Weekly Witchy CHALLENGE - Congrats to the Coven! Jeannie

Dear Coven: birthday:
Happy Birthday to you! Happy 2nd-year!

I can’t thank Infinite Roots enough; I have had so many bright blessings! Before I felt judge and criticized for not being a Christ-follower anymore.That worried me about what others thought. I had lots of feedback and I know now how to deal with some people who are critical about what I do. See I had a hard time believing that Christ was the only way! What about everyone else? I asked myself! There must be something more! I just didn’t feel it was helping me feel spiritually satisfied. So I believe know many gods! I questioned Wicca because I was afraid because of my upbringing. I was programed my whole upbringing. I was afraid that if I touched witchcraft I would burn in hell! So I learned Wicca is not about the devil and we don’t worship the devil! And even know I’ve changed so much I don’t care who you worship! There are huge misconceptions! I still have some things I am working on but I am working on progress!

Well, now I practice my magic freely without any judgment what’s so ever! And I can express myself through art and my magical workings. Know I get home I have structure; know I can always get direction. I depend solely on Infinite Roots for spiritual guidance.

I love working with all types of magic! I am an open book! Also, I pull a card every day to learn more about the Gods and Goddesses from my decks! This helps me to connect with the deity! I dress up in my witch costume while I do rituals too! This helps me during my ritual.

The special tool that I like working with right now in my spiritual journey is the wand. I have a fascination with trees. You could say I am a tree hugger. I like to go out in nature and connect with nature; while I go for a walk with my dog. I enjoy the craftiness of making magical wands. Anything witchy sparks my attention. I work with different crystals.
I enjoy meditation regularly, it is easy for me to visualize and manifest through my imagination. For example when I do a ritual. I will draw a circle of protection. This is how I am protected when I call to a deity.
When I did my initiation, I did my initiation naked. I had a scene of freedom and it helped me to go into that headspace. I try to go to my sacred temple inside and ask the God and Goddess for assistance in my workings. I manipulate what I want to create change in my life with different correspondences. I am big on amulets and talisman. I will just go to the God and Goddess and ask them to grant me my wishes! I work with the tarot every day. My advice with working with the tarot is to have a ritual where you pull a card. Draw in the morning what does this card mean? But REFLECT on the card at the end of the day. Remember tarot is spirit and the spirit of the deck may be trying to point something out! It’s good to get an interpretation in the morning then later at night reflect in your book of mirrors. The first card I got this week was the Ace of Wands bye, “The Light Seer’s Tarot” in my mind’s eye, it said there was a new beginning and I needed to look into my mind’s eye. But not until the end of the day I knew that my caregiving job was coming to an end, & I had a gut feeling before and the card told me so. “Trust your intuition, something I have a hard time doing because of my past. Plus there were hundreds of red flags. But now I am learning to trust my intuition.
The next day I used the “Modern Witches Tarot Deck I got the 10 swords, and the meditation for this card is everything is fine! She has had all 10 swords laying on her side with all the swords in her as if she was stabbed in the back! Well, I was, long story short I’ve been working for someone and had a feeling these two girls were plotting their move and working against me. They decided to take some of my hours from the hours available. But I already knew and had my intuition that tells me things before it happens. I already had a plan of executing my leave. The same girl that fired me on April’s fool’s day. It is fine they shot their selves in the foot and that’s how I see things. Point being is that I didn’t know that was going to happen but it all made sense to me at the end of the day. “Yes” I was stabbed in the back, but I am glad because now I could move on.

The next day I pulled the Ace of Wands. Which makes perfect sense. I am in tuned with my cards and I love tarot! I can even use them for my spell working and I have done that before. It’s one of my favorite ways of working with the tarot. I will pull a card that I like and try to manifest that energy from the card. For example, know I can use a chariot card to help me move forward from this game of life. And know I can write the story and how it all ends. It is my life and now I have help making good decisions for my life. I chose who is in it! I chose what direction I go! And I won’t go back!
I am a green witch at heart, I have many magical correspondences. However, need to invest in some bottles and labels. I love anything under the sun! I love kitchen witchery when I was a kid, I use to make soup from dirt with my friends so it’s been in my jeans.
I am trying to stick with my moon calendar and using infinite roots to help me stay on track with the moon correspondences. I usually check the moon calendar or do a meditation. Without infinite Roots, I would not have this constant flow. Life always has a twist know I just go to my creative mind. I love writing in my BOM and working on my BOS. I love to work with art and I am still learning what I am good at!
My favorite thing about magic is that there are infinite possibilities! I can grab whatever I need in my correspondence. I am considering having a familiar. I am growing in my magical experiences every day. Before the ritual, you can bless your alter and your tools. Helps me prepare ahead of time for spell workings. Create a alter space that is you! I am having so much fun learning more about myself and who I am. Infinite roots have helped me not care about what others think. They have had my back and I am very grateful.
My favorite spells as far as my magical experience so far by far are Samhain rituals, because I have delt with a lot of death. I enjoy calling on the dead for assistance. My favorite ritual is pulling out a picture of a loved one and getting an alter cloth, flowers, candles, fresh basil, dried mandrake rood, bowl of water, and dish of salt. Hang up all the pictures of your loved ones and then try to reminisce on all the good and the bad. Try to sit with your feelings, spend some time writing!

Since, Wicca my old thinking has slowly gone away. I do catch myself with the old thinking it sort of like a shadow side. You can catch it if you pay attention. The old me believed that if I didn’t believe in Jesus the true savior then I would go to hell and I was worried cause I didn’t believe. Wicca has helped me, because my mom died of a drug overdose and so did my brother. No more dogma to try to control me either. I feel I can control my own destiny! I thought I was going to hell and so were my sibling’s. I embrace my dark side and light side and believe in the Wiccan Reed, “Harm none do what ye will” I believe we will be reincarnated and I am sure that we have a choice as well to come back. I believe in polarity “As below so below “There is a place that is called Summerland it is where the dead go to rest. Without Infinite Roots most of all my questions would not be answered and it has been a safe place to ask question and I really appreciate that. I love who I am! I had so much anger to deal with and this is where I first came on my spiritual path. I had lots of traumatic episodes that happened and lead me to Infinite Roots! I had a friend that recommended that I try spells eight. I was so confused so he gave me the website. Since my love for magic has grown and has led me to this place. I have a feeling that I belong! And I have not had that feeling in so long! Since I have been here, I have had support dealing with my wild child who is an addict trying to get sober. And being a solitary witch, infinite roots has helped me so that way I don’t have to practice my witchcraft alone. When ever I have a question, I know I can reach out! And I always get lovely ideas that help me in my path! Known since iris came, I think she was the one that hung up the wiccan reed. Know I am thinking to do that as well! I just never thought of hanging up the wiccan reed, but I do read it. When I need spiritual guidance, I can always depend on Christina to put up an affirmation of the week and it helps me a lot! I love all the learning videos it helps me to stay focused!
I would like to get a tattoo as well to show my honor and maybe we can start a movement!!
Blessed Be! :star2:
Love & Light
Happy Beltane!
Here’s my day off today in nature!

Weekly Witchy CHALLENGE - Congrats to the Coven! :confetti_ball:


I wish I could quote your whole post, but this line summed up everything beautifully! :sparkling_heart: And your pictures! You’re so beautiful! Not to mention that you look so happy, relaxed, and free in nature- a witch truly at home in the world around her :national_park: :sparkles:

This is so well written- what a burst of joy and happiness. Thank you for reminiscing on your journey to Spells8 and your exciting path into magick thus far, @Jeannie :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: You are a delight in the coven, always bringing joy and encouragement. Thanks for all that you do!

May your beautiful magick and warm heart continue to shine brightly- many blessings to you! :hugs::revolving_hearts:


Thank you @Jeannie1 that was lovely to read. Blessed be :sparkles:


There is a stigma that goes with witchcraft, but your people will be willing to embrace you & learn more about who you are. I love that you feel so much better & like you belong. We are happy to have you here!

I’m a constant work in progress. I was just talking to my psychiatrist about how far I have come in the last 5 years with everything that has been thrown my way. It’s a great feeling to feel like you have the support you need & you just know that you are going in the right direction.

Thank you for sharing those wonderful pictures! & you look great as well! I hope you have a great day! Keep shining & light the way!


Travel Witch
Thank you it is a delight to share my experience with other witches too!
I have been working on my typos and thank you, I proof read my work twice. Thanks for the compliments!
I am trying to wear bright colors to help my aura! I am going to wear yellow, red, blue, pink you name it!


[quote=“TheTravelWitch, post:2, topic:9476”]
Not to mention that you look so happy, relaxed, and free in nature- a witch truly at home in the world around her :national_park: :sparkles:
Thank you!
Blessed be!


Thank you so much for sharing! This was beautiful to read and you look so happy and at peace in nature!


Thank you! Being outside doing garden stuff! I said I better get it together before it’s too late so I and my hu got dirt!


@Jeannie1 , what a great post! It’s lovely how we all have grown in our Spiritual path. Since becoming a Wiccan, i feel the same. My old beliefs have simply vanished and my life is more fulfilled now.

Beautiful pictures!

Blessed be


I love your entire entry! All of the words! I’m so glad you overcame your discomfort with witchcraft and found us here. You’re an important part of the community!

Beautiful pictures too! Your eyes are striking! Way to go, witchy woman!