle is probably the one that rings (No pun intended) - closer to the 8.

With Respect to everyone here, “Gaia”, in general, leans heavily to the Goddess. It sounds unbalanced from my POV. :slightly_smiling_face:

My technical side comes out in binary. It all starts with 1’s and 0’s


Kindred Covenant
Solar Serpents


@TheTravelWitch Forgive my brain, patterns pop instantaneously. :sweat_smile:

I truly love this one because it rings true, then it turns out as CAM

I like this but we will turn out being SiED or SED.

I like this one too and oddly enough, I don’t hear my brain saying BWB.

This is another fave. :slight_smile:

LOL I will be quiet now. There is a lot of great ideas!


Thank you for the welcome!


Welcome to the forum @amber1! I like the Circle of the elemental! That’s good!

That’s a good idea @praecog29! We don’t want to be a copycat. That means Gaia’s Circle is out, it’s already been used. Too bad. I thought myself quite clever. LOL.

I like that! Good name!