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Props and Presents: Hedge Magick: Into Other Realms

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This is a great question, and one that goes perfectly with the challenge theme- thank you for sharing it, @chaitea43! :blush:

When it comes to staying safe in the practice, I often hear that if you are practicing and casting with good intentions, you do not need to fear attracting evil- some might say that “you get what you put out into the Universe”. However, this advice is largely for when we are casting for ourselves within our own bubble of influence- when we are working with outside forces, I personally think it’s a good idea to consider other methods of protection! :shield:

I would group protective methods into two main categories:

  • Protection in the physical plane (aka where your body is)

→ For protection in the physical plane, the foundational Protection Magick is my recommended go-to: everything from Protection Spells to herbs with protective properties, lighting candles with protective colors, to drawing a protective circle, etc.

  • Protection in the spiritual/otherworldly plane (where your mind/spirit/energy is traveling to)

→ Depending on where you go, the Laws of Physics may no longer apply. Protective methods can thus vary significantly- you might try to look for protective items you recognize and use those, or you might try casting protective spells or items that will go on the journey with you (like a protective travel bag).

  • Lucid Dreaming - As for Lucid Dreaming, if the dreamer is able to gain a lucid state then they have nothing to fear as they gain full control of the dream space. Any entities can be summoned at their will and be controlled as they please. Protective methods aren’t needed here, in my opinion, but could also be summoned and used as the lucid dreamer pleases.

These are just my personal thoughts and practices on protective magick- it really is cornerstone of the practice, in this and in any world! :shield: :sparkles: I hope these thoughts can help you, and I imagine others will likely have some other thoughts and input for you too!

Blessed be! :grinning:


So im all prepared for my late shift tommorow. Crystals packed, cards parked. Printed out spread for communicating with spirits ( which doesnt specify someone i know or a specific spirit). Ive packed star anise in with crystals for protection and blue lilly flowers to help with communication and connecting to spirit side. Ive ecen been looking at the lenormand system and found the tableu spread could give lots of info. I was worrued not enough may come from a smaller spread or certain cards so im prepared for which ever feels right in moment. I even because of the fact its trying to reach out abd communicate with spirits gave both blue and purple bags for things. . . But now its vecoming real, i know i e worked tgere for 10 years or more, but im not sure how will go stopping and really trying to communicate with a spirit will go. Or if its the same spirits dealt eith in the past. . I packed some crystals for protection and grounding as well as ill be alone n long trip home on public transport. I will need to be ablr to protect and fround myself after incase of negative energies or spirits that might be around…i want ro help them if i can, so im open to it if there is sometbing they need or want to say. If theres something i can do, ill do my best to help. I know maybe i shouldnt be nervous but in a way i am a little. Wondering if im ready. But i feel that if i can help, i need to at least try to communicate and find out what they need or want. Or maybe even just lisren to whay they say.

Ill do whatever spread i feel is right. Maybe the blue lillie pouch in one hand and crystal pouch in other as i try connect. The do reading and record it so i can fully look at the messages coming through. If i need to clarify anything i can maybe try another reading session on another late shift…
I hope it not malevolent but rather benevelant spirit but maybe finding out either way and fibding out what they need or want. Maybe, things breaking down or things going ary may be tbey were trying to get ppl attention but no one realised or noticed or realisrd why things were happening… i as i am going deeper in practice am growing n maybe being opento idea n knowing history of place n not veing scared, nervous a little ill admit now that going to try communicate n not know if will work. But not scared of spirits or ghoats being there. More curiosity or facination i guess in who they are and how they came to be there but i let them be if thats whay they want. Im ok veing along side them as the ones that known had been ok and not try to harm anyone. If they are same spirits as before that maybe just been quiet or ive been too exhauated or sick myself to see but they are making themselves known and have seemed to reach out to me, so i guess i feel i owe it to grand scheme or universe or my own clan i guess to at least try communicate to see if i can help in anyway. . I just hope it goes ok…


Oh nooo… I missed this one! I had an entry all figured out and was really looking forward to celebrating Samhain as well but life, stress, and drama had other plans the past two days!

I am disappointed in myself for missing both this challenge and the sabbat. :frowning_face:


Wow, thanks for all this info! Very helpful


What do you suggest we drink as a dream herb?


Don’t mind me… I’m just making time to read through all of the entries :sweat_smile: apologies if I miss yours – that’s not my intention!

This book has been on my TBR list for quite some time. Maybe soon I’ll have the time to finally read it!

Sometimes you’ve just gotta snag it while you can! :green_heart: I hope that Moldavite is treating you okay!

This is such a beautiful tool :heart_eyes: Thank you for sharing the image and your experience working with Cernunnos. I’ve always been fascinated by him but have never done anything other than surface level research. And your ritual and everything is wonderful! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

That’s cute! I love the little offering you left :blush:

I have been trying to astral project since I was a young teen :laughing: I’ve never had much success, if I’m being honest. It’s still something I’d love to do even now. My problem? I never have a quiet moment to myself! :laughing:

This right here is a lifelong process and I think you’re doing a great job! :heart: Thank you for sharing your story with us. It’s interesting that you saw your guide in a dream first before meeting them at your cottage. I hope you’ll keep us updated!

That’s amazing Amethyst! Congratulations! :partying_face:

Lucid dreaming is such an amazing experience :sleeping: I remember lucid dreaming a lot as a kid. My favorite dreams were the ones where I could fly or breathe underwater. I was always fascinated that I could do it because that’s not real life! I’ll have to give that bath recipe a try. Thank you! :pray:

Don’t mind me… I’m saving this recipe! :notebook:

The Cailleach is an interesting figure in Irish and Scottish mythology :thinking: There are some stories from Scotland that say that Bride (Brigid) and An Cailleach are the same being – one a Winter Hag and the other a Spring Goddess. I’ll see if I can find some more sources for you!

I’m glad you figured out something to do for this challenge! :clap: :heart: You did a wonderful job. Some of this information was new to me as well! I hope you don’t mind but I adjusted the formatting of your post just a bit :blush:

This is a simple yet beautiful ritual Jan :heart: thank you so much for sharing it!

What an amazing experience! :dragon_face: I’m really glad you were able to make it to the Circles of Distant Truths. It sounds like you learned some interesting things as well as some not-so-nice ones.


Megan, this is why I did a personal shout out to you. Of course, I don’t mind whatsoever! Put you on a mission…I’ll bet you don’t stop until “Mission Accomplished”!
Thank You very and wow I am going to have to keep the Challenges a little shorter. I just get into researching and next thing you know, it’s a book

Thank you again,


You are a very kind and generous soul, Phoenix- I hope the late shift went okay and that you were able to communicate with them. From what you’ve said in previous posts, I’ve started to think of them as your spirit friends- they seem to mean no harm and enjoy your presence! I hope everything went well :heart:

When life calls the shots sometimes there’s nothing we can do but roll with the cues and play our part- I hope that everything went okay and that things have quieted down peacefully for you, Kat! :pray: No worries about the challenge, there’s a Catch-Up on the near horizon. And as for Samhain- feel free to celebrate now! Megan said it perfectly here:

It’s my pleasure, @chaitea43- I’m happy if I could help! :blush:

Mugwort is the first herb that comes to mind for lucid dreaming- it is associated with the Moon Goddess Artemis and has long been used in dream work and divination. @Silverbear has a great video about it here:

I’m personally not a big fan of drinking it (and some people shouldn’t consume it- see here for more details), but you can use it in a salve (which can then be applied to the Third Eye point prior to sleeping) or soak in a mugwort bath before sleeping- it is nice on the skin too! :blush:

Blessed be! :sparkles:


haha you’re very welcome! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I’m always happy to help!


Thanks, it went ok tbough i was more nervous about someone living n physical walking in or hidden cameras seeing me communicating with spirits than the spirits themself but i did my best especially as it was 7.30pm at night n we closed at 6 ( i had to sort out jobs around the plave firsr)… but i got something. I wasnt sure which if it was a ghost as there is a man, woman and child. Unsure if they are at all connected. The building is real old and once was a home lived in by i think more than one person/s prior to the current owner who then lease i guess to a company. .
So i used lenormand grand tableu as it gave lots of info and as there is a man, woman and child both in spirit as well as in lenomand system i figured maybe most helpful and could do original reafing on phone n review later rather thsn risking being at work too late. Tge jobs had to do took a long time so that also limited how much time i could stay to do a reading. I kept saying during day that i was open and listening so that when i could do the reading theyd know i was going ro listen to whatever had to say.
As i wasnt sure who was trying to reach out i also did a 9 card with significator and used house as significator. Ive only just discovered lenomand system so i wasnt sure best significator to use as it was a old home made into a business but as it was tge home section that most of contavt was not the bit built on later, though a little bit too in other part of property. So i figured maybe home or house was a good obe and i hoped that the 9 card might indicate through one of those cards ( man, woman or child) who was trying to reach out. I was pretty excited that one of those cards did turn up in the 9 spread to indicate which was reaching out. I cant be sure though, it was the child card that came up in spread… but was it the child reaching out or was someone else reachimg out in relation to a child🤔not sure. Ill look at the the two readings and maybe next time i might have more specifics can ask to get a clearer idea if this one leaves me unsure. I hope at least give some insight, but whether itbis enough to help them im not sure. But i guess rome wasnt built in a day so i cant expect to have all the answers in one night lol. But iys a start.


@MeganB the book is great and has alot of wonderful info. Also any recipe i post by all means save all u want.


@Jeannie1 I just love that, HeKate Poem. I am so glad that one of our Weekly Witchy Challenge’s was on Liminal Spaces. I spent a lot of time researching this and learning as much as I could. This helped me make sense of many issues.
Blessed Be,

@chaitea43 That is a great question. Also, by the way, Welcome to this awesome family! I am also pretty new here at Spells 8 and I am looking forward to reading some feedback regarding your question.
Blessed Be,


I have been so interested in Dragons and now that I have joined Spells 8, there is Dragon Magick, wow. I look forward to reading your Challenges and posts. Mote It Be.


@Mistress_Of_Herbs I am going to put that book on my to get list. It shows step by step in the exercises and sometimes that is what I really need. I enjoyed reading your Challenge. Also, I came across three ointments and it also had a warning attached. I was shocked only because I never thought about harm being done.


Awesome, thank you for showing this picture! When I looked at it, I could not believe how it resined with me. I just started smiling and goosebumps…lol.
Blessed Be,


@Medea oh yes love. Many have died bc i was just all baneful (poisonous) herbs used. Bc they carry the best hallucinogenic properties. But just like with any herb, THEY CAN ALL KILL, please remember that when u are mixing. Know all properties magikally and medicinally before use. Bc u also never know how a certain herb mignt counteract your current medications. When i make anything for someone, i ask them certain questions about their medical history. I dont do it to be nosey, i do it so i can research their current meds or allergies and make something appropriate for that individual person, and not kill them.

Everyone tells me to open a store. The main issue i dont is bc EVERYTHING i make is made to order for that specific person. Yes i have a base recipe, but ALL herbs have at least one substitution.

I even have many baneful herbs, bc how can i learn if i dont have them.

So i make products for ppl by word of mouth of others, like @jan_TheGreenWitch

Im very thorough. But that took me yrs to perfect a system that protects me and my clients. Most of what i make i give away. Ill make a person an oil for something say fibromyalgia…in all actually i could sell it for $85 at least bc of whats in it. I have one forn Lupus and MS too. But i understand pain, and the meds do nothing to help. So i end up giving it away basically bc it breaks my heart to hear someone is in pain. And i know i can elevate some of that pain.

And yes im classified as grey. Bc i will cut a b!@ch for messing with me or mine. The Crooked Path book is on the darker side, fair warning. But yes its step by step instructions. And ive tried several of them and they all have worked.

Many Blessings to u sister. Just stay safe. Research, research, research. I hated hearing that as a novice, but its the staple we as witches live by. We are always learning and growing. Any witch to tells u they know all is a liar. My crone is 62 and a 3rd gen hereditary witch. And she is still learninf. Even i have taught her things. Best wishes. If u or anyone have questions pls just ask. Im an open book.


@danielle7 when using mugwort, USE SPARINGLY. Its a hallucinogenic herb. I have a dream tea recipe if u would like to have it. And yes it has mugwort in it.