๐Ÿ—ณ [POLL] Choosing a Coven Name: Round One!

Thank you to everyone who shared both name suggestions and feedback in the thread We need a Coven Name! :pray:

There were so many great suggestions! :heart_eyes: After combing through all suggestions and replies, we now have a selection of names for voting.

:exclamation: Note: Due to the huge amount of suggestions, only names that were suggested and then directly mentioned by at least one other person have been collected here for voting

Here is the narrowed-down list of our potential names:

Gaiaโ€™s Circle โ€“ IIIIII [However, it was pointed out that this name is already in use by another coven so we will exclude it from the voting poll]

Coven Across the Miles โ€“ IIII

Grace of the Moon- I

Circle of Shadows โ€“ I

Bond Without Boundaries โ€“ III

Spells in Eight Directions - III

Ethereal Circle -III

Kindred Covenant โ€“ I

Circle of the Elemental โ€“ I

Mystic 8 Coven โ€“ I

Infinite Roots โ€“ I

Council of Eight โ€“ I


Coven of Infinite Love and Light- I

Covina Amoris et Lucia โ€“ I

Coven of Divine Dreams โ€“ I

The Unseen Moon Circle - I

Itโ€™s time to vote!

Here we go- ROUND ONE!

Please know that multiple votes are allowed- you are welcome to choose up to THREE of your favorite coven names.

Our Coven Name
  • Coven Across the Miles
  • Grace of the Moon
  • Circle of Shadows
  • Bond Without Boundaries
  • Spells in Eight Directions
  • Ethereal Circle
  • Kindred Covenant
  • Circle of the Elemental
  • Mystic 8 Coven
  • Infinite Roots
  • Council of Eight
  • Coven EIGHT
  • Coven of Infinite Love and Light
  • Covina Amoris et Lucia
  • Coven of Divine Dreams
  • The Unseen Moon Circle

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The top five most popular names from this poll will go to the final vote in one weekโ€™s time.

Happy voting- and remember!

Thanks for coming together as a coven to find our name- blessed be! :sparkles:


Thank you for setting this up @TheTravelWitch! I made sure to get my votes in, I canโ€™t wait to see what the end result will be.


Youโ€™re very welcome, @Siofra! :blush: Thanks to you (and all the other coven members) who have voted so far! :raised_hands:

Iโ€™m also eagerly awaiting to see what the top choices will be :star_struck:


No problem at all, this is very exciting & to see what others seem to like also. The Coven Eight seems to be the favorite but there is still a couple of days left. I hope everyone gets a chance to vote on the name :partying_face:


Can I get a drum roll please!! :laughing:


This is so exciting! It would be really cool if one of our art witches would make a symbol/picture representing what we decide on to print out and put on the cover of our BOS to really be united across the miles.


@linda6 that is a good idea too, some kind of something we could all have! I wish I could remember some art witches, I know we have some good ones in here.


@linda6 this is a great idea. I think once the name is chosen this should be the next thing we do. Iโ€™m not an artist but it would be fun working on a concept. Blessed be.


We could have a type of logo that we could put on candles, post in our sacred space that could be found in our homes across the globe.


My son is a graphic artist and could probably work something up for us once we get the name established. A name sigil sounds good too. That way we have something small that we can all print up on sticker paper :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Sticker paper is a great idea too! I could probably make vinyl images or cut it out another way with my Cricut! I hope this becomes a thing too!


A fantastic idea, @linda6! :star_struck: Perhaps once the coven name has been settled into, we could look towards a possible representative symbol. There are certainly many talented art witches about in the forum! :art: :sparkles:


A friendly reminder to all-

The poll will close automatically in 1 Day!

Round two featuring the final vote between the top five names will be posted tomorrow when this poll closes.

โ†’ If you havenโ€™t already voted but would like to- please do so now! โ†

Thank you and Blessed be! :pray::ballot_box:


Thank you again to everyone for voting on the first round!

This suggestion thread will now close, asโ€ฆ

:ballot_box_with_check: The final voting poll is now open! :ballot_box_with_check:

โ†’ Vote for the coven name here! โ†

This is the final vote between the top choices- make sure to get your vote in before the poll closes and fate is written in one week! :blush::ballot_box:

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