🌻 Weekly Witchy CHALLENGE - Flower Power

@Ostara Oh yes I hope you get to go. The Hill Country has some lovely ones so I’ve been told.

Today I bought some lavender at an herb store along with some lavender mint tea and a lavender and blood orange candle.

It all smells so good. I also purchased a little loose tea, peach ice cream (tea). Looking forward to trying that. I may just eat it.



One of my favorite teas that I buy is chamomile & lavender tea. I have also done chamomile, lavender, & mint is really good like if you have seasonal allergies & you get stuffed up a little bit. :hugs:


@Siofra_Strega I don’t think I’ve ever seen heather. If I did, I did not know what it was. Take a picture for us. :smile:


Already prepared my Water of Norte Dame for Ostara tomorrow. I don’t have any blue food coloring, but I do have a blue spray bottle.:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Here is the chant I wrote:

The flowers bloom
filling the air with a sweet perfume
The birds sing,
The Solar Dragon has returned and
brought us Spring
I spread thee,
Water of Notre Dame
Like a very busy bee
May peace and joy,
and health and happiness
reign on


@Siofra_Strega My allergies :sneezing_face: give me a little trouble. I’m hoping the lavender oil and lavender buds sachet I made today will help with my asthma. Been doing a lot of healing work with AA Raphael in that area. Thank you Siofra for mentioning that lavender helps with allergies.


I certainly will @Amber.8. Since we had downpours today, I’ll check it tomorrow. It’s purple & there is a topic about it for some other information. Once It has started blooming I will most definitely take a picture & share it with you!

Medicinal and Magickal- an Introduction to Heather! :herb:

Heather Spiritual Uses Spells8 :infinite_roots:

Image Source Credit - Unsplash


Thanks @Amber.8! They were very fun to make but took some patience. The one in the pic took about 100 hours to make.


This lavender farm is in Chapel Hill. I looked them up and today they are having Yoga and Mimosa’s. My husband would go for the Mimosa’s but not the Yoga. Oh well, I have yard work to do. Happy Ostara!


If I may, I take that as a sign that your intuition was telling you that you needed that smell or even the color for the third eye chakra. You subconsciously knew what you needed work on and you were attracted to the purple lavender scents and colors. Just a thought that came to mind :sparkling_heart:


You created that!?! And there’s 12? You’re so talented!! The Cafe is well constructed and aesthetically pleasing.
I also adore your shelf for herbs, and oils. I’ve always wanted one! I have all my herbs in a basket that I bought from Etsy a while back and my oils are in a bag.


With this challenge I really struggled to figure out what to do. I have always really liked flowers. But I haven’t had much success with my garden this year because of temperature swings in my area. So I decided to try to I indentify to some flower that grow in my yard during the summer and I think they are Morning Glory.


This is fun! I’m going to participate in my first weekly challenge!!


My Challenge Entry :hibiscus:
I think this challenge was really well timed for the equinox and I used that to my advantage.
For this challenge and the Equinox I used flowers(mainly daffodils and daisies) to bring in the energy of spring and they have really brightened up the energy and colour pallet of my space.
Blessed Be and Happy Equinox!


Well for my entry this week, I did another tea spell. I have a black thumb and I live on the back of the apartments so even if I didn’t I don’t get any light and can’t grow a thing.

I did however buy myself some honey lavender de-stressing tea and figured a nice chant to go with that is the way to go. So here it is:

Honey, lavender, chamomile too,
all get put into a cup that I brew.
Release me from stress, protect me from harm,
all at the start of this wonderful charm!


I am going to have a few entry’s this week. It’s a beautiful first day of spring here in Texas. I cleaned the weeds out of the flower bed to make room for the flowers (no snakes involved this year thank god). I planted some gladiolus, and this afternoon I am going to plant two rose bushes. Happy Spring Equinox!


@christina4 Yes, My intuition thinks you are correct. :wink: I work with many Angels; and my favorite angel is Zadkiel who is my teacher and guide. I feel closely connected to Angel Jophiel as well as many other angels. Angel Zadkiel’s color is purple and relates also to third eye. I also work with the violet flame and St Germaine. It’s all about the magic. Colors are very important to me … I do the candle daily Magic devotionals / chants. That’s what drew me to Spells8 and the Moon Magic. :purple_heart::purple_heart::purple_heart::purple_heart:


Thanks @christina4! It makes me happy to have created something that I and others could enjoy during a difficult time. Here’s a couple more I made:


Witchy Challenge: Flower Power

In my practice, I’ve worked with chamomile, lavender, rose, calendula and periwinkle, in dried form and primrose oil. I have also fresh offered white roses, red roses and lilies on altars. But I am intrigued with the idea of using fresh flowers in spellwork.

I thought – what flower have I been drawn to? I immediately thought of Iris. I like ALL flowers immensely but I’ve like irises since I was a little girl, when I saw them growing in my neighbor’s garden. I requested them in my wedding bouquet and arrangements. I wanted flowers that would pick up the colors of the stained glass windows in my church and my florist selected Blue Iris.

my wedding flowers

For this challenge, I thought I would learn more about what this flower signifies, traditionally, and if there are any magical uses associated with it. Some people say there are no coincidences – I don’t know if I would go that far – but it does appear that blue iris is closely aligning with my strongest intentions these days.

Jupiter. I was pleased to learn from @TheTravelWitch_Bry that it is associated with Jupiter, because I am working a lot with Jupiter these days. Next Thursday, if I can find any blue irises, I will put them on my altar (If not, I’ll put a picture of them on it). I hope to use Iris (as well as blue candles, primrose oil and sodalite) to promote the energy of receiving the truth from persons associated with my court case.

Meaning. Irises (and especially, blue irises, which are small and a blue-ish purple) are associated with communication, messages, spiritual faith, trust/truth and loyalty. These are values that are also associated with Jupiter.

Ancient meaning. Irises are named after Iris, the Greek Goddess who connected the sky and the earth. Just as Helios is the personfication of the Sun and Selene is the personification of the Moon, Iris is the personfication of the rainbow. The colored part of the eye is also called the Iris :slight_smile: She was a messenger and one of her duties was to carry water from the River Styx to the heavens whenever one of the gods had to swear an oath (Jupiter is also associated with oath-taking). The water encouraged truthfulness because if the god or goddess lied, he or she would be rendered unconcious for a year. So, this must be how the flower came to symbolize truth and trust. The Greeks also believed Iris conducted the souls of women to the Elysian Fields so this flower was placed on the graves of some.

Contemporary use. In the Middle Ages and Elizabethan period, Iris and the root (orrisroot) were used for medicinal purposes. It is used in Moroccan food. The oil from Iris root (Orris oil) is still used to scent cosmetics and as a dye ingredient and is found in many mainstream perfumes.

Magickal use. Orris root (the root of the Iris) is associated with Venus and is used in chopped and dried form, powder form (also known as Queen Elizabeth powder) or oil in baths for protection and in love spells and charms, mostly to attract or keep the love of a man. It can also be burned as an incense. Supposedly, it smells nice and it is not very expensive (about $5/oz). I’m not looking for a man right now :slight_smile: so I will probably just use the flowers in some sort of non-baneful ritual to attract truth to me.

I was delighted to learn about the rainbow goddess who linked heaven and earth, gods and men, and about the symbolism associated with irises. So much of this resonated with me as I search for connection and communication, spiritually, with guides to provide me with truth and messages and with the values irises represent.

I am looking forward to seeing how these connections develop in my practice :slight_smile: :rainbow:


Weekly Witchy Challenger, Flower Power Entry

I took a walk in my yard and I found Crocus blooming, they didn’t look very good, it’s still getting cold at night. I also have Viola’s in bloom, somehow they have managed to bloom all winter through the snow and cold. I didn’t have the heart to pick them.

I have set up my altar to represent Ostara with a fairy, crystals, and the package of Chianti Hybrid Sunflowers I am getting started in the house today, with the Moon in the Water sign of Scorpio.

I also used a few drops of Chamomile, Myrrh, Cedarwood, and Lavender essential oils in my ceremony at this time of balance and new beginnings.

Ostara steps lightly and brings in the Spring.
Innocent Maiden, I welcome you in!

I enjoyed this challenge because it inspired me to research and read lots of blogs and interesting articles. And of course, I love learning new things.

:heart: :egg: :rabbit2: :sunflower:


Love love love!!!