🏆 Weekly Witchy CHALLENGE - Catch-Up! [Challenge #150]

Entry #2: Weekly Witchy CHALLENGE - Catch Up! - Divining Differently – Divination Explorer

Again, thanks for the chance to catch up. My 2nd entry this week is about divination with charm throws.

I have been collecting charms this year and now I have a good many. I use them for divination in two ways. (1) I use them to clarify or add messages to a Tarot draw by reaching into my charm bag and pulling out a small bunch and throwing them across my spread or (2) I just “throw” charms on a table without using Tarot. There are other ways I have not yet experimented with: using a charm throw mat and pulling only a few charms (like one, two or three) to answer one, two or three questions. I think those sound like good methods; I just haven’t tried them yet.

There are two ways I divine messages from charm throws. First, I look at the charms and see if I can intuitively draw any connections to my query or concern (that I had in mind as I threw the charms). I look at which charms are next to each other/far away from each other and see if that lends any significance. And I look at the throw as whole to see if it tells any kind of story or reveals any kind of message.

After my initial, intuitive impressions, I will sometimes look up what the charms signify. I downloaded a list of divinatory messages associated with the symbolism of charms and I refer to that if I want to delve deeper.

Although you don’t have to just use charms for charm throws (you can use other household objects or objects that are meaningful for you, like ring, crystal or coin), I like the uniform quality of metallic charms that are similar in size. I have the numbers 0 through 9 and all the astrological signs, as well as other symbols important to me (like holiday and season symbols). I also strive to have just one or two of the same kind of charm in the bag (e.g., fish, hearts, etc.) and a wide variety of charms in my bag – accumulated from assortments sold at Walmart, Amazon and Michael’s, plus others I have picked up here and there. It’s a fun collecting hobby as well, because whenever I’m in a thrift store, I’m always hunting for charms I can add to my assortment.

Here is an example of a charm throw over a spread I did tonight. I did a three card draw (what do I need to know, what do I need think about and what do I need to do). The cards, at a rough glance, tell me that time is going by, it relates to my finances and I have to make a choice. The fact is I have made a rather big deposit on a cruise vacation and while I don’t have to take it soon, I have to reserve it soon or I risk losing my $. The problem is I have been overwhelmed by my options, also I’m not sure about spending the moolah. I see in the charm throw a ship’s wheel, a palm tree (maybe I need to pick the Florida embarkation instead of the New York one?) the number 8 – should I make that reservation on July 8? Will something happen in August (the 8th month)? And various other charms where the meaning is less evident: bike, Mom, peace symbol, star and oyster. It’s a fun form of divination that makes you think. :slight_smile: Thanks for letting me share for this challenge.



Challenge entries

@SilverBear has offered these jars and recipies that I can use on my altar as tools to connect to the elements. I’m grateful :pray:

I made a large jar of each for the altar to help call the elements when working there and a small jar to receive the elements daily as I pass them and recognize them in passing.

North is Earth and Being,
East is Air and Knowing,
South is Fire and Doing,
West is Water and Daring
from Sorgitzak, Old Forest Craft By Veronica Cummer

#1 Of the Element Water

Water is emotions, that which gives meaning to our experience and can get us in so much trouble if not kept in check. Second most valuable element for us. Water is life… and the strongest matter on our planet. It can wear down mountains and dissolve rock in time. Refresh our very soul when cool or mixed with fire a delightful shower. Nourish the plants in our garden, bring calm and beauty.

#2 Of the Element Fire

Fire is the energy behind all we do. Protection as well as destruction. The warmth of the hearth or the terrible forest fire. Like all of the elements it has two sides and can be used in either manner to produce the results we need in magic and the mundane.

#3 Of the Element Air

Air, the first most important. Of the mind and spirit. Gives flight to thought and imagination. The gentle cooling breeze in summer, the driving force of the sailboat or the typhoon in the vast ocean.


@mary25 your Divining Differently entry is amazing and rather intriguing


I have been consistently avoiding some challenges and using the RNG forced me to choose. The only issue is I had it pick one of the holiday-specific ones and wasn’t sure how to adapt it…


Challenge Entry 1: Amulets & Talismans (Charming Witch)

As many know I work with the Morrigan. As such, I have a ritual asking for her protection that I use with my black obsidian bracelet, I try to… recharge :thinking: it during the New Moon & spend some extra time with her also.

I set up my space with her items & an offering. I use a red & black candle dressed with the Morrigan oil & also light Dragon’s Blood incense, & say the prayer/invocation/request :thinking: (It’s been a rough few weeks, words are escaping me right now :face_with_hand_over_mouth:) I use my the Morrigan oil to anoint the bracelet & myself. I thank her for her assistance & then wear the bracelet each day.

I have 3 other bracelets I wear with that one for the same reason, so sometimes I will do the entire ritual but use all 4 bracelets when I am anointing & asking her for protection. The other bracelets are 1 Larvikite & 2 Black Tourmaline.


@brandy20 - Your runes are gorgeous! I don’t have any personal advice on runes, but we do have the rune course here on Spells8, as well as all the information in the runes tag!

It’s very brave and kind of you to read for your family and others, even as you’re still learning. It sounds like you’re doing a great job! :clap: :heart:

@Artemisia – That Strawberry Rhubarb Crumble sounds yummy! :yum: I’ll be tucking this recipe away for later :laughing: if I can ever find rhubarb near me! I love the journal you created, too! The cover of the journal is beautiful, but the additions you made to really customize it are perfect!

Your crystal grid is beautiful :heart: I hope it helps ease your pain, too!

@Heav3n – I don’t cast circles often either. I don’t think I’ve cast a circle in years if I’m being honest :laughing: I’m glad you’ve added the circle casting to your Book of Shadows and it’s within easy reach when you need it!

It sounds like your abundance spell - with that amazing moon jar - is working just the way you need it to! :clap: That’s awesome!

@Ostara – I hope the Abundance in Summertime tea tastes amazing! It sounds a bit spicy with the cilantro and jalapeno :laughing: but maybe the mint and green tea balance it out!

What a beautiful rolled beeswax candle, too! :honeybee: This has been on my list of things to try, I just haven’t gotten to it yet. I’m glad it lifted your spirits!

@lisa67 – Hooray for making it to the challenge! I loved reading everything you shared here. I didn’t know all of that about lilies, or that Calla Lilies aren’t even considered lilies!

@mary25 – Your solar water sounds supercharged, for sure! :sunny: I’m glad it works for you - and citrine is such a great addition!

I’ve never done charm throws before, so thank you for this quick rundown! I’m gonna tuck this information away for later :heart:

@Asideon – I think that name fits you! Did you want to use this as an entry to one of the challenges?

@crystal59 – Oh my, those are beautiful earrings! :pentacle_tarot: It sucks that they messed up your order, but hopefully it gets situated soon! In the meantime, those earrings make perfect talismans!

@CelestiaMoon – That sounds like a beautiful Solstice ritual :heart_eyes: I stayed up to greet the sun for Winter Solstice, but definitely couldn’t manage it for Summer Solstice :laughing: I was recovering from the all-nighter for days! (oh, and your cakeday here on Spells8 is July 20 :heart: :cake: I checked lol)

I’m so excited that you’ve found a lovely home here with us at Spells8 :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Your presence is a beautiful addition to the coven energy!

@Shadeweaver – I really like how you connected all the elements together in your sacred space, using them as a reminder throughout the day. It’s a beautiful way to bring it all together! :heart:

@Susurrus – Red and black really seem to connect with The Morrigan, for sure. I know it’s been a rough few weeks, but I hope you can find space to do this on a regular basis again. I think you need it! :revolving_hearts:

That happened to me, too. I just chose another random number :laughing: I figured I can save the holiday-specific ones for a catch-up challenge closer to those holidays.


Weekly Witchy Challenge for Amethyst:
Weather Witchery - Weather Witch

So I wasn’t sure what to do for Weather Witchery, so I wrote a chant to Zeus, one of the most famous weather gods. Hope you like it!

Weather Chant

Mighty Zeus, you who sit on Olympus’ throne,
I ask a boon of you, for which I make myself prone.
Let the winds around my home blow gently,
and the sunshine be complementary.
God of Thunder, Master of lighting,
Spare me from any damaging storms for they are frightening.
Send me fair winds, and rain that falls forgivingly,
With rainbows to shade the sky with wonderful imagery.
All I ask, Mighty Zeus
is that we call a truce!

So mote it be!


Challenge entry - candle magic
I used a yellow candle for confidence and rolled it in a divination oil I made using yarrow and mugwort. Then I rolled it in roses petals, lavender, mugwort, chamomile and rosemary. I surrounded it with every crystal I own and said mÿ affirmations as I watched the candle burn down so mote it be.:crystal_ball::sparkles::hibiscus:


Thank you @MeganB i love :heartpulse: these challenges so much! it gives me an opportunity to explore so many aspects of the craft and catch up time is my favorite. I strive to have every badge one day : :revolving_hearts:


That is beautiful!


I love your candle. I think candle magick is my favorite type of magick!


Thank you @Ostara :blush::sparkling_heart::sparkles:


Challenge Entry

:dragon: Dragon Magick - Blessed by Dragons

Below is a ritual dance I have performed every year on the Summer Solstice to honor the Dragon God and all dragons on the longest day of the year.

Dragon Dance for the Summer Solstice

  1. Based on personal experience, it is recommended to perform this ritual dance in a cool environment, or while wearing cool clothing, because depending on where you are, you can work up a sweat! Make sure that you have plenty of room. If you choose to light any candles, put them in a place where you won’t knock them over.

  2. Diffuse essential oils such as dragon’s blood or light some dragon’s blood incense. If you prefer, you can draw dragon runes, or any type of sigil/symbol that you prefer in oil on your skin. Test the oil on a small patch of skin beforehand if you haven’t already for any skin reactions .

  3. Take three breaths and raise your arms. Call out to any dragons (or all dragons) you have worked with in your mind.

You could also say something along the lines of:

Come, Dragons! I humbly welcome you to my solstice dance.
Please join me in peace and friendship as I honor the Dragon God and all that he does for us.

Feel the air around. Visualize the dragons flying down towards you.

  1. Dance for as long as you want. There is no set routine. Let the dragons guide your moves. But if this is your first dance, you can pretend your arms are dragon wings and move them as if you’re flying. Inhale and exhale deeply as of you’re breathing fire. Get down on all fours and move like a dragon. Stretch your legs. Crane your necks. Feel all the kinks loosening in your muscles.

  2. When you are finished dancing, sit down until you feel well rested. If you regularly work dragon magick, journal about all the dragons have done for you since last solstice.

Have a blessed solstice! :sun_with_face: :dragon:


Thank you love, it’s a beautiful coven family, and I couldn’t imagine it without you :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: And thank you for checking, I remember it now, it was the day before my other cake day, my birthday! :smile_cat: :cake: I still had the altar set up from the solstice, which was when I got into witchcraft if I remember correctly :smiling_face: I stayed up then too, and pledged myself to the Goddess, feeling her presence in the cool night air :blush: :white_heart: I’ve always enjoyed the moonlight hours, even if it’s meant I’ve had to pay for them in daytime drowsiness… :sweat_smile: :sleeping:


Thanks, Ostara! I figured y’all down in the South could use something like this.


Challenge Entry 2: Culinary Magick - Crafty Chef

I figured since I was already going to make up a different Scorpio Zodiac Tea :tea: because a couple of the ingredients I couldn’t have in the posted recipe, I made my own! :hugs:

I kind of went about it a different way than just substituting ingredients & made it a bit more specific to my sign & benefits :blush:

So I looked at the original ingredients:

Then went from there… I looked up herbs associated with my sun :sun: sign - Scorpio :scorpius: then also herbs :herb: associated with Water :water_element: I also have been having a serious Tower portion of the year, going on about 3 months now :roll_eyes: Really hoping after this week that it’s coming to end though :crossed_fingers:

The tea :tea: blend that I came up with is:

  • Sage
  • Lavender
  • Coriander
  • Chamomile
  • Rose
  • Lemongrass

It wasn’t that bad, but I did go lighter on the Coriander & Lemongrass than the rest of them. :face_with_hand_over_mouth: I used about half as much of them as I used of the others. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

@MeganB I’m hoping to be able to get back to doing it more regularly. I have done very little lately, although talking to my deities has been easier than doing other things. I have done other things to connect with them, but not like what my regular daily practices are when things aren’t equivalent to a tornado :tornado:

I have also enjoyed reading everyone’s entries too & seeing the different ways members have chosen which ones to do or how many they have to catch up on even! The number generator is a great idea but I can see where it would cause an issue when it comes up with sabbat or even eclipse-based themes. I just don’t think I have the time to answer everyone’s multiple entries specifically, but I have read through them all :blush:


Challenge entry #2 - Natural Health & Healing

I needed love and healing tonight, and the Goddess sent me a little fly, laying on their back on my bedroom floor. I gently poked them with my finger, and they moved their tiny legs. I took some water on the tip of my finger and gave it to them, they held on to my finger and suckled it with their tiny trunk. They kept holding on to me, and I gave them a little bit more water and love, and cherished the beautiful connection. They started to recover and crawl over my hand and arm, and it made me happy. They even tried short flights, but dropped on the floor to be picked up again.

I was not sure what more I could do to help. I picked them up to sniff some fresh night air, and hoped they would take flight. They kept crawling on my hand though, which was sweet. They could stay with me for a little bit longer.

The heat of the sauna where the open window was seemed to wake them up a little more, and they took flight again. Right now they’re somewhere under the benches, I had a look but I couldn’t find them. They have an open window right there if they want to fly out, or stay in the warmth for a little bit longer. I saw a spider in the washing room, but they were also having their own struggle, trying to negotiate the wet shower wall.

Update three hours later: I went to the bathroom and the fly was there to greet me! :smiling_face: :revolving_hearts: I could tell they were the same one, legs spread wide. And they flew beautifully too, no sign of their previous drowsiness. The spider was sleeping in their web, at the bottom of the tiled wall. Life is beautiful :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Of Candles and Flame

I spent a good bit of the week brushing up on Candle Magic. It’s was already something that I wanted to delve in deeper but I discovered that there are already things I have forgotten again and Candle Magic appears to be one at least in part.

Yay, I get to learn all over again. This better be the last time I have to say that.

I read through the basics, took inventory of my candles and immediately set to work.

I started with my white candle meditation which is really a melting pot combo of meditation, trance and playing around with controlling the flame or whatever it is that I do trying to make sense of it.

Next I did a sweetening spell which is basically a altered to the situation version of Honey Touch, I don’t remember adjusting it but there it was sitting in my book

A few days ago I did a good luck candle spell. Since then it started raining bad luck. We’re at 3 and my grandmother used to say bad things happen in 3s so hopefully that’s it


Ooo, I hope you had an much fun as I did with my first one. I started from the bottom up for my first few more I’m like “Ooo, I need to do that one Ooo and that one and that one…” :laughing:


challenge entry

3 challenges

Firstly, ive t all challenges in 1, hoping maybe easier to see all challenges participating in obe place. Though my apologies i realise that will make my post kinda long lol

Ok it has been a very divination based week for this one but was so much fun exploring different topics through this medium. I do still have to do more reflections on messages as i did a quick look at time i did it but as this post will be quite long, if get time might do a part 2 on interpretations.

**Challenge 1: **
Merrily magickal
we are in winter soltice ( sothern hemisphere)
So i did a yule/winter soltice spread. I did note here that 3 out 4 are reversed, though id need to do seperate post to expand meanings but i did start pages for each spread to write nites down on.

challenge 2
Shadow survivor: :
Ok so i found this spread interesting and decidex since connect alot to the enchanted map oracle i used that for this one. i liked how this is like meeting shadow self and getting to know them sort of thing. Again i wont go too much into inyerpretation here but i did note the last card actually was saying that maybe this wasnt the person for tgis or something like that but the question being how can i better unserstand myself through you? I initially got stumped as either saying understanding myself better wint cone from that particular part of shadow. I did wonder if it meant maybe that they were showibg me someone that wasnt going to be helpful in tgis process but i felt maybe might be a bit of streych. Might need to reread description again of card but that did stUmp me. And some cards i noted were hard hitting a lil. But i guess in a good way whixh is what shadow work is about.

challenge 3
Seers apprentice :

Ok with this one i totally was exploring ways of using divination using games. I picked different themes or methods such as just selecting a certain number of cards, topic reads, spreads and interpreting layouts within game setting but rather than using as the game i used as a divination spread.

  1. Sherlock holmes
    This was just 12 cards and i used the key and types of cards n totally felt like chaos interpretation and relying on intuition to do this. tptally experimented and almost didnt use this one, but ended up getting a reading from this, which was so cool.

  2. Memes game
    Ive done this game type read sort of in past, but decided to use again and explore different ways to do this. first method was a topic read. I selected the topic cards might want to use n shuffled, tgen shuffled meme cards and did two card read, no questions just general spread bout topic that might need to know. then as so manu image cards i put into 6 piles, and for each meme roled dice and picked up that pile to shuffle and select a card.

First method : topic read

Second method : spread read
I used a week ahead spread for this and again used dice for the picture cards

  1. Harry potter code names
    So many ways to do this. I did this as a work specific read for week ahead. Had to use dice again. I think i did new roll for each row.
    The game is played with this sort of layout as seen below and first shuffled the layout cards. red is order of phoenic and black is death eaters. so feeling the pop culture magic vibe lol. I used the red as positive , grey as neutral and black as negative.

Now you can use pictures onlu, words only or combo but i chose to do all one then all another.

Method 1: pictures

Method 1: pictures with order of phoenix members ( extended version of method 1)
Added a shuffle of order of phoenix cards for further meaning on the red tiles.

Method 2 : words

I nnoted that some catds thought be positive were on negative tile and some negative on positive tile. So i figured out i could read that as it pointing to the negative aspect of a topic like for example christmas being on negative tile. In harru potter which obviouslt set in northern hemisphere christmas is winter solstice which we in south have just had last week. I figured maybe it could be talking about how it gets very wer and cold during this time. Maybe even talking about how winter soltice is darjest time of year. so christmas falling in that position means somethibg different to if feklk on a different tile. Again this eas veruy much experimental but so far loved exploring diving the future theme through games and trying to figure out how might make it work esp when i see things that click or meanings/messafes i feel i need to hear.