🕚 Weekly Witchy CHALLENGE - Catch-Up!

Thanks! And that’s great! I am definatly enjoying my time and having fun being here with all you guys on Spells8!


I do this with my coffee every day, but I didn’t have words for it - now I do! Thanks for sharing :two_hearts:


I haven’t been able to respond to every challenge entry so far, but everyone is doing a great job & definitely some inspiration of things to try on my own :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

As for me, I have done a couple of the challenges that I have missed, so here is the first:

Challenge Entry #1

Hedge Magick: Into Other Realms

For this challenge, I had to really think about how I wanted to approach it. While I want to work with the fae, I don’t feel like I have learned enough about them to really “work” with them. So, I do leave certain areas of my yard alone so they can do their thing without bother & tidy up or put special plantings around for them with small offerings sometimes, but for the most part, I leave that area for them to hang out & do what they will. I have a portion of my front garden that I think they have decided is theirs & a corner of my back yard where I cleaned up & planted some daisies, hosta, & bleeding heart plants. I tend to leave it at that though. I tidy up the areas in the spring but the rest of the year the parts of my front yard, front garden, & back corner… are theirs to do what they will.

So, I went for:

  • The Spirit World

When I went back to the original challenge, I went through the “Spirit Guides Signs” recommended readings on the Spells8 site. As I was reading I realized, I already communicate at least with some passed-on family. Whether I knew it or not, I have for quite some time without even really thinking about it. Also, since really working on trusting myself & my own intuition again, my connections to certain things have just gotten stronger.

I know when my mom is around, I will out of the blue hear this 1 song, which is not a common song for most people to hear. Certainly not in my home or within my family & out of the 5 of us, I’m the only one that knows all the words & ever hears it:

Spirit In the Sky by Norman Greenbaum. Whenever I hear it & I will start singing along, I pause & I always look up & or to my side… I just do it so at this point I’m assuming that’s the area she is around, I simply say, “Hi, Mom.” Or I’ll say, “Thanks Mom”… it’s a very personal reason that I know it’s her, but it’s her… no question in my being.

If I hear: Wish You Were Here by Incubus that’s my Nana or I will smell her perfume & I will do the same thing… although sometimes I get the feeling it’s also my mom or the 2 of them are with each other around me when it’s just the song. So I will say the same, Hi or Thank you to either Nana or Nana & Mom.

As of the last week or 2, every time I look at a clock, send a message, make a call, email what have you, it’s a repeating number. Usually 1s, 2s, or 3s. Sometimes others, but it’s been a very common thing for me lately. So I know that someone is hanging around I just haven’t figured out who yet or if it’s another way of someone who has passed getting in touch with me for some reason. :woman_shrugging: It is definitely something that I am going to try to learn more about & use my pendulum & spirit cloth for, but for right now… I’m still healing & I know that there is someone watching out for me… & I’m happy with that for now while I take my time making sure I heal properly for the next step of the process I’m in the middle of right now.

I had a slight disconnection from everything prior to my surgery, including deities. However, :fire: Brighid :triskele: has been a great presence in my days since then. I meet with her pretty regularly through meditation & using my oracle cards as well as just talking to her on my own.

Today I drew: “Brighid’s Cross”, so during my meditation :woman_in_lotus_position: I asked her for continued protection during my healing & for everyone that enters & stays in my home :house_with_garden: to be protected, comforted, & safe. I always have my Brighid’s Cross charm in my crystal pouch with my goddess charm as well with the crystals I’m carrying.


Challenge Entry

Dealing in the Divine :angel:

For this challenge, I worked with Ryujin, Japanese Dragon God of the Sea. In the legends, Ryujin controls the seas with the Tide Jewels. He is said to have given the Jewels to the Japanese people to help them during times of war.
I don’t really have any jewels, but I do have plenty of colorful seashells, which you could say are the jewels of the sea. I used them to make a “seashell grid” with the outline as 福 the kanji for Fuku (luck, blessing, fortune, wealth). I then lit a blue candle for the sea, sprinkled some sea salt over the grid, and then asked Ryujin for a blessing for all who are traveling on a “sea of cars” for Thanksgiving.


That is beautiful!


I love this, I have seashells EVERYWHERE in my space, I just love them, different sizes & colors. & I love that you used them to make a grid :star_struck:

My second challenge that I am working on is for the Conditional Magick challenge, I remember I wrote something up, but I lost it somewhere :laughing: which actually means… it’s saved… somewhere in my laptop… just not in the right place… but at the time was a safe place :rofl:

Challenge Entry

Conditional Magic

My conditional magic, is that I tend to only do some things when it’s the New Moon :new_moon: , not that I’m not connected to the Full Moon :full_moon: or any other phases, but this is the phase I feel closest to… I do some things under the Full Moon & for certain things if they need some oomph I will do them based on the phases of the Moon… but in general… I kind of just do what feels good, right, or however you would like to phrase it :rofl:

First I make sure to connect with the Morrigan :triquetra: & when I’m doing this under the New Moon, I set up my altar & use fresh incense that is made specifically for Her, my chalice with StormWater or a red drink of some kind, 1 black candle & 1 red candle in my black cast iron candle holders (1 with a :triquetra: Triquetra & the other with a :pentacle_tarot: Pentacle on it), a Clear Quartz that is designated for use with Her & a piece of Jet, with a couple of black feathers :feather: & I have a picture of her in a silver frame with a tiny black feather I found. I get myself situated & “Meet with Her” through meditation :woman_in_lotus_position: then I journal :pen: about what it is that I would like to have a fresh start with or manifest during the upcoming month. I usually write my intentions or fresh start or desires on a piece of parchement paper :scroll: & then fold it up to put into a tin that I had actually gotten from Tamed Wild. It has the Wheel of the Year on in… & then after the length of time specified or the things have changed, started, manifested… I will release the paper with a fire :fire: in my fire pit. :smiling_face:

For this New Moon, I had received a Connecting with the Morrigan :raven: box made up by @SilverBear through her website The Eclectic Green Witchery. So I am going to do use her items & the ritual with one of her meditations for the Morrigan Transformation with the Morrigan :raven: & journal :pen: about that experience for this New Moon :new_moon:

I had originally planned on doing this one for Samhain because of the timing of the box & the Sabbat connection with Her… but due to other plans & happenings I wasn’t able to do it. So this seems like it’s a much better time, not so hectic & taking my time finding my groove & that would be considered a Fresh Start after surgery & starting to find how things are going to go now each week. :two_hearts:


I really like your post it really helps because I like to incision the soul serpent down my chakras but I look at it like an awakening of the soul which is connected to the third eye :eye: and we need to try to activate the third eye by doing mindfulness and participating in meditation. So I like that now I can activate my kundalini and connect with ancestors as well thank you so much for adding something new to my craft.



Good Monday morning from the merry old land of Aus everyone!

May I please submit entries for 3 catch up challenges:

Challenge Entry #1

:place_of_worship: All About Altars - Reverent Witch

Seeing as I celebrated my one year anniversary being a practicing witch last month I thought that I would share my new altar. I have upgraded to some more space by taking over the unused computer desk in the spare room. So, no more mini altar in my bedroom. I have my big girl pants on now.

Before: Baby witch in 2021

Now: Big girl witch in 2022

Something else I learnt about “altars” is that in the crystal world a collection or a display of crystals can be considered to be an altar if you have placed those crystals together with a specific intention.

My crystal altars can include…

My collection of Amethysts for peace where I keep the ashes of my boys Denzel and Miles. Specifically, Amethyst angels. Also with the intention to help me sleep.

Rhodonite, Rhodochrosite, Rose Quartz, Pink Amethyst, Clear Quartz, Rose Calcite and Selenite for heart healing and self-love.

Smoky Quartz, Obsidian, Black Tourmaline and Clear Quartz for grounding and protection.

Selenite, Citrine, Pyrite, Green Jade and Clear Quartz for abundance and luck. (Still on the to buy list is a Tiger’s Eye and Green Aventurine sphere). Soon, my pretties, soon.

Super 7 sphere and cluster, Smoky Amethyst and Amethyst spheres, with Diamond Quartz and Spirit Quartz for just general awesomeness and prettiness.

Selenite, Aquamarine, Caribbean Calcite, Azumar, Larimar and crystal jar for ocean energy. This explains the whole ocean crystal jar thing that I came up with… Ocean Crystal Jar :gem:

Challenge Entry #2

:ear_of_rice: Inviting Abundance - Blessed by Abundance

Last weekend I did a little abundance burn. I added some cinnamon powder and some dried basil as well as a wish on a bay leaf. I wrote out my manifestations and wrote my letter to universe with what I am grateful for that I already have and what I would like some help with. I added some of the crystals that I mentioned in last week’s challenge :dart: Tactical Magick – Magickal Strategist for success; some Tiger’s Eye, Citrine and Green Aventurine crystal chips and some Clear Quartz for amplification. And then I set the paper on fire and just let it burn. It was actually a really good and constant burn. It just burnt away to nothing. I didn’t have to re-light anything - yay. Then I buried the entire contents of the cauldron - returning the crystals to the earth.

I am always conscious of fire safety and only burn in my cauldron and I will only burn things like that outside.

Now I just trust that the universe has my back and it will help me out in the way that it knows is best for me. It may not be what I want but it will be what I need, thank you universe x.

Challenge Entry #3

:star2: Trying Something New - Experimenter

On Friday night I went back again to Crystal and Stone (officially my favourite place) and did another workshop. This one was on… working with Crystal Skulls… ooooo. Fun, fun, fun… crystals and skulls and more crystals oh my!

Where you chose to sit determined which crystal skull you got to take home (they were wrapped in tissue paper so you couldn’t see what you were picking). I was the first one there so I had my pick so seats and my little crystal skull buddy is a Green Aventurine skull.

Crystal skulls are said to be keepers of ancient knowledge and can assist us in our journey once we learn to communicate with them. They have their own unique personalities that don’t necessarily correspond to the crystal that they have been carved from.


Eeekkk… I had just popped in quick but my oh my @jessica72 I don’t know where to start… so many crystals, so little time… & I’m pretty sure I have a conglomerate of crystals & I guess my entire space is a mix of altars :rofl:

I have started grouping crystals in crystal bowls, 2 are Selenite bowla & 1 is a Gold Tiger’s Eye heart shaped bowl with Red, Blue, & Gold Tiger’s Eye in it. I use large shells as bowls & they have specific crystals in them as well with a mirrored tray with shells & crystals arranged in it.

I don’t have any crystal skulls, but I collect crystal turtles, hearts, & moons. Then worry stones & palm stones, spheres, obelisks, trees.

I even have a bag of red & pink stones that I can’t remember the specific stones they are & black ones that also… could be one of 3 stones. :rofl: Slowly figuring those out…

I know I have ruby, rhodochrosite, rhodonite, & unakite… just I’m Dory :fish: lately with them. I know I have onyx, obsidian, black tourmaline, & shunghite… but this bag of them is a toss up. Lol :joy:

On my list of things to do… also ever growing is that list… so many things! Currently working on intuition & tarot intuitively.

Now I’ve got some thinking :thinking: to do… I’ve been able to identify all of my others… but those 2 bags have me scratching my head :confused:

Your altars are all very well put together & represent you well! I’m so happy you are learning so much about crystals & yourself with your practice… definitely made it to all grown up now!

I will keep looking into the skulls… I’ve seen a few that I’ve loved but for 1 reason or another didn’t get them :upside_down_face:

@Jennifer573 I forgot to add that my largest altar is also my vanity dresser. It contains… well… a lot of items that I use or connect with somehow within my practice. Some aren’t conventional & some are more common. They all work for me though!

@Phoenix_Fire & @Ostara I have seeds, well technically my husband… germinating… we out them in a (I call it a plastic petri dish… its all I can think of when i look at them) little dish with a damp paper towel around them… hopefully these sprout to be transplanted to a larger home. I have to be guided by husband when we do it indoors, because I’m no good at these things inside… once they make it outside… I’m usually pretty good & if something goes awry, I again enlist my husband :rofl:

@Phoenix_Fire I love :heart: to wear my crystal jewelry based on my intentions for the day, week, or every day. Most days I’m using casual or magic in the mundane. I do smaller things each day as my practice evolves so does my daily practices that work for me & align with my own path too :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


@Wysteria_Norn I remember the challenge for Auras & it took some practice to differentiate colors after being able to see the same things at first. At first they were faint, but with time & practice also the person or animal they become more clear to see.


Challenge Entry


I had made a spell for a face cream for the hand written challenge. Then got sick. So now I can so the potion challenge. :slight_smile:

I made cream with a base cream, and I added jojoba oil, coconut oil and Camellia seed oil and vitamin e, I added lavender, frankincense, geranium, chamomile, and rosemary. I chanted my spell while I made it.
It is a rich cream and my skin is loving it.


Challenge Catch Up Palm Reading!


I ordered a book online so I can learn more about palm reading :open_book:
Called Palmistry
This was so cheap and you can buy a book used for like two dollars :dollar: also someone I can’t remember on the challenge was the one who originally recommended it so I was able to get it too. It is on its way and I am really excited :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
I just have been labeling the hands to help understand the planets :ringer_planet: and the ideas.
I used Bucklands Comple Book of Witchcraft and I analyzed my hands :raised_hands:t2:
I noticed mercury had some interesting lines and circled the lines I thought was important.
I am still working on learning all the planets but for example Venus I think I am a warm and caring person who is affectionate but in the book if you had leathery hands the person is cold :cold_face: and rigid. Do you think my hands look leathery? I hope not lol :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:
Anyway I left you all some important messages I thought Bucland had.

**Weekly Witchy Challenge Casual Casting **
I always ask my God and Goddess for assistance!
I asked mighty Hecate to help me, and I wrote a powerful affirmation with Dragon’s blood Inc. by wrote “ I am powerful”
“I am a Witch”
“I live and Thrive”
“ I live my truth”

First a burn, some dragons blood resin.

  1. Take a burning charcoal, tablet and light it
  2. Drop the resin on the charcoal
    So mote it be!
    Personally, I felt led to help my inner strength because inside I feel terrible about how I am feeling ostracized or really upset with how some people always diminish the pagan community just to make them selves feel better like there better! There is so much dogma so I wanted to incorporate some magic to give me an extra boost of simple magic :magic_wand:

    I am working on the candle magic project I am not sure what to do next but I’ll think of something I am sure!

@Phoenix_Fire and @Ostara i couldnt even tell yall how many i needed


Challenge Entry

Touch of tarot catch up

While I’m not the greatest at reading the full tarot and read mainly only the major arcana, I do have a passion for certain decks. The 1JJ being my main deck after my Cthulhu deck. For my entry, I thought I would enter my review of the newest theme deck in my collection.

There is a great deal going on with this deck for a themed deck. First, understand that this tarot deck is based solely on Fallout 4. Where they could have used parts from each of the last 3 games Fallout 3, Fallout 4, and Fallout 76. Otherwise, the setup of this deck is well done the 4 suits Steel(swords), Synths (pentacles), Muskets (Wands), and Lanterns (Cups). are a direct tie-in to the 4 major factions of Fallout 4. Minutemen, Railroad, Institute and, Brotherhood.

The Good

• The Artwork for the cards is beautifully done

• The cards have a lovely weathered look to them.

• They fit well in the hands

• Comes with a decently informative guidebook

• Sturdy box with ribbon to lift the cards from the box. Honestly, the quality of the box seems to have had more thought put into it than the deck.

The bad

• The cards are thin and flimsy and will not hold up to repeated use

• The cards stick to each other and do not pull well

• There is no protective coating on the cards

• The cards bend really easily

• Cards can be damaged just by shuffling

For the price and brand, I expected better quality in the cards. Insight Editions has put out many other higher-quality decks with themes I do not understand why they slacked so far off with the quality of this deck. It reminds me almost of the old mass-produced decks from the late 50’s–70’s. This could have been part of their thought process with this deck, but I highly doubt that they went that far into creating the deck. I understand it is a theme deck but for those who use tarot in their lives or as part of their practice, If they wanted to use this deck, they would have to buy a few as I doubt this deck would last more than a year of use. I know many would say that theme decks have no place in the daily use of tarot but for me, it all depends on the person I’m reading for and the deck that calls to them when they choose the one for reading.


Challenge Entry

All About runes Catch up.

For me, runes are a beautiful tool but I’m a rather old school and cannot work with runes made of gemstone, clay, or manmade materials the connection is unable to manifest with them, or if it does it is off somehow. Because of this, I use wood and bone mainly. Her you I present my Witches rune set all laser burned on Alder. each puck is about 2.5" in diameter and are shuffled by turning them face down and alternating the puck placement Till I feel ready to begin to draw. Here you can see the harvest, female, Star, crossroads, and the eye.

The elder set of runes shown are hand burned onto water buffalo bone and then stained in very strong coffee for one week to bring them from a bleached white to a nice natural staining.

Both sets were smoke cleansed and purified in salt before being charged by the full moon. and carried 24\7 for 31 days. To this date, each set reads for me extremely reliably and often telling. I only use the witch’s runes for public readings as I’m not the greatest with the elder and still need to look them up.


:grey_exclamation: :exclamation: :grey_exclamation: :exclamation: :grey_exclamation: :exclamation: :grey_exclamation: :exclamation: :grey_exclamation: :exclamation: :grey_exclamation: :exclamation: :grey_exclamation: :exclamation: :grey_exclamation: :exclamation: :grey_exclamation: :exclamation:

It’s time for a friendly reminder:

:exclamation: This challenge will soon close :exclamation:

If you would like to participate and haven’t done so already, please post about your challenge experience(s) by the deadline:

November 22nd, 7:00 AM CET (Central European Time)

I’m reading through the entries and am constantly surprised and delighted by how you all jump into and explore the various challenge themes :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Challenge entries always reflect and highlight the wonderful uniqueness of each witch, but Catch-Up Challenges are an especially fun chance to see the many varied talents and skills of the coven put on display- thank you so much to everyone who has shared an entry (or entries) so far! :heart:

If you haven’t already shared an entry but would like to join in, this is your friendly reminder that you still have a bit of time left to do so!

Blessed Be! :clock11::sparkles:


Challenge Entry

Making Objects Magickal catch up

For this, I thought I would share a few different things I converted from mundane, or decretive into something magical. This was a slightly difficult challenge to write up because the items could also work for the handcrafted challenge as well.

Witches’ bells. The origins the witches’ bells are historically varied depending what part of the world you are in. in parts of the Americas they are said to have been used to alert witches when someone entered their home while they were practicing. In part of England and Europe they were said to prevent daemons and fae from entering your home by driving them insane. Many more and different stories of the origins are still being told to this day. The set you see here are blessed and coated in banishing oil every year. Made up of hemp twin braided into 3 reclaimed sleigh bells and placed onto the front door of my home. They are used to prevent evil entities from entering and to ward off stowaway spirits who may follow anyone who lives here from where ever we come from. I choose the bells after buying an old set of bell sleeves from one of the farmers near me that bought a newer set with ball-style bells.

The Pentacle: This is one of my more recent acquisitions. Thanks to Spirit Halloween. This was a door decoration they had for sale that I waited to buy once it when on sale. Originally it was meant to light up via a switch but I changed that by converting it to solar power. Once the conversion was done it was cleansed and then charged. It also has been infused with a number of herbs that facilitate protection and growth.


Challenge entry

Meditation magick

Hello, I know I am not super wordy when I write here. I am usually on my phone and maybe it has to do with being on the spectrum or just always feeling pressed for time. So, in general, sorry for the shortness/brevity.

I put on 528hz healing music, lit a green candle and a gold candle. I put on my diffuser and put eucalyptus, tea tree , and red thyme essential oils.
I cast a circle using my piece of selenite. I looked up the healing meditation spell from spells 8 that Megan had posted a few weeks ago. I called upon my guides, higher self, and Archangel Raphael. I imagined white shimmery light shining around and through me, thanking it for healing me and then focused healing energy into my hands and fingers. I created an energy ball and I sent it to my son who is currently sick (normal seasonal sick) I asked that anything that was released be taken away and transformed. I pictured him healthy.
Then I ended the meditation by welcoming grounding and cleansing energy. I undid the circle thanking the guardians and all those mentioned above.

So mote it be!
Have a blessed week.


Challenge Entry


All the work I’ve done in the days prior to today have culminated with my casting a “healing from a distance” spell suggested from the INTO THE LIGHT challenge. I plan to arrive at my husband’s family Thanksgiving having created the magick needed to set the wheels in motion for heeling and bringing us back together. This week’s “catch-up” has been fantastic in helping me prepare and cast the powerful magick needed for this situation. I am feeling at peace and ready. I’ll let you know how it goes!

So mote it BE!


Those look like some very good books! :new_moon: Good luck with your New Moon ritual and your studies!

It’s so cute and tiny! :heart_eyes: Your little garden looks well-loved – you’re doing a great job!

I think those look great! I like how you created three different ones for three different intentions. Are you going to carry them with you or are they to be placed in different places throughout the house?

Your jewelry is so pretty! I really like that hematite necklace – where did you find a piece like that? It’s interesting how it looks like a hagstone but isn’t :thinking: they’re gorgeous!

You’re very welcome! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

How freakin’ cool! :lemon: I remember that conversation lol and my daughter, just this morning, was asking if we can plant some orange trees in the backyard. It made me think of this, too! I’m so excited that your lemon trees are sprouting!

You’re welcome! This is totally from @TheTravelWitch_Bry though lol I can’t take the credit!

Ya know, I really enjoy this fact about you and that you connect certain people with certain songs. Being a musically-inclined person myself, I haven’t stopped to think about this in my own practice. I do know that I tend to use certain songs for certain intentions – Castle of Glass by Linkin Park for cleansing, for example – but never really connected songs I hear with different people or Gods. I’m going to have to pay more attention now!

Kasandra, I really liked how you took this working and modernized it. Seashells as jewels and a sea of cars for travel? I think that’s genius! :exploding_head:

I’m trying to connect more with the Moon phases – I need to find some sort of connection in my daily life. I feel all kinds of discombobulated lately :woman_shrugging: I think the moon is a good place to start!

Your altars are all so gorgeous! I really like how you can see the growth within your craft just in the differences in your altar spaces. :diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside: and you’re right! Just about anything can be an altar. Even some of the things I have on my work desk I consider to be an altar space.

It absolutely does! I’m sure your manifestations are going to come true for you :sparkles:

I didn’t know this! I don’t have any crystal skulls but I do have a black candle skull :skull: :laughing: I’m glad you had a good time at your workshop – hooray for trying new things! I think the way they did the seating with the mystery crystal skull is cool. It gives your intuition a chance to work and guide you to what you needed at that moment :heart:

It sounds divine! Is there a specific purpose to your cream if you feel like sharing?

haha no, no I don’t think your hands look leathery! I think you have nice hands :blush: I didn’t know Buckland’s big blue book had palmistry in it. I sold my copy a while ago so I don’t have it anymore to look but that’s cool!

So mote it be! :sparkles: :pray:

I don’t know anything about Fallout :laughing: but I’m glad you explained that the deck is supposed to look worn – I almost asked if the deck was vintage with the way it looks! It sucks that it doesn’t look like it will hold up to daily wear and tear, though. Just because it’s a themed deck doesn’t mean that it should be made to not be used regularly. I think the company should have probably thought of that when they made it.

Thank you for sharing, though! This is a good review and I appreciate it!

These are beautiful sets of runes :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I totally get what you mean about the connection between natural objects versus manmade objects. Something is just different about objects I either make myself or are made from natural materials.

This reminds me of some bells I used to have on the door of an office I worked at – every time someone came through the door, the bells would ring. It served two purposes – one, it let us know someone came into the office in case we were around the corner and didn’t see them. Two – we worked in an often emotionally-charged field (medical records, release of information, HIPAA, etc.) where people would come in needing records for one reason or another. It helped to keep energies calm and give an air of protection every time the door was opened. I love your bells and your pentacle! :pentacle_tarot:

It looks like you had a wonderful meditation session :heart: and don’t worry about the length of your posts or anything like that – there’s never any pressure here! I appreciate you sharing your entry and hope you have a wonderful week!

I’ve noticed that you used every challenge entry to work toward one larger goal – that’s amazing! :clap: great job! You really armed yourself with the energy needed to cast your spell. I hope the healing spell goes well and that you are able to enjoy your Thanksgiving with your family :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: