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You brushed upon some interesting topics and so glad that I have the opportunity to get to get to know you better. I like that you said that there are vibrations all around! Its like we are sponges and that is very important how we perceive things!
Thats why I love magic it helps me to look at my reality differently.

I don’t dream enough anymore and cant wait to get a new dream so I can analyze the subconscious mind! You make me want to dive into magic right know and try and new discovery like you said!
My five scenes are awakened. I never paid any attention to the smell, know I lite incense or make aroma with my essential oils. I will look at a beautiful flower! I will listen to a favorite song and with my touch I can create chants! There a song by Sublime and there is an awesome beat that I would like to use to create my own lyrics too! Thanks to my craft my five sciences are more appreciated. My spirit feels so uplifted when I work with magic!
Love and light
Blessed Be!!

Garnet what are pain salves? Maybe I should try pain salves huh?


Cheers to that, @Amethyst! :raised_hands: I agree it’s much easier to be expressive through writing. There’s much less stress in a quiet room with plenty of time to type! A shame we can’t back-pedal and edit spoken words like we can with text :laughing:

Beautifully put, @CelestiaMoon! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Your journey has been so creative- you are blessed with many talents, interests, and magickal skills :sparkles: Thank you for bringing your wonderful mind and loving energy to the coven, as well as helping to make this space safe and welcoming for all witches on a similar journey :heart: Much love back to you!

You have really made your practice your own, @walter- reading your words, I feel so much pride and happiness for how far you have come! :heartpulse: Congrats on the amazing journey into magick so far, and wishing you all the best as you continue to explore on a path lit by the love and positivity around you. You put it wonderfully- wishing endless love, compassion, and kindness back to you! :hugs:

Amazing how far the coven has come- thank you for helping it to bloom into how it is today, @Missa! :blush: Cheers to that, I am also looking forward to much learning and many new fun discussions to come in the future! Lots of love back to you :two_hearts:

“Agape”- that sums it up perfectly, @Francisco! :star_struck:


:exclamation: This challenge is now CLOSED :exclamation:

Reading everyone’s entries this week has been such a powerful experience- thank you so much to each and every member of the forum for sharing their thoughts, hearts, and joining in the coven celebration!

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Blessed be! :sparkles::tada: :infinite_roots: :confetti_ball:


Why, Francisco, You just gave the description of our I.R.C. family.


Jeannie1Coven Celebrant
If it was liquid, I’d Call it liniment. What I make is more like the texture of Vicks. Essentially, it’s like ‘Bengay’ (an arthritic rub)but not so stinky. There are several recipes you can use, Look up DIY Tiger Balm. It comes in white, green, and red depending what you’re looking for it to do & the strength there of.
Another Salve is arnica salve, I’ve made this with the dried arnica. It can be used for bruises, aches and tension headaches.
Here’s a site.

This recipe calls for St. Johns wort because it can be used to treat depression, relieve anxiety. PMS etc. I’m on medications for depression and anxiety so St. John’s wort wouldn’t be a recommended plant to use in my case.
When ever using home made meds, always check with your doctor so your meds and the herbs don’t cause a reaction.


As usual I’m a day late and a dollar short. :confused: I am so glad I found this coven, I think it was through you tube. I peaked at other sites and they didn’t have the same vibe, no vibe actually. I’m still learning, and I’m not good at putting thoughts on paper. Journaling is like torture! I have basically become a hermit this past year, and Spells 8 has kept me going. I would leave my rabbit hole in Ohio to dance around a maypole though, especially if it was across the pond. :relaxed:


@linda6 you are fine! I’m happy that you are here. I can understand the hermit thing & the Maypole sentiment. I’m getting better at journaling, I have found that having prompts helps me get started. There are some journaling prompt pages in the Book of Mirrors course. Book of Mirrors - Witch’s Journaling


Thank you. At the risk of sounding weird or paranoid, I have always had a problem with writing thoughts down, I guess because then it is " out there". When I die anyone can read my thoughts and judge them at face value. There should be a way to make them self destruct when we die! LoL. I’ll admit that I have become jaded and put up a high wall. I don’t personally know anyone like the people in this coven and it it has kept me going and hopeful. Infinite Roots Coven is very special.


I would love for them to self-destruct! That would be great. For now, I hide my journals or burn them after they are filled. I don’t open up to many people about what goes on in my head. So, I understand the high wall. I’m happy that you are comfortable here though! Feel free reach out whenever you need to! :heart:


I got here a little late for the challenge, but I feel the love from this community. As a solitary practitioner, I kinda explore different aspects of witchcraft, spirituality and devotion. Last week, I was with Covid and I couldn’t celebrate the Full Moon as I always do, but I felt the need to pull out some Oracle cards I have and I pulled the godddess Isis. I felt such connection with her and I open my heart to her divine energy. I do not work much with deities. I mainly focus on Selene and Poseidon as my two main deities, but I felt such motherly energy from Isis that I asked her to protect me from this disease. Today, it is May 5 and I tested negative from Covid and I am so grateful that my faith has grown and my practices have embedded my whole being. I am strong believer in magic and I feel the love of the divine and the universe. I wanted to say Thank you to all for sharing your stories and knowledge. I am learning a lot from you all.


Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts, @linda6! :heart:

I understand writing can be a daunting task at times, and that it can even feel like there is nothing scarier than a blank page (or empty text box!) :grin:. You make an interesting point about wanting the words to leave this world when we do- it’s something I admit I haven’t considered! I’ve always thought of it as a good thing- a way to leave a reminder to friends and loved ones who remain that we were here. But I guess it does depend on the writing we leave behind! :open_book: :blush::books:

Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts- you have an interesting mind and a heart full of love! :two_hearts:

Congrats on your deepening bond with Isis, and also on your negative covid test, @Fabian! :raised_hands: I think it is wonderful how you explore your callings and pursue the aspects of magick that resonate with you each moment. Thank you for sharing your kind thoughts and positive energy. Sending love and light to you! :heart:


So glad you tested negative for Covid @fabian! My Isis heal you!


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