🪔 Weekly Witchy CHALLENGE - Light 'Em Up!

@Garnet …… Love all your thrifty suggestions. I like using what I have on hand before going out to buy something new. Sometimes it turns out more interesting. I found some willow branches and I want to make a wand …. And a wall hanging.

Haven’t decided how to fashion a witches broom. Looked at a whisk broom or I might get one of those cinnamon scented brooms and try decorating. I may be holding out to make a miniature one to go with my tiny dining room altar.

Anyway…. Thanks so much for your ideas. :blue_heart:


Oh I want to quote you but don’t know how. :thinking:. Okay I’ve got that figured out for the next time I post :crazy_face:

You say in your post that what you do looks like a lot of work but it’s your way of being calm.


I call that piddlin’ or intentional curating of objects to get the right effect …… And yes it is so calming. :hugs:


Hello @JollyStar, Your grandmother’s doily is beautiful. Thank you for sharing your beautiful altar.
I did the same thing and used a doily my Mother made. It just seemed right. My Mother died when I was 8 years old so it’s wonderful having her as a part of my altar. :blue_heart::blue_heart::blue_heart:


@Phoenix_Fire I hadn’t considered having a dedicated candle for lunar events. I love this idea so much.
I may look for some silver candles for the moon and maybe some gold ones for solar events. Any suggestions as to what to use?


What a fun challenge, and I learned something new from @SilverBear :heart: How to dress a candle with herbs! Which also led me into making my own anointing oils. I like to think about these Challenges for a couple of days, and by the time Monday hits, I have a clear path and intention. Many things led up to the grand finale, and I realize it’s amazing to focus on what you @BryWisteria throw at us and what we can create! It’s healing for me to tackle these activities so thank you!!
This week’s journey started with removing five cypress trees from the front of the property and I felt crappy about it, but they block sunlight, and I have a lot that won’t grow in the yard because of it. My husband and I dropped the trees yesterday and today hauled them to the recycling center. I read about the meaning of the cypress tree, finding out that they are commonly used at cemeteries and are a tree associated with grieving and mourning. I planned to dress a candle for my ancestral altar. So this was the perfect connection! I etched a message of love into my candle for those on my altar.
Anointing oil ingredients:
Olive oil
fresh cypress- for mourning and overcoming the pain of loss
Three drops of cinnamon-scented oil for raising spiritual vibrations
Three drops of sandalwood-scented oil for healing, manifestation, concentration
Three drops of chamomile-scented oil for love & healing

Crushed herbs for dressing my white candle:
Nettle- for dispelling darkness and fear
Cypress- for overcoming the pain of loss
Hyssop- for lightening vibrations and spiritual opening
Blessed Thistle- for purification, strength, and protection
Lemongrass- for psychic opening
Lavender- for love, peace & healing

Dried flowers at the base of the candle:
Forget-me-nots- for true love & memories
Calendula- for raising spiritual energy
Chrysanthemum-for ancestrial altars
Globe Amaranth-healing broken hearts and an offering to the spirit world
Rosebuds-for love
Jasmine-psychic protection & dreaming

Crystals surrounding the dried flowers:
Clear quartz- for amplifying energy
Rose quartz- for calming the mind and strengthening my heart
Tigers eye- for calling on the powers of protection

I listened to beautiful instrumental music while creating my dressed candle and reflected on my relationships with those I have lost. Some of these losses are very recent, and this was a great mentally and emotionally healing activity.
Thank you for reading, and blessed be everyone! :mage: :candle: :magic_wand:

Due to the number of herbs and dried flowers at the base of my dressed candle, I sit directly in front of this with a fire hose while it is lit and do not leave it unattended. Just sayin’ :fire: :fire: :fire:


I didn’t know that I needed this challenge as much as I did. I have always used candles. I was drawn to the flame as a little kid and have always just loved the scent and feeling of a candle. To me whenever I light one it’s a feeling of home. So using candles in my practice is a given. I have been blocked for a few weeks now, not only in my practice but In my self healing journey as well. I know that I was blocking myself, it’s my old trusty habit to do so. Being stuck is more comfortable than venturing into the unknown. So yesterday I believe I watched @SilverBear anoint and dress her candle and I was inspired to do the same. So tonight I had to move my altar to my dining room because my daughter fell asleep in my room and I didn’t want to disturb her so I took some thyme, mugwort, bay leaves and salt. I wrote my intentions on the bay leaf and then crushed them all up , I anointed the candle with lavender and then dressed it in my herbs. I sprinkled the rest into the bottom of my cauldron and lite my candle. I did the spells 8 white candle meditation and all though it wasn’t completely peaceful (thanks to my pupper wanting to eat) it was what I needed as I was drawn to the white light. I finished my meditation and watched the candle flame dance for the next 45 mins. Once the candle was almost out I used my snuffer and put out the flame and then threw the rest of my herbs back to the earth. I thanked the goddess and god and journaled my experience. The :fire: of my candle tonight burned so bright and strong and reminded me that I have grown so much and am much stronger than I give myself credit for, that I have already walked so many new paths and can continue to do so without fear because I am exactly where I need to be and am headed the direction I need to go.

It was exactly what i needed to unblock myself.
I know everything happens the way it is supposed to but I will forever be grateful that I found Spells8, and that these challenges do just that, they challenge me and help me heal myself.


This challenge is now CLOSED :exclamation:

The forum is a-glow with all the lights of the coven this week- thank you all so much to everyone who shared their lovely Candle Magick! :candle:

A Props and Presents post will soon appear with shout-outs and prize details for everyone who submitted an entry. Please keep an eye on the main page of the forums.

Note : This post will remain open for continued discussion for a few more days, but no additional prizes will be given after today.

Blessed be! :diya_lamp: :sparkles:


:heart:My Spell is a customized version of The Endless Desire Spell Jar. :heart:

I added my roses and lilies from my valentines day flowers that I dried. Here’s the list of what I used:
Roses- Love and Lust
Lily’s- Abundance of love and lust
Lavender- Love and Happiness
Lemon- Happiness and Joy
Basil- Love, Protection, wealth, and prosperity
Yarrow- Love and a happy relationship
Love Oil- for Love and to enhance my wishes
Sugar- to keep us sweet on each other
Rose Quartz- Love and turning any anger to love
Garnet- Lust
Cinnamon Stick- aphrodisiac, romance and success
Cinnamon incense to speed it up
Red paper for wish and rolled into a scroll and tied with red string
I used a salsa jar to keep it spicy :wink:
I dressed my red candle with love oil and sealed the jar with red wax.
I can’t seem to find my file… I will add it later :face_with_diagonal_mouth:
File found on my other device :crazy_face:


I know I just posted that the challenge closed, but your post appeared less than 1 minute after the announcement- that’s close enough for me, I’ll definitely count it! :grinning: :+1:

Thanks for your entry, @Sarafeena_Sage! :heart::blush:


Thank you very much. I had it typed but I’ve been searching for my file to upload. It’s nowhere to be found!!
:rose: :heart:


Uh-oh! Technology sure can be troublesome sometimes :sweat_smile: Well, no worries at all- if you do come across the file, you’re welcome to edit it in to the post later :blush: :+1:

For now, I’ve got your name down on the list for a challenge badge- the Props and Presents post is coming soon! :star2:


@Phoenix_Fire Your candles burn beautifully, Danni- I can tell from what you’ve said that candles are an important aspect in your practice! And the “solar eclipse” candle was really cool to see- beautiful candle work! I think it’s wonderful that you have the goal of having your own business someday- I am cheering you on! Thank you so much for sharing all the ways you use them in your Craft :candle: :blush:

@Missa So many great resources- thank you for sharing everything you found, Missa! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: The advanced candle magick video in particular looks really great- I appreciate that you shared the list of covered topics! :pray:

@Christina Awww Christina I am so sorry to hear that things have been tough for you- you worked some really lovely candle magick, and I pray that the warm light of your flame helped to chase away the bad feelings. Hope you are feeling much better now- lots of love to you! :heart::candle:

@Ostara Great job with your prosperity and blessing candle spell, Ostara- I love the ingredients you included, I can tell that each was chosen with care and intention :blush: The chant you included is so lovely too- may your beautiful candle help bring all that you wished for into being- so mote it be! :candle::heart:

@Amethyst Awwww Amethyst- even despite your cold, I’m glad you enjoyed the guided meditation. And I agree- they are really nice and laid-back ways to work some easy yet potent magick :woman_in_lotus_position: :sparkles: All colds are awful, but a cold that cuts off your creative energy? That’s a real nightmare- sorry, friend, I hope you are feeling much better now! :pray:

@TheMuslimWitch Thanks again for your lovely challenge entry in the other discussion, Khadija- your dressed candle was really beautiful to see! :candle::herb:

@JollyStar Welcome to your first challenge, Amber! :grinning: I love the combination of ingredients you drew on for your Sunday spellwork- amber, tiger’s eye, and a yellow candle are perfect for the magickal benefits of the day :sun_with_face: It sounds like your altar has been prepared with care and is home to some really special items- it’s beautiful! Thank you so much for sharing, and congrats on your first challenge entry! :star2:

@Silverbear You have a really gorgeous morning meditation routine :candle: And I know the feeling- sometimes my anxiety makes me dread getting starting, but once I’m in them movements it all flows and helps me to relax too :relaxed: Thank you so much for sharing! :heart:

@Rowan I can tell fire and candle magick are favorites of yours, Rowan- this challenge had your name all over it! :fire::grinning: The Anixety Be Gone Spell of yours is a really gorgeous one that I felt like I just had to include- you write beautiful spells :heart: And haha thank you, I’m glad you enjoyed the little poem-chant! Thank you so much for sharing, Rowan :blush:

@Torista Four rituals for the challenge!?! You are amazing, Torista- that is some impressive spellwork! :raised_hands: I love the themes you choose of prosperity, communication, collaboration, and acceptance- may all that you intend manifest successfully and bring you all many blessings! Lovely grimoire work too- I love how colorful your pages are :blush: Great job!

@anon87969570 It is waiting for you to patent it, Ron :wink: :candle: You are a candle master and it sounds like candle magick is a very key part of your Craft- thank you for sharing about the ways that you use them! And what’s this- is Brighid drawing you in too? I also don’t work with Her (yet!) but She is very popular around here :triquetra: :green_heart: May your candles continue to burn brightly, and may any changes they foretell be changes in a positive way! :grinning:

@Kasandra Beautiful manifestation prayer, Kasandra- bay leaves are a favorite mine, I’m happy to see them put to great use here! :leaves: And lovely prayer chant as always, I like how you included the link between Gneicht and Hecate :+1: Adding my voice to your prayer- may the Star light the way to the positive outcome you hope for :star:

@Susurrus You do such a great job of tending the flame each and every day- your candles burn so bright and so full of love, they are always lovely to see! :candle::heart: I am glad that your candle magick helps to keep you grounded and feeling good. Lovely entry, Siofra- thank you for sharing!

@AileyGrey Welcome to your first challenge, Kristin, and congrats on your first official spellwork- that is amazing! Plus, you’ve done a really fantastic job here- I love how you choose a purple candle to focus on spiritual awakening at the beginning of your magickal journey :purple_heart: Adding in the lavender and the symbolism of the rabbit- you are a natural, my friend! Congrats again and thank you so much for joining in the challenge :blush:

@NickWick I’m sorry you are still going through some struggles, Nicki- stay strong, my friend! :muscle: It sounds like you had a lovely candle meditation, the white candle meditation sounds perfect for the cleansing you were craving. And how I’ve missed you’re beautiful chants! :notes::heart: This is lovely spellwork as always- may your flame help light the way to the positivity and blessings you are seeking :pray::grinning:

@Durga It sounds like you have found exactly what works for you, Durga- I think that’s amazing! Thank you so much for taking the time to share the steps of your candle magick in practice, it was very interesting to read about. I especially like your note about using the snuffer to maintain chi and avoid unnecessary chaos :cyclone: Your practice is lovely, and I hope your confidence in spellwork continues to grow! Great job! :two_hearts:

@Amber.8 The picture is wonderful, Amber- you have an amazing altar! And I can tell from what you’ve wrote that you incorporate a lot of thought and care into your practice, especially when it comes to the candle magick you work :candle: Thank you so much for sharing- especially the lovely info, prompts, and chant about Magickal Mondays, I really enjoyed reading it! Great job! :star2:

@Marsha Your “Lighten Me Up” ceremony is gorgeous, Marsha- I’m sorry to hear you were feeling down, but I hope your beautiful spellwork helped to cheer you up again! I can tell you that even just reading your words here brought a warm feeling on for me- you’ve got some really powerful messages here. Thank you so much for sharing (and also for the note about essential oil safety- it is appreciated!) :pray: :two_hearts:

@Janae_Rochele Congrats on your very first spell, Janae- I can tell that you did a great job with it! :partying_face: You’ve been studying hard and it looks like all of the effort paid off, good for you for putting your new knowledge into practice in such a fun way! :candle: Bad luck, be gone! May it bother you no more, and may the period of struggles be followed by a period of happy things and lots of good luck :four_leaf_clover: :sparkles: I am really glad that you found your way here too, and also that you enjoy the challenges- I feel very honored if they are helpful for you! :blush: Thanks so much for sharing your awesome entry and for joining in the challenge!

@Mistella It is my pleasure, Mistella- I am really happy if you enjoy the challenges and find them helpful in your practice! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I love how much thought and care you put into your entry- I can tell you focused your energies to create such a beautiful oil and herbal blend for your candle magick, it is very impressive! :candle::herb: And reading the ingredients is one thing, but seeing the final result is something else entriely- that is a gorgeous candle display you crafted! :clap: Beautiful work and thank you so much for sharing it! :heart:

@Rachel21 It sounds like the flame has called to you your whole life, Rachel- candle magick clearly has a big place in both your heart and your practice! :candle: Great job with dressing candles and working your meditation, it sounds like a very peaceful and memorable experience for you :relaxed: I am really glad you found your way here too, and am truly honored if the challenges help you on your journey! :pray: Fantastic work here- thank you so much for sharing!

@Sarafeena_Sage Roses and lillies are such a delightful combo- and put together with all of your other ingredients, they’ve become such a lovely Desire Spell Jar! :star_struck: I’m thrilled you were able to find the pictures- gosh, everything is so beautiful with your setup! The pink colors, the glow of the candles- wow, Sarall. This is such a delight to see! Thank you so much for sharing, may your jar continue to help the love and positivity flow for you! :rose::jar::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

:candle: :candle: :candle:

Thank you once again to everyone who joined in the candle magick challenge! The Props and Presents post for this challenge is now live and badges have been awarded to all those who entered :trophy:

I know this is a popular area of magick, but the coven really blew me away with how creative and talented everyone is with their candle work- it was truly a delight to read through everyone’s entries!

Bright blessings to all! :sparkles:


I may have over done it for this one but individually each was fairly simple. But I wanted to take the time to fulfill the intention of each ritual without trying to do all of it all at once. Each was for a different individual of my house and we all have different needs.

And watching the flame and talking with each person about their needs I make a wax amulet from the remnants of each candle.

I’m thinking about recarving the amulets out of casting wax but I haven’t decided yet.


Thank you @BryWisteria, lately, my connection with Her has been growing & it feels really good.

I know the challenge has ended but I wanted to say what a great job everyone did for their challenges & a big CONGRATULATIONS :partying_face: to everyone who used this week as their first challenge or learned something new that is a part of their practice. Most of the entries were so filled with happiness & excitement! They were lovely to read through this morning! :confetti_ball:


It looks like you’ve got a solid method down that works for you! :partying_face: Thanks for sharing it with us :heart:

Oh geez, well I’m glad you have antibiotics now. Hopefully that keeps it away from your chest! I’m glad you feel better, though. The coughs are always the worst :heart:

Memories aren’t always reliable :laughing: I’m glad you’ve got that outside space to go to. It’s probably something I need to do more of lol Hooray for forward steps!

Oh wow, I love your pictures! The little bell is so cute! :heart_eyes: Your pictures certainly are beautiful and I think capture the essence of what you’re sharing very well. I really like your Monday chant, too :heart: Thanks for sharing with us!

Marsha, I love it! I’ve never heard of using a seven pointed star, or fairy star, to call in the directions in that way. That’s very clever and creative! Also…where did you get Juniper Berry oil?! Is there such a thing as Juniper Leaf oil? Juniper is a plant I am heavily connected to and love. I still have some from when I harvested and dried my own when living in Oregon (almost two years ago!). Different varieties of Juniper grow here in Florida but I haven’t found any that are close to me. And as always, I love the cards you shared :heart: I hope you’re starting to feel better!

Well, congratulations! :partying_face: :tada: It looks great and I’m glad you feel good about it. I always say that you can learn from books, yes, but the best teacher is going to be experience and time. I’m glad you finally hopped off the book-wagon and jumped into practical use! It sounds like your spell went well :pray:

Hooray for learning new things! :partying_face: :candle: :herb: Also, I love that you included the little disclaimer about fire safety :fire: always good to be a fire-safe witch!

Amen to that, Rachel :pray: You are exactly where you need to be and you have come so, so far :heart: I’m glad your candle spell worked well for you!

That’s a beautiful spell jar :heart_eyes:

Hooray for candle magic! :tada: :candle:


Willow is a wonderful wood!
Black Walnut Elder Futhark Runes
Black Walnut Wood
Elder Futhark Rune Set

Willow Wood

Feminine energy. Willow is a sacred tree of Celtic Astrology 15 April to 12 May. Willow is strongly aligned with the element of water and associated with the element of spirit. The Druids associated this tree with the hare. Diana, Hecate, Astarte, Ceridwen, Arianrhod, Rhiannon, and Omulan all consider this to be a very sacred tree.

Magical Properties: Willow wands are strong in the cycles of life dealing with death and rebirth, change, the will. It is a very emotional wood. Willow can add vital energy to the sick and elderly. Some say that burning willow can soothe and guide the souls of the recently deceased. Willow wood is the very essence of magick, not just the mere making a tool into a magical one, willow makes the tool magickal. Willow will align itself to the inner will of the party that shares its energy. The stronger the will, the more effective the wood. Willow is extremely useful in healing. It is also good for love spells and rituals involving emotion. It strengthens the third eye, and is a great tool for divination as well.

by DragonOak |
This site lists wood and its properties


I’m getting there slowly. Thanks for the concern, hon! :heart:


It doesn’t bother me too much when I’m up but when I lay down, the coughs get me. Hopefully, this medicine will help. Thank you, darling!


@Garnet thank you so much for this info on Willow Trees. This is so helpful. We love going to the park to watch the ducks and birds. And there are beautiful willow trees that resonate with me so strongly. It’s comforting sitting in their shade. This is fabulous information. :clap: :grin:


Hi @Amber.8! @Garnet shared some wonderful information, thank you so much!

I follow a Celtic influenced path & trees are very important in my practice. My tree is an Oak that is in my backyard. I sit under it & meditate & it helps for grounding.

I am going to add some information regarding Celtic Tree meanings, should that be of interest to you along your path:

Saille Willow

The Saille Willow initiates in the fourth lunation of the year. This tree represents the feminine :female_sign: principle & is associated with the celebration of Imbolc & Candlemas. This is a period of the quickening of the creative principle & the element of fire :fire: We celebrate the magic that sparks the seed deep within the earth :earth_africa: to begin to grow. The teaching of this is about enriching our community, cooperating with others, & learning to share power & resources with others. Willow teaches us to embrace our emotions & express them. She encourages peace & harmony with others & with the natural world. She supports our dream life. Many wonderful plans & ideas :bulb: come to us in this way.

  • The ogham for this tree is Saille & the letter S.

General Information :triskele:

Northern Hemisphere Dates - January 24 - February 20
Southern Hemisphere Dates - July 24 - August 20
Totems - Bee :honeybee: & Dove :dove:
Deities - Brighid :fire: :triquetra: (the Maiden aspect of the Goddess)
Letter - S
Class - Peasant
4th Lunation Celebration - Imbolc/Candlemas North :compass: (February 1/2) South :compass: (August 1/2)

  • Source
    • Celtic Tree Oracle - Sharlyn Hidalgo