🕚 Weekly Witchy CHALLENGE - Catch-Up!

Wow how cool is that! And thank you!
Yea, I just got silk sunflowers and gerber daisies and cut as much as I could off the back of them, and hot-glued them right to the top! I was trying to hide an imperfection HA! Guess I did good! LoL



With Thanksgiving approaching, I am about to visit my husband’s family. There has been a terrible rift between us, but it is my hope to start repairing the damage. In self-defense, I cast a banishing spell to start, as a part of the TACTICAL MAGICK challenge. There are some very strong personalities, and lots of drama, in my husband’s family and I felt it was important to banish their harmful energies, after healing my energy, as a starting point. I have never performed this kind of magick before, but my experience post-spell was a feeling of lightness and power reclaimed. I’m calling that a success!


That is great! It sounds like it was a success! You are most likely an empath, so the negativity is very draining. I know that feeling. I spend 40 hours a week with it at my job.


You absolutely did :laughing: it looks great!

I think you did the right thing here – healing yourself and banishing their energies can help create a pathway to healing for everyone :revolving_hearts:


Challenge Entry #2

Wickedly Delicious
It’s a cold rainy day here in Texas ( I love this weather)!!! So I am doing some kitchen witchery and some ancestor witchery too, because this recipe has been passed down from generations.

I live in Texas, but my family is from Louisiana and that is where I was born. My husband has been bugging me to make gumbo (a Cajun dish). It takes a lot of time and a lot of energy. This dish isn’t something you go home and throw together after working 8 hours on a weekday. It is magickal. I looked up most of the ingredients to find there magickal properties and mindfully cooked this.

Onion- prosperity, stability, endurance, protection, banishing negative influence.
Garlic-healing, protection, exorcism, repulsion of vampires, and purification of spaces and objects. Also used to invoke Hekate
Bell Pepper -creativity, energy, healing, love, mental ability, prosperity, protection, strength, wealth, warding, desire
Bay leaf-protection, good fortune, success, purification, strength, healing and psychic powers.
Okra- a powerful protection herb against evil spirits, curses or other negative energies.
Celery- mental and psychic powers, concentration.
Black Peppercorn-banishing negativity, exorcism, and protection from evil.
Himalayan Pink Salt- gentle, but strong grounding and centering energies and is said to bring abundance and prosperity into a home.
Paprika-boosts energy in spellcraft
Cayenne Pepper- protection, strength, motivation, courage, increases size of your aura.
Shrimp - symbolizes abundance and the infinite availability of spiritual resources to life.
I also used andouille sausage, but not sure if that’s magickal.


Alright, here’s my second catch-up challenge entry for → 🤝 Weekly Witchy CHALLENGE - One Witch to Another

Over the years that I’ve been a witch I have gathered many small snippets of advice from many different people. I wanted to share a few of those here with you – some of these tips came from wonderful members here in the coven. Others are from people outside of Spells8, my friends, and some books. Not all of these will have sources as they’ve been gathered in my brain for…well, a while! I’m just gonna list them out :laughing: so here you go!

  • “Sky above me, Earth below me, Fire within me.” (I feel like this chant is from a person here in the coven but I can’t remember!

The next three are from a friend of mine that was shared in a Discord server to help promote a happy home.

  • Sugar shaker jar: place sugar, the names of the members of the household on a slip of paper, cloves (or bay leaves) the number of which represent all people in the home, flax seeds, and lavender in a jar and place in a location where you will remember to shake it regularly to activate it.

  • Sunflower Floor Powder: crush up sunflower petals finely and spread throughout the home. Or you can have sunflowers on display.

  • If it is safe to do so burn or diffuse citrus scents to uplift the mood of the home.

This beverage blessing comes directly from @TheTravelWitch_Bry and I’m attempting to commit it to memory :laughing:

  • Three to the left to remember the past,Three to the right to make blessings last.Up, down, and up again-For good luck, health, and joy I cast!

These are the only things I’ve currently gotten in my brain but they definitely work well for me! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Challenge Entry

For this weeks challenge i am going with Handcrafting as i feel this is all i have been focused on lately. My other posts related to this challenge are:


Challenge Entry

My entry for the weekly challenge is Moon Magic. I will be doing a ritual with the new moon & learning all I can about moon magic & the phases. :crescent_moon:


Challenge Entry - 1, 2, & 3

Id hoped to do 3 challenges, i wasnt sure if managed it but though i didnt do the other things thought of i found a few simple ones i could do.

From seed to sprout
Ive been caring for my little garden and i saw that my sunflower plants doing so well one even has had a flower start coming out. :tada::tada::tada: and also my other plants are growing well. I have also replanted a plant tgat was struggling and resoiled a pot plant with new flower seeds.

Uploading: 20221120_144255.jpg…

Magick on the go
So i thought id finally use the little paper mache boxes to see hiw they worked with travel kits with little things for intentions for each. I chose the following:

Protection, cleansing and grounding
Energy, success, courage and properity
Calm, meditation and spirit work

Its a work in progress but ive put together some items such as crystals, plants and scented pots.

Everyday magic
So i wear amythest bracelet and hematite necklace everyday and put in pocket at work when i need to take it off. But i found that when not wearing i started to place them on my selenite plate to cleanse and charge between use. I find comfort from wearing or even just having these on me, even if its in pocket at work. Id like to get or maje more crystal bracklets or necklace for more intentions and colours i can wear evrryday and i like that its subtle enough that no obe has had issues that i wear them. Which makes it safe when out that not getting targeted as a witch. Im not out so thats somethibg thats important, but also helps me ferl protected, grounded and calm.


Thank you for that awesome information. I love this!


I didn’t see the seed to sprout challenge. Thanks for this. Now I know what my third challenge is going to be!


Challenge Entry #3

From Seed to Sprout

A few months ago, I made some lemon infused honey. @MeganB said she needed to pick up some lemons and I thought she said she needed to pick some lemons. I was thinking how cool it would be to have a lemon tree. I planted 5 seeds and 3 of them sprouted. I was so excited and still am! I keep them on my west facing window sill in the kitchen. In the next few weeks I’m going to transplant them in individual pots.

Thank you @Phoenix_Fire for the idea of this challenge.


Hey, Jennifer573
The great thing about these challenges is, there is no right or wrong.
It’s a poke at your thinker to learn something new and have fun!



Thanks! And that’s great! I am definatly enjoying my time and having fun being here with all you guys on Spells8!


I do this with my coffee every day, but I didn’t have words for it - now I do! Thanks for sharing :two_hearts:


I haven’t been able to respond to every challenge entry so far, but everyone is doing a great job & definitely some inspiration of things to try on my own :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

As for me, I have done a couple of the challenges that I have missed, so here is the first:

Challenge Entry #1

Hedge Magick: Into Other Realms

For this challenge, I had to really think about how I wanted to approach it. While I want to work with the fae, I don’t feel like I have learned enough about them to really “work” with them. So, I do leave certain areas of my yard alone so they can do their thing without bother & tidy up or put special plantings around for them with small offerings sometimes, but for the most part, I leave that area for them to hang out & do what they will. I have a portion of my front garden that I think they have decided is theirs & a corner of my back yard where I cleaned up & planted some daisies, hosta, & bleeding heart plants. I tend to leave it at that though. I tidy up the areas in the spring but the rest of the year the parts of my front yard, front garden, & back corner… are theirs to do what they will.

So, I went for:

  • The Spirit World

When I went back to the original challenge, I went through the “Spirit Guides Signs” recommended readings on the Spells8 site. As I was reading I realized, I already communicate at least with some passed-on family. Whether I knew it or not, I have for quite some time without even really thinking about it. Also, since really working on trusting myself & my own intuition again, my connections to certain things have just gotten stronger.

I know when my mom is around, I will out of the blue hear this 1 song, which is not a common song for most people to hear. Certainly not in my home or within my family & out of the 5 of us, I’m the only one that knows all the words & ever hears it:

Spirit In the Sky by Norman Greenbaum. Whenever I hear it & I will start singing along, I pause & I always look up & or to my side… I just do it so at this point I’m assuming that’s the area she is around, I simply say, “Hi, Mom.” Or I’ll say, “Thanks Mom”… it’s a very personal reason that I know it’s her, but it’s her… no question in my being.

If I hear: Wish You Were Here by Incubus that’s my Nana or I will smell her perfume & I will do the same thing… although sometimes I get the feeling it’s also my mom or the 2 of them are with each other around me when it’s just the song. So I will say the same, Hi or Thank you to either Nana or Nana & Mom.

As of the last week or 2, every time I look at a clock, send a message, make a call, email what have you, it’s a repeating number. Usually 1s, 2s, or 3s. Sometimes others, but it’s been a very common thing for me lately. So I know that someone is hanging around I just haven’t figured out who yet or if it’s another way of someone who has passed getting in touch with me for some reason. :woman_shrugging: It is definitely something that I am going to try to learn more about & use my pendulum & spirit cloth for, but for right now… I’m still healing & I know that there is someone watching out for me… & I’m happy with that for now while I take my time making sure I heal properly for the next step of the process I’m in the middle of right now.

I had a slight disconnection from everything prior to my surgery, including deities. However, :fire: Brighid :triskele: has been a great presence in my days since then. I meet with her pretty regularly through meditation & using my oracle cards as well as just talking to her on my own.

Today I drew: “Brighid’s Cross”, so during my meditation :woman_in_lotus_position: I asked her for continued protection during my healing & for everyone that enters & stays in my home :house_with_garden: to be protected, comforted, & safe. I always have my Brighid’s Cross charm in my crystal pouch with my goddess charm as well with the crystals I’m carrying.


Challenge Entry

Dealing in the Divine :angel:

For this challenge, I worked with Ryujin, Japanese Dragon God of the Sea. In the legends, Ryujin controls the seas with the Tide Jewels. He is said to have given the Jewels to the Japanese people to help them during times of war.
I don’t really have any jewels, but I do have plenty of colorful seashells, which you could say are the jewels of the sea. I used them to make a “seashell grid” with the outline as 福 the kanji for Fuku (luck, blessing, fortune, wealth). I then lit a blue candle for the sea, sprinkled some sea salt over the grid, and then asked Ryujin for a blessing for all who are traveling on a “sea of cars” for Thanksgiving.


That is beautiful!


I love this, I have seashells EVERYWHERE in my space, I just love them, different sizes & colors. & I love that you used them to make a grid :star_struck:

My second challenge that I am working on is for the Conditional Magick challenge, I remember I wrote something up, but I lost it somewhere :laughing: which actually means… it’s saved… somewhere in my laptop… just not in the right place… but at the time was a safe place :rofl:

Challenge Entry

Conditional Magic

My conditional magic, is that I tend to only do some things when it’s the New Moon :new_moon: , not that I’m not connected to the Full Moon :full_moon: or any other phases, but this is the phase I feel closest to… I do some things under the Full Moon & for certain things if they need some oomph I will do them based on the phases of the Moon… but in general… I kind of just do what feels good, right, or however you would like to phrase it :rofl:

First I make sure to connect with the Morrigan :triquetra: & when I’m doing this under the New Moon, I set up my altar & use fresh incense that is made specifically for Her, my chalice with StormWater or a red drink of some kind, 1 black candle & 1 red candle in my black cast iron candle holders (1 with a :triquetra: Triquetra & the other with a :pentacle_tarot: Pentacle on it), a Clear Quartz that is designated for use with Her & a piece of Jet, with a couple of black feathers :feather: & I have a picture of her in a silver frame with a tiny black feather I found. I get myself situated & “Meet with Her” through meditation :woman_in_lotus_position: then I journal :pen: about what it is that I would like to have a fresh start with or manifest during the upcoming month. I usually write my intentions or fresh start or desires on a piece of parchement paper :scroll: & then fold it up to put into a tin that I had actually gotten from Tamed Wild. It has the Wheel of the Year on in… & then after the length of time specified or the things have changed, started, manifested… I will release the paper with a fire :fire: in my fire pit. :smiling_face:

For this New Moon, I had received a Connecting with the Morrigan :raven: box made up by @SilverBear through her website The Eclectic Green Witchery. So I am going to do use her items & the ritual with one of her meditations for the Morrigan Transformation with the Morrigan :raven: & journal :pen: about that experience for this New Moon :new_moon:

I had originally planned on doing this one for Samhain because of the timing of the box & the Sabbat connection with Her… but due to other plans & happenings I wasn’t able to do it. So this seems like it’s a much better time, not so hectic & taking my time finding my groove & that would be considered a Fresh Start after surgery & starting to find how things are going to go now each week. :two_hearts:


I really like your post it really helps because I like to incision the soul serpent down my chakras but I look at it like an awakening of the soul which is connected to the third eye :eye: and we need to try to activate the third eye by doing mindfulness and participating in meditation. So I like that now I can activate my kundalini and connect with ancestors as well thank you so much for adding something new to my craft.