✨ Weekly Witchy CHALLENGE - A Magickal Blessing

Weekly Challenge Entry for A Magickal Blessing

I know that I have been mentioning the Persephone amulet for a little bit. Even though I had every intention of being on track & doing this around Mabon because it was more fitting. I just wasn’t able to, so I had to adjust the ritual a little for my own purposes & timing.

Yesterday I stripped my altar space & cleaned it. I had put on the new altar cloth then went through the items that were on the space. I set it up for the ritual I performed today.

Once I was ready, I did final arrangements using my parchment paper with names & questions & their items for the Spirit, succulent as earth, candle for fire, a chalice for water, & incense for air. I placed the pentacle in the center of the altar with the parchment paper & my questions under it. I stood at my altar & visualized Persephone. Her hair, outfit, torch; standing next to me at the alter with a warm light surrounding us from her torch. I used my dominant hand to trace the pentacle starting with the point for the Spirit, to the Earth, & the remaining points 3 times. I then said the following Prayer to Persephone:

Prayer to Persephone - Pinterest

Once the incense had burned out I put the amulet on my bracelet.

Once I was completely finished & I had burned the parchment in my cauldron, I rearranged my altar with the items I currently have for the altar & Samhain. I will add to it as we get closer & my plans are more set in stone.


Thank you Garnet I am learning that I can curse people or bless theme!
Amethyst- I thank you for this opportunity to laugh and enjoy this day!
Good Morning :sun_with_face:
the soul serpent gives us the opportunity for life, death and re birth.
In This symbolism
We are protected from Choas and can’t be broken!

Picture and idea from Silver RavenWolf
But I thought it is great symbolism for our unity as a coven! Infinite possibilities!
We have the circle of protection from o great mother and father
This day we have the circle of unity!
So mote it be!


Go right ahead, I’d be honored! Thank you!

Thank you, @crystal24! Glad you liked it!

That’s a beautiful spell you found! I hope it helps you!

Laughter is the best medicine! Keeps the boogeyman away.


Thank you so much! I have it saved. Now I’m off to find the other one that I wanted to save! Great job!


For this challenge I feel blessed to understand the myths of Hecate that has helped me understand that are beloved Hecate helped Persephone through the underworld. The elements (Air) the ability to think with my owl :owl: totem the wise owl!(Earth) My eyes are keen and I can hear :ear: good I can see through all shades black and white! image|666x500

Here’s the message! I pulled the

Diety I am working with is Persephone the pomegranate reminds me that I may have messed up but I can still fight myself through hell!
:leaves: Plant spirit aster works with (water)Persephone and she was a virgo :virgo: so I brought out my virgo

:virgo: symbolism to share my love and message with you! Aster works with the AutumEquinox and my intention is to have my accomplishments, agriculture, balance, goals, gratitude, and grounding! I hope :crossed_fingers: you can too!
Message Hell will not win and will not let it get the best of me!

I am wearing a crown :crown: which is the seven! The “Moon ability to feel which is sacred the ”Venus* emotional healing , “sun” asunny disposition :sunny:, Mercury communication, Mars planet :earth_americas: of courage, Jupiter the regal, powerful and sovereign. The sacred of the seven “Saturn” wisdom!
Persephone wore her crown when she became Queen of the underworld!

Thanks I hope you feel encouraged to keep your crown on!
Blessed :innocent:


Amethyst- I agree once I did mushrooms :mushroom: plant medicine I believe and the experience pushed me to laugh :laughing: and I will never forget that! It’s so hard for me to laugh but know I always try to find a reason to have a laugh :joy:


I really love :heart::heart::heart: this @Amethyst very outstanding and full of meaning too.


Such a healing medicine :slight_smile:


There were a few things that I could have done for this weekly challenge. Kinda had a few to decide from. There is what I came up with for this Weekly challenge-magickal blessings


This week seemed like the perfect timing for me once again.

I’m in the process of taking a leap of faith with my career. I’ve been a Solicitor for 14 years and I’ve decided to take a risk and set up as a consultant next year and I’m in the early stages of making that happen, and starting my own business.

So I decided to write a blessing asking Hekate to assist with my new business.


This blessing is for prosperity and success in new business venture

and is to be performed on the night of the Full Moon.

You will need:

A bay leaf (for good fortune and success)

A green candle (to help bring your ideas to life and amplify prosperity)

A pen

  • Light the green candle on your altar and focus on your intention
  • On the bay leaf write the name of your business.
  • As the candle burns say the following:

Hekate, Goddess of the Crossroads and Queen of the Night

I invoke your power and ask that you bless me in this time of transition.

Please guide and protect me as I grow my fledging company

and help my business to become prosperous and successful.

May the work be plentiful and may I deliver a good service to my clients.

And may I find the work-life balance I’ve been seeking.

So mote it be.

Burn the bay leaf in your cauldron and either leave the candle to burn or extinguish it and dispose of the remains.

The PDF version is here just in case anyone would like a copy: Blessing for a new business.pdf (131.4 KB)


Siofa, honey how are you? I haven’t personally reached out to you in a while. I pray daily for you and yours.
As ever my love is true


@Garnet thank you for thinking of me, I know my presence was much less than normal over the summer at the very least. However, previous readings where I was being quasi followed by the Tower card, make much more sense now.

Currently, I’m doing much better. I went through a change of some sort & I’m back feeling more connected than before. I’m excited to continue down my path. :two_hearts: I feel very refreshed!

I made a post Feeling A Lot Better & More Connected Than Before


Well, Sweetie! I’m so relieved. Stay safe
love ya


Thank you again, my dear! I’m glad you think it’s good enough to save. Good luck finding the other one!

Good message @Jeannie1! I love your post.

Hee! I can just imagine myself on mushrooms. I’d probably be allergic.

Thank you, dear heart! I’m glad you like it!

Nice blessing @IrisW! I hope your new business venture goes well!


Your writings are well worth it! :hugs:


JasmineThe Blue
I love Silver RavenWolfs Blessings
I use this book quite often and she also has her book on Audible! I have the hardcopy and the audio!
She has so many ways to bless others by praying for them and chants ect!


Iris thank you such a good invocation!
Thank you


It’s time for a friendly reminder!

:exclamation: This challenge will close TOMORROW :exclamation:

If you would like to participate and haven’t done so already, please post about your challenge experience(s) by the deadline: Tomorrow: October 19th, 7:00 AM CET (Central European Time Zone)

Blessed be! :sparkles::scroll:


A beautiful Draconic Blessing, @Kasandra- may the dragons give you the strength you seek! :dragon_face: :sparkles:

You have a big heart to share so many heartfelt blessings, @Undomeher- thank you for sharing your experience and your blessings with the universe! :milky_way: :heart:

Interesting to learn about the Twelve Blessings, @moonshadow! Thank you so much for sharing that wisdom- it is appreciated! :blush:

A lovely blessing that draws on the elements, @debra2- it was beautiful to read! Thanks for sharing :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Agreed, @Garnet- words can hold amazing power! Thank you for sharing the wisdom about blessings and power. You are a wise soul! :revolving_hearts:

I love the ritual of cleaning with smoke/steam, @steph- that is a great way to bless your tools and home! And look at that gorgeous moon decoration! Thanks for sharing :heart_eyes:

We all start somewhere, @phoenix_dawn, and look back at home far you have come in your journey so far! I think you have already come a long way and blossomed beautifully in your magickal practice. And that’s the best part of a witchy community- sharing the blessings around, so we all learn and grow together! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Such a lovely blessing, @Jeannie1- I feel like after reading this, I am sure to have a blessed day ahead. Thank you for sharing the love and light! :sun_with_face: And the owl card as well- it’s so nice! :owl:

Such a lovely morning prayer, @Amethyst! Your blessings are also so heartfelt and read so beautifully- full of emotion and power. Thanks for this, and also for such a great theme for a challenge! :pray::heart:

Thank you for sharing those Blessings and Affirmations, @JasmineTheBlueJ! You found some really beautiful ones :blush:

Your altar is so lovely, @Siofra_Strega- look at that new altar cloth! :heart_eyes: It looks like the energy around it is drawing in to the center where your candle burns so beautifully. Great job- thanks for sharing! :candle:

Thanks again for your challenge entry in the other thread, @NickWick- great job! :raised_hands:

With every risky leap comes an adventure, @IrisW- always full of ups and downs, but also always better to give a try than risk a life of regretting not doing it! I’m really proud of you and I’m wishing you all the best with your new business (and the big move to Ireland!) :partying_face: Thanks for the lovely blessing and the PDF as well- such a treasure! :heart:


Well, that’s beautiful! I really like it!