🌻 Weekly Witchy CHALLENGE - Flower Power

Good morning. Glad to have you back georgous. Xxx


I think that may be my problem sometimes I love them too much. Especially with over watering. I really hoped my agapanthus would take off and grow in a pot by the front door. I think I may of watered her just a little too much. We’ve had a ridiculous summer here in Perth and it just won’t let it go (boom boom Disney pun).

I’m always burying crystals in my pot plants.

I name a lot of my plants and talk to them. I agree with you though I would never intentionally say anything nasty to a plant.

About the only nasty thing that I ever say in regards to plants is to either a) think in my head or b) mutter under my breath is… “oh go and hug a cactus”.

On a completely random off tangent thought.

Hahaha I just remembered something… I really do have to watch watch I mutter under my breath though.

About a week and a bit ago I was lining up in a little bit of a queue at my local pharmacy to get a boost to our supply of rapid antigen tests. Anywho there was a lady a few customers in front of me who clearly decided that she was having a bad day so every poor unfortunate soul who had the bad luck to cross her path that day had to have a bad day too.

The poor little lass that was coping the brunt of the spray had ‘trainee’ on her badge. Even with the store manager there he couldn’t find a solution to the issue. To be fair I don’t know exactly what her problem was but I just don’t like watching people trying to do their job cop a mouthful.

This went on for quite a minutes before miss HR Pufnstuf left with a huff and a puff. As she was giving the young girl and her manager one last spray of colorful language I muttered under my breath and under my mask, and socially distanced… “oh Dracarys!” I thought that she desvered a full amount of Drogon’s justice.

I must have said it a little lounder than I thought because the little old lady in front of me. I swear no lie turned around, looked right at me - I thought I was in trouble for a second and clearly quoted a very succinct GoT line “well there’s no cure for being a…” !!!

(Anyone who has seen that particular episode of Thrones will know exactly what word that is!)

I was stunned for a muntue then I couldn’t help but share a laugh.

The young girl that copped it continued to serve each customer and she apologised for the delay, when she got to me all I said was “are you ok?” Poor love looked as though she could burst into tears. I wish it was not covid-y times then I could have given the poor possum a big squeezy non catcus-y hug.

Apologies for the random-ness and off topic-ness there. It’s been a looong week at work this week. It’s early in the am here and Perth and it’s the last day at work before the weekend.

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I’ve been known to over water also. Now I always feel the soil before I water. As for the woman having a bad day and trying to make everyone around her upset, she was just making herself look bad. Good for you for being so nice to the clerk! This world has so much ugliness in it right now, you are a breath of fresh air and I’m sure she appreciated your courtesy.


@MeganB I loved your entry on the Siberian Larkspur- thanks again for sharing your flower wisdom, Megan! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

@Athena Hooray, I’m so glad you like the theme, Athena! Enjoy! :tulip::heart:

@Amethyst Tea is always an excellent way to enter a challenge as far as I’m concerned! :grinning: :+1: And hopefully the flowers begin to pop up where you are at soon too! :seedling: We’ve also barely got buds here- but I wanted to run this challenge before folks down south got too far into the autumn season. Sometimes timing things is tough haha :earth_americas: :sweat_smile:

@Satu_TheGreenWitch Hooray! I hope you enjoy it, Satu- I’m looking forward to seeing your lovely flower magick! :hibiscus: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

@BrightBear Ohhh sounds like fun, BrightBear! Enjoy your work with remedies/essences this week! :heartpulse: :tulip:

@Phoenix_Fire I think sundrying and charging the sunflowers is a lovely idea, Danni- once they are fully dry, you’ll be able to keep them around as dried flowers! :sunflower: And I’m sure your deities would appreciate your floral offerings- thank you so much for sharing all your flower magick ideas! :sparkles::blush: Thanks, hope you have a great day too!

@Flowing Oh no- sounds like it’s still too early for the first flowers where you are, Flowing! Sorry about that, hopefully they begin to arrive soon for you :blossom::blush: The scarlet carnation sounds like a lovely flower, and how lucky to find one! I love the idea of imoortilizing it in wax, it is a lovely addition to your altar. Thank you for sharing! :heart:

@Kasandra There are a lot of suggestions up there- that is a very impressive feat, Kasandra! :clap: Ohhh I like the idea of crafting the Water of Notre Dame- wishing you all the best with making it this week! I hope it turns out well for you :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

@Garnet While reading this I couldn’t help but remember the Pocahontas movie- it was one of my favorite movies growing up, we learned how to “sing” Colors of the Wind in sign language in kindergarten and I thought it was the coolest thing ever! I really loved how the artists portrayed the plants and animals as a cohesive, harmonious force of nature. Plus all the pretty colors and imagery :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :feather: :deciduous_tree: :raccoon: Reading this brought all that back- thank you for the beautiful entry and also for the happy nostalgia, Garnet! :heart:

@CelestiaMoon Not picking all the flowers was a hard lesson for me as a kid- whenever I found something pretty, I wanted to bring it and share with my friends and family! It took a long time and lots of reminders before the lesson that “more people will enjoy it if you leave it be” sunk in. I still like to take a flower or two to bring home, but I’m always careful to just take a few and never the entire bunch :bouquet: Important lesson, and I love how you talk with them too- I am sure the flowers appreciate your kindness, Celestia! :blossom::two_hearts: And gorgeous rose from your teacher! :rose:

@Ostara It sounds like we both had flowers on the mind this week, Linda- lovely find! And thanks again for the reminder about looking up unknown plants, it really can be a lifesaver :pray: Enjoy the sight of your pretty flowers, and may the bees and butterflies enjoy them too! :butterfly:

@Jessica72 It sounds like several us had flowers on the mind! Hahaha I had to smile when I saw your cute puppers in the shopping cart- it sounds like you all had a fun trip to the store! :shopping_cart: And cheers to being pulled by some deeper force into the garden section- I can’t seem to avoid it whenever I’m shopping :joy: Hooray for the new lavender bush and sweet sunflowers- they are going to be lovely for you! So bright and cheery to look at :sunflower: :blush: May George and Lavender thrive! :raised_hands: :grinning:

@Rachel21 Our moms would have gotten along wonderfully- whenever I was away from home (for school or travel), sure enough I’d come back and my room would be full of plants :joy::potted_plant: Even today, there’s not a room in the house that doesn’t have plants in it lol. Your mother was a very wise woman, Rachel, and it sounds like she left you with that wisdom- congrats to you for being able to hear and connect with your plants :pray::heart: Beautifully said- wishing you a very happy Ostara too, Rachel! Thank you so much for your beautiful entry! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

@Garnet Ohhh calendula is a favorite of mine too, Siofra! Such a lovely flower :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: It sounds like you have many flowers to choose from, and I know you’ve shared pictures of your lovely gardens in the past- you have quite the green thumb! :bouquet: :two_hearts: Looking forward to seeing how you’ll explore the challenge- have fun!


I get that. This would be a difficult challenge for me in the middle of flower season. I’m not good with live plants so a tea spell it is! LOL!


As spring finally begins to show its head here in Washington I have begun to sow just some of the seeds for my Apothecary. Starting with my Lavender and Chamomile as well as Rose and dandelion. While I am unable to plant all 300 herbs and flowers I use in my craft I can plant a select few this year as a mark of the new home since the wildfire. 6 or 8 different rose bushes 2 of which are of the rosa verity.

In an apothecary Flowers provide many of the oils needed for healing as well as ritual purposes.

So for this challenge, I offer to the masses how to collect the essential oils from flowers.

What you need

  • large ceramic crock or dark glass jar.
    *Pure water (Rain works best) (if you must use tap water place it in a large jar and allow to sit for 48 hours or more than boil it and allow it to cool. This will remove most chemicals.)
    *2 or more cups of fresh petals.
    *cotton balls
    *container for the fresh oils.

Gather your petals at sunrise. This is when the plants’ capitularies open the most as they take in the morning sun and dew.

Carefully remove the petals from the stem and rinse quickly. Place into the clean and sterial crock.

Cover with the water and place in a very sunny location for 3-9 days.

Check every three days and use the cotton balls to carefully skim the oil off the top of the water and place it into a container.

Once you have collected all of the oils you should be able to see any water that is in the oils at the bottom of the container you placed the oil in.

There are a few different ways to extract the water that will be on the bottom of the oil. I like to use a hypodermic that I’ve blunted the needle on to extract it.

all you have left after is the pure oils. to bottle and use as needed. you can thin the oil with olive oil to make it last longer. by using a 1 to 1 ratio. or you can use a good rye or potato vodka.


My entry’s post now that I’ve put it up I’m not entirely sure I’m on the mark or actually even in the ballpark with this one… but I tried.!


I haven’t been able to do much with my practice lately due to home renovations and most of my stuff is packed. :roll_eyes: However, I did get to prepare my garden. I dug out any weeds, added fresh soil. My favorite thing is when I grow certain plants from seeds in a planter that’s keep in a window, I draw sigils on the pot for protection and growth. I also say a blessing over the soil. I first water the plants with moon water as a tradition. Ooh, I can’t wait to I get my garden finished. The weather has been so generous lately.


They all turned out beautifully!


So, totally by accident, I had planned on doing something else entirely, but then I got a toothache. When I went back through the challenge. I’m pretty sure that I can use

My challenge entry


Oh, you wonderful child! I cannot tell you the number of times I’ve wanted to look someone in the eye an say “ Dracarys* !” And watch them burn, sorry, what a terrible thing to say!
(Under my breath, in a sullen voice - But I really wanted to.)
Blessed Be


Lavender has a soothing and calming scent after a long day. I rely on mostly essential oils and flower essences that I purchase. Every so often the Farmer’s market has fresh lavender which is such a treat. I also want to find some Lavender Honey.

It wasn’t my plan to gather so many lotions, creams, sprays, soaps, oils that contained lavender. It just seemed like I started layering the scent and the color with the products I was buying. I was having major sleep issues and I found the lavender scent sprayed near my bed at night helped me drift oft to sleep… once I put my phone down. Then I started using lavender lotion on my feet and hands before slipping beneath the covers.

I enjoy ‘playing spa’. I create a bed-and-breakfast weekend atmosphere here at home. And I include many spa treatments for renewal, relaxation and rejuvenation. I prepare menus, relaxing activities, wonderful food, spa music, manicure and pedicure, a luxurious soak in the tub with candles. I enjoy mixing oils into creams and diffusing essential oils. Then we pretend we are off at some far away destination of our choosing and virtually escape the mundane into the miraculous.

Lavender has many healing qualities. It’s antibacterial and anti-microbial. Nothing soothes the spirit like the soft fragrance. It smells so purple. Side note: Colors remind me of smells. And coffee and tea remind me of colors. Some products are mixed with vanilla or chamomile. Epsom salts with lavender is divine for a bath. I like to toss in some dry milk powder. Oh, the wonder of a milk bath. You can also add a little cornstarch for a silky feel. Turn on some Steven Halpern music… slip into the warm water and dream of lavender fields in Provence, France.

Fortunately, there are many ‘lavender farms’ from which I can order products. They say it is very easy to grow. Drought tolerant. Must be in soil that drains well. Haven’t tried that yet…. But, maybe I will this season.

Note: A YouTube video is perfect to help you go to sleep. A 35 minute ASMR bedtime story about being in lavender fields and falling asleep under the stars, near a crackling campfire. It’s called ‘The Lavender Fields of Provence by Michelle’s Sanctuary’

Night night
Sleep well tonight
Lavender mist
Bring me joyful bliss

MODERATOR EDIT Lavender Fields of Provence: Michelle’s Sanctuary YouTube


Hi @Amber.8! I think I’m going to try this, I have a pair of headphones that I use for Celtic :triquetra: Relaxation Music. I’d like a change I think. Thank you for sharing a great entry. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I hope you don’t mind, I added the link to the video in your post. It’s perfectly fine to link straight to the videos from other sites. :hugs:


Continuing the discussion from :sunflower: Weekly Witchy CHALLENGE - Flower Power:

@Siofra_Strega Thank you so much. I appreciate you linking the video. It really is a lovely meditation. I’m on my way to the Herb Shop to get some lavender. I’m thinking lavender scones would be nice. I’m also making some chocolate ones with coconut sugar. Have a lovely afternoon. :smile:


I love flowers and during the pandemic I took advantage of working from home to plant several varieties around my home including roses, daffodils, jasmine, and Tulips. I also keep an assortment of dried flowers for spells, salves, and tinctures that I make:


I even use dried flowers in what I call my “pandemic models”…small models I built from scratch during the pandemic and lockdown. I wanted to create something in the midst of so much heartache and loss and I added dried flowers inside and outside of these (all in all, I made 12 models):


But there’s one magickal flower I focused on for this challenge because I wanted to learn more about it and because I found its versatility to be fascinating…the lilac. Here’s what I learned:


Lilacs are pretty flowers that bloom during the late spring and early summer. They also have a distinct fragrance. Depending on the species, the colour and shade of lilacs can vary from a pale white, pink, red, to deep purple.
Although often associated with romantic meanings, lilacs, particularly the white ones, are not appreciated as decorations at home in some parts of the United Kingdom.
This is because white lilacs used to be placed next to a coffin to mask the scent of death. However, this is just one of the folklore tales told.
On the other hand, a five-petaled lilac is believed to bring good fortune and thus is acceptable by many.
People believe that lilac flowers have the magical qualities to banish bad energy due to its light yet strong fragrance. Some said that lilac plants should be planted around the home to keep out those who have malicious intentions, as well as malevolent spirits and ghosts.
The lilac is a hardy flower that can endure through the harsh winter. Therefore, lilacs are believed to carry a significant energy that can help you through the hardships of life. If you are looking for a flower to represent a breakthrough of a difficult time, lilac is one of them.
Besides that, the lilac’s magical fragrance has made it a popular ingredient in perfumes or cosmetics products. Lilac is also a powerful ingredient in essential oils that aims to treat skin disorders, fungal and bacterial infections, and even as stomach disorders or fever reducer.
It is also said that in aromatherapy, the lilac fragrance has the power to alleviate depression and increase relaxation. Some other popular magical beliefs are that these flowers can guide you to a better love life, beauty, and harmony.

I bought a lilac plant two years ago and have it on my patio in a pot. I’ve never planted it in the ground but each year, even after a harsh winter, it blooms again in the pot. I feel guilty that I have taken the time to put it in the ground to let it “stretch it’s legs”. After learning more about this flower, I plan to plant my lilac in the ground in the late summer to show it some love :slight_smile:

Thanks for this challenge, I really enjoyed it.


Is that an invite? Those sound amazing! I hope they’re as wonderful as they sound. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Oh I love your miniature houses. That looks like so much fun. :smile:


There is a lavender farm about 20 minutes from my house and I have never been to it. This year I am definitely going to go.


I found out that my neighbor grows Heather & she said this year that I could have some.

I am so excited to have some in my front yard!


Thank you!