🚪 Weekly Witchy CHALLENGE- Passage Into the New Year

On New Year’s Eve I wrote down the feelings and attitudes that I didn’t want to take into 2022. I took the Renewal Bath that I found on this site. I went outside and lit the bonfire. I sat on the ground and took three long deep breaths trying to ground myself and concentrate on letting go. I put the paper in the fire and took a 2021 calendar and put it in the fire. I sat out there until the fire burned out. Then I came in the house and took a shower to wash away the smoke. On New Year’s Day I cooked cabbage (prosperity) and black eyed peas (luck).


Just realised this challenge is up tomorrow and I’ve forgotten to post!

On New Year’s Eve I followed what is both an old Irish tradition as well as I believe a Pagan tradition, opening the front and back door to let the old year out and welcome in the new. Whilst doing so I recited this chant:

I’ve realised after posting that the photo isn’t loading unless you click on it so here’s the text:

At 12 midnight on New Year’s Eve, open your front door and back door saying…

Blow out the old
blow in the new
blow out the false &
blow in the true.

So mote it be!

I also cleansed the whole house with sage on New Year’s Eve and hubby and I gave the whole house a good physical clean to start the New Year fresh.

I haven’t made resolutions a such this year, more goals I guess. I’m aiming to be more positive, embracing changes as they happen. We’ve also got a lot planned for this year that we did to achieve from building my new business to a move to Ireland. And having opened our relationship again I’m going to step outside my comfort zone and be more proactive and sex confident.


Oh My goodness !! All the above ! Please!

The past few years I thought were getting better cuz I had opened up a part of myself ‘ that for the first time ever’ I KNEW who I was.
Come to find out my relationship was a dream I found out would never happen.
My way of thinking did a complete 180’ I felt a distance and even a fear but never ever did I think it was actually happening.
I do believe ‘ I know what is good for me and my children. I also know my worth and that it’s not happening where I am.
So I will get there ‘ I just have to Do It Now!
Sometimes you get frozen in fear ‘ stuck in fight even! But going no where…. But I knew for the first time there will be no answers B that I could here to heal this fractured state. That is my first step’ that I will follow through with!
I am done ‘ feeling and thinking how I used to. That person is gone’ but my new Self’



Hugs Steph. I know the stuck feeling and I refuse to do that ever again. Love yourself and the magick will happen all around you.


Janus Key Spell

Love reading everyone’s ritual into this New Year. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

To welcome this new cycle I:

  1. Cleansed our home with using the Salt Ritual :broom:
  2. Set intentions with the Janus Key Spell. My 3 intentions are activated with the 3 double terminated quartz. :high_brightness:
  3. Will finish with @jessica72’s New Year Prosperity by planting a raw egg. :egg:

Janis :triskele:


Mwhahahaha I feel like I have started something. Eggs being buried everywhere. May each and very egg buried be blessed with prosperity and good luck throughout 2022!


You’re gonna be surprised one day when one sprouts a chicken tree! LOL!


:laughing: that would be hillarious!


My entry - My Passage into the New Year Challenge Entry



Oh my goodness!!! I love the idea of the affirmation jar sooooo much! May I borrow it? I think it would be a wonderful thing for me t o create and use in my life.

Great entry for this challenge, that little jar is amazing as well!



Hello Witches
I did a meditation in Capricorn which I got from infinite roots and then I worked on on my book of Mirrors! I did a a Book of Mirrors entry with all of my thoughts and emotions about how I felt. Then I decided to do a Road Opener spell and feel pretty optimistic for this upcoming year! I called on all the elements for one I held a clear quartz crystal in my hand calling on earth to nurture me and be close to me. Also I asked the element air to help me journal prompts efficiently. Then I called on the fire to ignite action in my life! Then I called on water to help heal my brutal wounds. After Asking water to be a vessel for me. I dipped my finger in the water and drew a pentagram with my finger ! Element of Water I call to be the life healer and the life bringer to seep inside.
During my meditation I visualized what my life would look like if allowed myself to move forward! I believe this year I have decided to change towards mental health issues and working through my goals! My goals are to be strong for my family and to work towards getting a better job! My goals are basically witchcraft orientated striving towards self care!


Happy New Year, everyone! I am tucked away in a hotel with icy roads. Since I don’t have my tools, I decided to do the White Candle Cleansing guided Meditation recommended by @TheTravelWitch_Bry.

It was perfect for quiet reflection about the new year on a snowy afternoon. The meditation ends with a direction to think about any images or thoughts that arose.

This is what came to me. Earlier, I had watched from my room window a plump red cardinal :bird: hopping among the snow-laden branches of an evergreen tree. No other birds were about, just him. The first snow that fell was heavy and wet, followed by fluffier inches. So, when he lighted on a branch or landed on the ground, he would get his feet and feathers wet. Then he would shake all over and try another branch or the ground, and everytime, he got wet, but he didn’t stop trying. He just kept shaking off the damp and trying another branch. I laughed to myself because he reminded me of me – all alone and well, kind of plumpy round, let’s be honest, and just trying again and again to get by.

I thought, surely there is a lesson in that for me in the new year. To keep moving, to keep shaking off setbacks, and to not give up. And later, I went to the lobby to sit in a comfortable chair for a bit. There was a large Christmas tree and when I looked to the side of it, from my chair, what do you think I saw? A red cardinal ornament of course. Right next to the arm of my chair.

So, I’m grateful tonight for the lesson of the cardinal. I answered many of the questions posed by Bryanna in my journal. But I have clearly not figured out 2022 yet. And that’s okay. I will hold space for what comes and I will hop from branch to branch until I find it.


I have to do this for myself, too, otherwise, I would forget to do any self-care at all. Here is a big list I made. 2022 Best Life workbook excerpt self care ideas.pdf (1.3 MB)


definitely making my winter to do list! thanks, Christina :slight_smile:


@jessica72 I meant to tell you I did this. My daughter questioned the whole thing but I told her to trust it lol.


On New Years Eve, I spent several hours reflecting on my past year of journal entries and pictures and memories. I realized that I have still been holding myself back so for 2022 I have been doing more action and less talking about doing things. I am going to focus on me for the first time ever and what I want and need. I am looking forward to growing in this coven as finding it could not have came at a better time. I am making more time for studying, rituals, meditation, and not being so hard on myself. 2022 is the year of self love for me. I have loved reading every ones entries. I also did @jessica72 egg trick and sprinkled the doorway with cinnamon. Happy 2022 to all of you.


Of course you can! I like the extra boost in the morning to get my positive on.


It’s definitely the year for more self-love! :revolving_hearts:


This challenge is now CLOSED :exclamation:

Thank you so much to everyone who joined in! :hugs: Apologies that I wasn’t able to reply individually to every post like I usually do (this week has seen me in not the best of health, unfortunately) but I did read through every challenge entry and am so proud and inspired by the amazing coven. You are all so wonderful! May this new year be a blessed one for everyone :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :infinite_roots:

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Note : This post will remain open for continued discussion for a few more days, but no additional prizes will be given after today.

Blessed be, and Happy New Year! :star2: :door:


Sorry to hear you’ve been sick, @TheTravelWitch_Bry! Get better soon! Sending you lots of healing energy.