🕑 Weekly Witchy CHALLENGE ~ Catch-Up!

I just love reading everyone’s challenges feedback is one of my favorite ways of learning.

It looks like you all have excellent and great ideas to celebrate enjoy and thank you I love knowing that there’s other ways not just textbook ways to celebrate.
Blessed Be.


Your altar is absolutely beautiful. I’m still working on mine.

Blessed Be,


I mainly work with the Abydos Triad but also at times wirh Thoth, Anubis and Bastet


All about Runes

Runes are one of my 3 main areas of study right now. I really tried to justify buying a set this week but I just couldn’t do it, and I’m really good at justifying buying stuff. So instead I’m working on making sort of a Rune deck, I’ve never actually seen one but I think that’s what I’m making :laughing: The desire to work with Runes built up quickly so I’m needing to be creative.

I carefully ripped cardstock to make cards and on one side I’m drawing the Rune and on the other side the name, the Rune and meanings.

I figure I’ll learn as I make them and then I can learn with them



My final entry this week is the Multilingual Magic task

I have been using a course book by a man called Bill Manley to help me to read and understand Ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics. I wanted to be able to use the Egyptian names for the dieities as well as write them along with their epiphets using hieroglyphics. I am still near the beginning of this journey but wanted to share my learning so far…

I tend to use the terms Asir, Aset and Heru when referring to Osiris, Isis and Horus as these are the names used by the Egyptians while the latter 3 when the names the Greeks used. I also use the word “dua” which means praise so e.g. dua Aset nebet heka means praise isis, lady of magic.

Ive made a video to show how i write and interpret these:(excuse the sound of my snoring pooches🤣)

I also use the hieroglyphics to carve names and epiphets into candles for my altars.

I just feel it guves everything a little bit more authenticity by incorporating some of the language used.

Blessed be



When I saw the Making Objects Magickal I thought about your video where you made a charging plate out of the piece of wood and sigils. That was a very good video. You should share it!


Challenge Entry 1 - Magick of Sound

I’m getting there… yesterday was just a lot & I’m kind of glad that it’s over :clap: I decided to work backward on the list of challenges that I have missed, mainly because the Magick of Sound kind of jumped out at me :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

I use sound, in many different ways after I thought about it. I have SEVERAL playlists on Spotify that each have their kind of use for me. (some of the names are little off, my kids actually helped me with a couple… & one is definitely so they knew not to play it… well 2 of my kids anyway :laughing:)

I have 1 playlist with close to 50 hours of songs :exploding_head: that was actually started when my 24 year old was still in high school. He added the first 2 songs & then it was kind of a catch all. Between my 3 kids, their friends, myself, my husband, & at least a couple of our friends over that time… instead of just playing the song, they added it to the playlist called… Ma… so it’s literally a conglomerate of songs. There are some on there that come on & I just go… What in the frankincense is this?!?! & have to skip it. The only issue really is that 1. I have to try to remember the song to remove it 2. when I go to do that… honestly like finding a needle in a haystack. (I tend to put the playlist on random & continuous play) When I’m feeling alright, normally this is fine… 1 or 2 skips & I’m onto a song I can listen to. It’s entertaining to me to have a Vibe switch with no transition from one to the other when I’m driving around :laughing:

I have another playlist called Only Ma… This is music that honestly, only my oldest & I listen to at all. I have shared it with a few people & they can add to it too. One of my friends will add to it or he will add to the Ma playlist then I go add it to this one. It’s actually music that makes me happy :smile: but I have had people ask me, how is that possible because they listen to it & don’t understand how I don’t get angry… but also kind of my happy playlist :rofl: (Honestly, the Ma playlist is getting a bit out of hand but it does have A LOT of songs from all over the place & genres & is more than bipolar, maybe unhinged… I’ve actually started using the Liked Songs feature with maybe 30 - 40 songs… & just switching up the songs there from the Ma playlist… because honestly between both of my sons, family members, son’s girlfriends & friends, football players, lacrosse players, baseball players, sailors, my daughter & her friends, my husband & either his or my friends… it’s… craziness :crazy_face: & back to the needle in a haystack when trying to remove 1 song that I’m like… UH NO!)

We have a fire pit & I have an entire playlist named… Fire :fire: so that is one that when we are out in the back we will listen to that playlist & everyone, at least here enjoys what’s on it. My son, daughter, & husband will add songs to it, but its purpose is solely for when we are at the fire pit. As a bonus :sparkler: my husband recently revamped the fire pit so it’s larger. The stones on the top kind of make a… shelf :thinking: Then across the top are… grates… so we can use it for cooking & then when we are done we have metal plates that once it’s really just coals & about out those go on top of the grates & then nothing else can fall, blow, be put into the pit unless you take those plates off the top.

There is the playlist named Good Moods :blush: which is exactly as the name states, for when I feel like… I need something to uplift my mood at least a little bit :pinching_hand: I can’t say that it always works, but for the most part, it does its job & I wind up feeling pretty good after listening to it for a while.

These next :three:… each of them kind of have a dual purpose. I can’t wait to get back to some sense of a normal routine again. It’s been so long since I’ve felt like I have that at all. So the first one is Celtic Relaxation Music: Beautiful Melodies, Instrumental, Meditation…, I also have Meditation, & Celtic Calm… the 3rd is or at this point was… a daily playlist that I would play while I am home doing my thing… It’s all mostly Irish Celtic :triskele: music (there are some variations on the Celtic) But, they are songs whether with words or instrumental. They keep me kind of balanced throughout the day while doing “the things.” It’s also very… calming for me :relieved: The other 2 are the same for me, I just don’t listen to them as often for “daily things” but more… Meditation :woman_in_lotus_position: reasons.

I had come to a point in January 2023 where I not only absolutely LOVE :heart: my guided meditations. I have a few specific ones that I will listen to saved on YouTube (a few by the lovely @SilverBear & the Eclectic Green Witchery), & I have another list on Insight Timer (a couple by the also very lovely @MeganB). Then I have a few others from the Irish Pagan School, The Morrigan Intensive, Biddy Tarot, Love & Light School of Crystals, & of course Spells8 :infinite_roots: (something about the woman’s voice & the content of the meditations)… but I also had started being able to listen to instrumental music & have very rewarding results meditating. It’s how I managed to create my own Inner Temples :hindu_temple:! (I never would have thought to try this if it wasn’t for a part in one of my guided meditations that there is no talking… & I would go to a different place during that time… & when the person came back… I was on my way back to the original spot then ending the meditation. I decided to see what would happen if I just listened to instrumental music) So now I have 1 place where I meet with the Morrigan :raven: & 1 for Brighid :tree_of_life:

I knew that I needed better sleep & at some point, it was recommended that I use Soundscapes. There are a few that I absolutely could & have listened to all night long… Rain :cloud_with_rain:, Thunderstorms :cloud_with_lightning:, Water, Beach :beach_umbrella:, Forest :deciduous_tree:, Mountain :mount_fuji:… However, my favorite is Water… so I have an entire playlist for it, which I actually think is just a playlist that I happened to find on Spotify named Calm Water Sounds. When my anxiety, panic, overwhelm, &/or overstimulation is in higher than high gear… I lay down to do my breathing with this playlist on or sometimes it’s been a rough day for me… I put in my headphones & fall asleep :zzz: to this playlist.

I tend to use the Celtic playlists during rituals or spellwork too. They just somehow make it feel… just wonderful.

For as long as I can remember I have always listened to songs but also the lyrics. But more than just knowing the lyrics, what the song is actually saying. In a past challenge, I had mentioned that because of that… I sort of attach songs to certain people or even memories. However, it dawned on me… fairly recently that at the same time… I have always been a person who listens to the lyrics & understands them & what the song is about… I use music :musical_note: as an outlet for myself & emotions. Don’t get me wrong… I absolutely have songs that yes I enjoy them & listen to the lyrics that really have nothing to do with that & are purely for entertainment, satirical reasons, amusement, etc. However, because I do listen to the song, lyrics, & what it’s about… music has been an outlet for me for many years. One of the things I do now, especially since Spotify & making up playlists (& thankfully figuring out the Liked Songs feature) is I will use it for self-care, meditation, expressing what is going on when I can’t find the words, calming down, uplifting, setting the tone of being able to move through my day, rituals, spells, or so I can get through the next moments or parts of my day. I pop in my headphones & do my thing… whether I’m in a store, going somewhere, around the house or in a new place or a place that I know is going to induce anxiety. (The introvert is strong for me :joy:)

Okay, super long! :nerd_face: If you made it through… Thank You :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: for that & tolerating my rambles & word salads :green_salad:


I love that! I remember a few years ago I would fall asleep with head phones on listened to rain and wooden boat rocking. It was so peaceful!


My Challenge Entry - Trick Or Treat Challenge
:jack_o_lantern: :candy: :ghost:

So i had actually decided two challenges initially, but well…i think some chaos is definitely playing into my life too, now. :laughing: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :tornado: Anyways, at least i got to do one of those, for this catch-up!! :grin: :face_holding_back_tears: I really, really didn’t want to miss this one, huhh thank the goddess! :innocent: :partying_face: :sparkling_heart: As you can see the challenge i did not choose, but instead the one that chose me; (my eyes were glued to this one on the very first look! :heart_eyes: :jack_o_lantern: :black_heart:) is the Trick Or Treat weekly witchy challenge and i chose it because of course after our lovely and beautiful Mabon Sabbat, comes…Samhain!!! First it’s a Witch’s New Year and second, without needing any explanation I can say that I absolutely heart all of the sabbats and esbats in our wheel of the year, but still there are three sabbats that now I practically live for. :star_struck: :heart_eyes: :face_holding_back_tears: :face_holding_back_tears: :cupid: :wheel_of_dharma: Those are - Samhain, Yule and Beltane. :ghost: :candy: :cherries: :snowflake: :rose: :heart_on_fire: I am honestly speaking there’s only like 1-2% of difference in my undying love for all the sabbats and these three.
:smiling_face: :dizzy: :pink_heart: Ohh and also the prize badge for this one is such a heart candy!! :wink: :lollipop: :bat: Sweet N’ Spooky :cupid: :skull: I just couldn’t resist! Haha…here’s my little entry of those tasty, tricky-treats! :blush: :heartbeat:

I gathered as many sweet treats as possible but honestly i wanted to make, as in cook something myself, so bad. :pleading_face: I went to one shop and even called another to ask if they had those cake mixes we have here, which we cook with steam inside a packed cooker on medium flame. I just made it a week or two back, for my family! Duh, i couldn’t believe it was out of stock everywhere, just now! :exploding_head: What a perfect timing, isn’t it? :smirk: :roll_eyes: So this is what I got - some baked jam cookies, chocolate centered toffees and i actually had bought that hersheys’s chocolate syrup for the cake, but then had to make chocolate syrup toast, instead. :brown_heart: :chocolate_bar: :cookie: :bread: I obviously blessed my goodies with the sweet and blissful candy blessing that @BryWisteria had included in that challenge. :kissing_heart: :candy: :sparkles: And then…I pounced on them! (Drawbacks of being a sweet tooth, i can eat sweets anytime, anywhere :cake:) :joy: :rofl: Okay, no i am not that bad honestly, :laughing: i did feast upon the yummy treats but with my mum & sis. :heart: :smile: Oh and obviously! I spent my whole afternoon and early evening hours today, making those cute lil ghost tricksters :ghost: :magic_wand: :wink: and some tiny tasty treats! :smiling_face: :lollipop: :candy: I also plucked a little beautiful bunch of those small & lovely, light lavender wild flowers on my way back from the shop. I am still sitting out here, with them in a cup of water by my side on the boundary of my terrace. I was so enraptured by their graceful and gentle, calming beauty! I once saw my own aura and it looked something like a lavender shade. :face_holding_back_tears: Being an artist and a mad lover of everything that just is, it’s too difficult for me to say that any one color is my fav or most attractive. Still, these lil purple blooms are like a deep and belly filling, breath of fresh, magickal air for me! :purple_heart: :cupid: :pink_heart:
Thank you for those lovely witchy challenges we get every week and these super exciting and big doses of magical catch ups too! I enjoyed & loved every moment of it so much! :face_holding_back_tears:
Blessed Be all with lavender love, this month!
:purple_heart: :blossom: :purple_heart:


Challenge Entry 1-that is above and below

the photo is from this meeting
Sometimes I talk telepathically with some animals
One of my favorites is the Wolves
And I felt this more strongly when I went to the ATTIC PARK in Athens
I almost got banned to see the wolf
When I approached the cage it was quite far away
I remember thinking
Get up, my love, come close to see you, I’ve come so far…
Olikos got up from his seat and approached where I was and stood near me for a long time
Andras said to me laughing…this is a climax meeting: when the witch Airam spoke to the wolf!


I would say this is one of your lovely magickal gifts, as everyone has their own unique ones; even those who think they don’t have any! :blush: :face_holding_back_tears: :heart_eyes: :sparkles: It’s just so heartfelt and beautiful, seeing this photo where a witch and a wolf are conversing telepathically through love. If you allow me, can i download it and keep in my phone’s gallery? (I have this folder named My Magick :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: where I keep all the pictures and videos related to magick) I can just feel the magic radiating from this picture @AIRAM :hugs: :sparkling_heart: :dizzy: It’s purely beautiful to witness a connection so invisible & deep with these fascinating and powerful creatures. I have always admired wolves, really. :wolf: :white_heart: :black_heart: Blessed Be hun, this is a mesmerizing entry! :heartbeat: :sparkles:


Yes my dear :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Challenge Entry 2-magical name

When I started dealing with Magic, I felt the need to change my name
At that time I was watching the Greek series -THE WITCHES OF SMYRNA-
In one episode I saw a Witch who saw the future
Her normal name was Maria
but in the world of Magic it was called AIRAM
MARIA when you read it upside down is AIRAM
I felt that this name came at the right moment when I was looking for it
thus … Airam was born in the world of Magic :grinning: :grinning:


Oh cool I really enjoyed reading about the origins of your name :blush: thank you for sharing that. :purple_heart:


Challenge Entry 3-money spell

money spell day Thursday or Sunday
Protection circle
call of the quarters
purse and some hair

we raise our hair and pointing to them one by one we say
This hair will make me rich I need money and I need it now!
in each direction the same words
we’re done and we pick up the bag saying
I am rich and healthy, as I said, so it will be!
three times
finally we blow out the candles one by one freeing the elements
the hair that we have cut is we burn it


Challenge Entry - Catch-Up!
:dove: Earth-Friendly Witchcraft - Earth Witch

I wasn’t sure what I was going to do for this entry but looking through the list of suggestions, one of them was a topic I wanted to try and share with the coven anyway!

Shinrin-Yoku (Forest Bathing) has been on my list of learn about, to do for a while and there it was, the perfect time to try it out!

The key to unlocking the power of the forest is in the five senses. Let nature enter through your ears, eyes, nose, mouth, hands and feet. Listen to the birds singing and the breeze rustling in the leaves of the trees. Look at the different greens of the trees and the sunlight filtering through the branches.

I chose to try this out yesterday in the woods around where I work. Yes, I realize I took a phone and used it, but my main reason was to record the ambient sounds with the hopes of making my own meditation soundscape. Plus I figured I could share the videos as well.

Here are two of the videos that I uploaded to YouTube - https://youtu.be/yogDmfwlJQ8?si=0V4KT7pnHVfHoBWj and https://youtu.be/oCVvoXVA8_k?si=JszGPdxneXyUbjsn (of the pond in the woods)
(I can’t for the life of me figure out how to share the YouTube links with a preview, but I swear I’ve seen it done here before!)

I ended up spending more than 90 minutes out there and it was honestly one of the best weekend recharges I’ve ever had! :evergreen_tree: :bird: :fallen_leaf: :sun: :deciduous_tree:


Challenge Entry 2 - A Witches Collection(s)

So… I have… a few things I suppose that could be called collections :laughing:

Crystals more than I can possibly count as well as a little bit of everywhere. I do collect specifically carved crystal turtles. I do have them in a printer’s box, a crescent moon :crescent_moon: shelf, on both altars, shelves, jewelry, & as well as in a staroage box :package:
Candles mostly white :white_candle:, black, & red… but I have every color including gold & silver chime candles. I have jar candles, tea lights, votives…
Jars well I guess more like containers. Jars :jar: of all sizes, mason jars, wearable charm jars & bottles, bottles, ball ornaments… if I can find a way to put some kind of something in them for a reason… I save them or they are given to me :laughing:
Feathers Especially this summer, I have been finding or given feathers :feather: at the most random places & at the most ramdom times. Most of them black, but at least a couple that are from more predatory birds that frequent our area.
Shells well, really shells from all over & whenever I go to any beach & rocks from the ocean as well as sea glass & I have some coral.
Tarot & Oracle Decks honestly, its a problem that I should probably look into a support group for :rofl:
Books books on my deities, crystals, astrology, journals, source stories, Celtic mythology, Celtic practice, Irish Paganism, herbs & plants… :books:

I’m sure I’m missing something or things. But those kind of top the list :rofl:


Challenge Entry 3 - Witch Conceptions (Stereotypes)

I actually thought I had done this 1, but here we go…

So growing up I kind of had this idea of a witch like… cauldrons, crystal balls, rding a broom, wearing all black, with a wart on the nose, & more of a not good thing… Think Wizard of Oz.

Growing up Catholic it was more a big no… not something you want to get involved or have anything to do with. Except… I already had an interest & was doing things… I just didn’t know it yet. Ironically, my mom was the 1 who kind of started I guess puquing my interest. Although I don’t think at the time she knew or thiught about it that way. She bought me my first crystals, taught me about my sun :sun: sign.

Then it became more of a, don’t tell anyone. For some reason… no one could know except a select few. & that included family members. Don’t let them know at all.

For some time when I was young witchcraft & Wicca were 1 in the same regardless of what you did or didn’t do. They were interchangable. It wasn’t until later I found out that wasn’t the case at all. I was young so didn’t think too much into at the time because… still… either way… taboo.

Then once I started doing things that I used to & hadn’t for a while… also older & wanting to know more about these interests & things I was doing & believed… found out… there were a lot of misconceptions & I was told things that maybe others believed & to try to steer me clear of it. :woman_shrugging:

Fast forward to 2021. My immediate family knows I’m witch/pagan. A few close friends. But I’m also, not exactly hiding it. I’m in my backyard by my fire pit. Wearing a witchy hoodie. We had a pentacle chandelier with 5 mini cauldron tealight holders hanging from a shepherd’s hook beside it. I had just put loose sage in an aluminum foil, packet with a bit of water over the fire pit as well as strewn some in the bottom around the outer edges on the loose coals.

My neighbor came by & we’re talking. Some how the topic of a witch came up. I’m not saying much & he’s saying… I was nervous, because she was a witch. Like a real witch. Me, still not saying anything… but I did look down at my hoodie & kind of around the area at the pentacle… & let him keep talking. His perception of a witch is… definitely… not necessarily good. That we curse & hex & what we do isn’t for any good reason… nor does it have anything to do with a love of the earth, gratitude, & using what you have inside to better yourself or anything.

I just said, “Huh, I can’t say that’s been my experience with a witch, although I suppose they are out there. Glad I’m not like that.”

He looked at me & then said… “Oh, you’d know if you came across 1, just by the things they do.”

I kind of just was like, “Uh huh. I have to go get a drink.” Then went in the house.

I’d say it really depends on who the person is & their generation as well as their upbringing & understanding or education witchcraft/paganism. I do think that since maybe a little before Covid, it became kind of trendy for a bit. I also think a lot more people on the whole have a better understanding of what we actually are about & do… but there are still those that are not stuck, but also… brought up a way or learned certain things for whatever reason… that its hard to change their perception of what a witch is or does or even looks like. There are so many that practice & so many that practice in many different ways. Each unique in their practice, but there are still those that group us into this 1 mold.


Challenge Entry: Time Magick

When this challenge came out, I remember thinking- ooh, I want to do this! Of course, that seems to be the case all too often! Time is tricky for me. Because of trigger warning abuse and trauma, I learned how to dissociate at a very young age. I believe there’s an almost intrinsic tie between early childhood abuse and ADHD, and that dissociation and time management issues are an obvious result of this connection. So…my difficulty with time has lasted for half a century! There are some inherently wonderful qualities in dissociation, though. It enables those affected with the ability to meditate much more easily and allows us (in my humble opinion) to access our intuition more readily. Just this morning, I meditated and did some tarot and oracle readings for over an hour, and it felt like it was 20 minutes! While time is (supposedly) linear here on the Earth plane, it is, in truth, circular. It most often feels like a spiral to me. It’s kind of like climbing or descending a spiral staircase. You can have thoughts about the same subject every time you go up or down the same staircase, but they will be more advanced each time because you’ve grown and changed and experienced more. If you’re climbing up that staircase and you look back at what your thoughts were when you were coming up, you can have a visual for where you were when you came down. I feel like I am making this much more confusing than it is! :rofl: This concept is similar to the quote, “You never step in the same river twice.” I have been working with my guides to expand and contract time. What I mean by this is that I can accomplish far more in the same amount of time than I had previously by altering my mindset and perspective and practicing mindfulness on a deeper level. Alternatively, I am learning how to stretch time out in my experience by using certain techniques that I don’t quite know how to explain. They’re all about working with your own unique rhythms anyway, so even if I were able to explain it in detail, it wouldn’t necessarily work for anyone else unless they tweaked it to work with their own cycles and rhythms. To me, learning to do this in my old age (ha! :rofl: ) has been truly life-altering and magickal!


Shawdow Weaver
I love your alter, and read your post you said you got into

I am interested in looking deeper into this practice! I need to try to escape from Samsara myself! I had 12 years clean and recently found myself in the abyss again! I had a relapse but trying to accept myself where I am and try all over! I don’t want to make the same mistakes and the Lord and Lady know my struggles about trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle! Pray :pray:t4: I learn some new protocols like protective spells to help my compulsive behaviors!
I will try to stay calm and not go against the waves :ocean:

I am also going to post on The Wheel of The Year and what that means for me! I follow the pagan wheel of the year! I am a Hecateian

I made this wheel of the year and if you get the book :closed_book: Keeping Her Keys
Keeping Her Keys book on Amazon
Are use Hecate’s wheel and her stropolus
There are 12 segments that are directions for Heckate‘s symbols.
She is guardian, guide, and gate keeper, and so for the wheel of the year there are chosen epithets that represent the energy of the month, using dark moons or new moon and full moons this year olds a wheel of the year with 39 days a number, reflecting Hecate and her threefold form.

She uses The month and the epithet associated with it! For example we are In Cynthonia and if you get her other book called
Entering Heckate’s Cave

She talks about boundaries and why they are important any way I think it’s a good practice to get into! I wish I could give you all the whole chapter but I would be taking to much space on the forum! If your interested in reading more about practical guides the book offers a book called [Creating boundaries ](https://The dialectal Behavior Thearpy Skills Workbook )creating boundaries is a good way to protect yourself in your magikal practice! “Energy flows where attention goes” Cyndi B Entering Hecates Cave

I hope this gives you all some perspective on my path that is perhaps personal to my practice! Hecate helps me build protocols for protection! I am currently working with Persephone because I understand that she ate the same pomegranate seed from Hermes! I am trying to live a magical life and I see that I even need to have boundaries up from the people I have in my life. I let my guard down so I will call out the epithet to help guide me back to my magical circle that will keep me safe. I really appreciate all of your post. I would love to make up some new ways of keeping my boundaries safe from people that like to break those boundaries! We have to put these boundaries up so people don’t mess around and get us stuck in the abyss!
Love and light sorry if this was to much but I wanted to share some pages that will maybe inspire you to work with Hecate yourself!
For Magikal Safety for this challenge I decided to share that there is a toxic plant that could be in your backyard! I actually have many around my are and are Toxic to pets
Oleander Shrub