🛡 Weekly Witchy Challenge - Powerful Protection

I wasn’t happy with the bedtime prayer I have, so I wrote a new one. I tried to keep it short, so I could remember it when I’m sleepy, and so that if y’all wanted to teach it to the kiddies they remember it too.

Bedtime Protection Prayer

As I lay my weary head,
I cast a circle of protection around my bed.
North and South, East and West,
I call on the Elements to help me rest.
Lord and Lady, watch over me during the night,
So that during the day my magic may take flight!

Blessed be.


@Amethyst i love that. Great job and easy to remember.


@jim the necklace looks great. I’m sure it will work great


I love :heart: the words to this @Amethyst it is full of meaning. As I began to say the words half way through I began to feel really relaxed :relieved:. Real short and sweet.


Love this!! I haven’t really been saying any nighttime prayers. I don’t know why but I should. I do say my usual morning prayer though. Would you mind if I use this?


Thanks! I’m hoping to memorize it myself. Glad you liked it!

Thanks, love! I wanted to do a nightly prayer and a circle casting all at once, you know? Glad you liked it!

Go right ahead, I’d be honored. Thank you!


Sometimes we don’t want to meditate or cast the circle and call to the corners or consecrate each item the moment we get it. And I’m speaking personally’ I’ve had a hard time with
“Making ….‘My …Sacred’ -and then I realized everything that I ever loved was sacred to me and I washed it in smoke like my own hands: So most the time all I need to do is breathe

in the protective air and breathe out the negative

Because my intention is in everything I touch

It’s like breathing in the Energy Of Life

I start like this every morning in my bed
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:rofl::rofl::rofl:no really tho
Trust me the moment I feel the sun in my eyes I start to breathe in deep
The exhale 😮‍💨
Just that can help restart me to actually get up and motivated
But the next thing is
It can clean/cleanse anything


I love Yoga & Pilates too: so just the movement of the symbols Help me to really see it through the movement of my body…
Even in breath’ the Symbols help ‘ haha
Like Morse Code is breath and the lines are movement’ idk ‘ lol ‘ like Live sigils ‘ ha

In your head and lungs simultaneously


For my challenge, I thought I’d share some of the protection methods that I use. Every morning I light a candle that sits on my stove for Brigid, asking her guidance to protect my hearth and home, I sprinkle salt outside both entry doors to my house, My Besom now hangs over my front door, I light a black candle almost every day to protect my family and
I’ll also burn a Sandalwood incense to promote a calming energy within my home. Weekly, I burn a Palo Santo stick. I’ve also made some protection pouches for my son and daughter in law and even one for their car.
And every night, I thank the Lord (Horned God) and Lady for their guidance, wisdom, and abundance that they bring to my life. That helps me feel protected at the end of each day.
Sorry no spells, hope this counts. :upside_down_face: :candle:
Blessed Be,


It’s time for a friendly reminder!

:exclamation: This challenge will close TOMORROW :exclamation:

If you would like to participate and haven’t done so already, please post about your challenge experience(s) by the deadline: Tomorrow: September 28th, 7:00 AM CET (Central European Time Zone)

Blessed be! :shield: :sparkles:


I generally take Trinity of God (Trimurti) protection.

Bramha:- Protector of creativity.
Vishnu & Ganesha:- Protector of Law (Wheel of Nature/Law). Ganesha is a protector of money or Fortune or prosperity. Ganesha is another form of Lord Vishnu. They are not different than each other. Spell: Hare Krishna, Hare Krishna, Krishna Krishna, Hare Hare; Hare Rama, Hare Rama, Rama Rama, Hare Hare.
Shiva & Kali:- Protector of Cosmic Reincarnation. Lady Kali is the wife of Lord Shiva. Also she is not different than Lord Shiva. Spell: Om Namah Shivaya
Reference: The Vedas


I participated, but after your reminder. Hope you will count mine too. @anneshakargupta


That is a lovely prayer, @pedros10- I like how you tweaked it to make it your own :blush: And agreed- it is powerful how those with the sense can see more than what normal folks can. It sounds like you radiate a powerful energy!

Thanks for sharing the protective crystals, @Missa- that’s a very helpful list! And extra thanks for the links and videos as well. Thanks for sharing your wisdom! :heart:

That does sound like you have heightened senses and an extra layer of awareness for the world around you, @TheMuslimWitch. I think those experiences describe what an Empath is quite well, but it’s a label that should be chosen by the self. If you feel it describes you then by all means you are an Empath! :blush:

That’s awesome @mary25- you are full of gratitude! :heart: It sounds like a “thanking checklist” might come in handy if you feel you like you’re forgetting an important deity or presence :grin::scroll:

Ohhh I can’t wait to see hear about the spell from the Witchcraft museum, @IrisW! :heart_eyes:

Thanks again for your beautiful entry, @NickWick! :revolving_hearts:

Absolutely, @praecog29! Thanks for the circle of love and protection you cast for the coven :white_circle: :blush:

Beautifully written, @Kasandra- and I love how you included your work uniform in the spell! What a way to tie it in physically to wear you want the spell to work :+1: And all the better if it attracts fellow witches! :joy: A gorgeous prayer too- thanks for sharing!

It sounds like protection magick was calling to you, @jim- good for you for answering the call! Beautiful spellwork as well- it sounds like things went well. And wow, what a necklace! :prayer_beads: :sparkles: May it gather protective energy and help to keep you safe :blush:

That’s fantastic @cynthia9! Feel free to let your creativity lose with protective magick in music- perhaps you could make a protective tune? Or put a blessing or chant to music? There are lots of possibilities- I can’t wait to see what you’ll do! Good luck and have fun :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

What a sweet prayer @Amethyst- reading it I just felt this overwhelming sense of rest and safety. Really well written as always- I love this one :blush: Thanks for sharing!

Beautiful breathing exercises and intention, @steph and agreed- salt is a very potent protector! :salt::raised_hands: I love the moon glyphs you mentioned as well- they are lovely. Thanks for sharing! :heart:

Lovely candle and salt magick, @Rowan- and oh, I bet your place smells amazing with the sandalwood incense! :heart_eyes: A gratitude ritual at night (or in the morning, however quick!) really does go a long way- it’s one of my favorite practices as well :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Your methods of protection work well for you and fit into your daily life- that’s a perfect entry for the challenge in my book! Well done and thanks for joining in :clap:

Of course, @Princess_Tara! The reminder is simply that the challenge will close tomorrow so anyone who wants to knows to get their entry in soon. There is still plenty of time, so no worries at all! Thanks very much for sharing :heart_decoration:


Thank you, my dear! Anyone can use it if they wish. I hope it makes someone feel safe as they’re going to sleep. No monsters under the bed with this one!


I know that I have already submitted my entry for this challenge but I was doing a little research on chrysanthemum since I bought a plant yesterday and needed to add it to my green B.o.S and I came across this recipe for a protective incense

mix chrysanthemum with ginger and dragons blood resin and burn on a charcoal disc for protection.

I also found a recipe for a protection mojo bag

you need
Chrysanthemum blossom
Pink Himalayan salt
Red flannel bag

And here’s another nifty idea (not so much a protection spell though)

Add chrysanthemum flowers to a bath to get rid of a bad mood.

With fall and samhain at our doorsteps I thought someone else may be growing some mum’s and could use this information too.
Blessed be :pray:


¡Hola a todos y todas!

I’m still traveling and I don’t think I can perform any shield magic as I’d like to :frowning: but a couple of weeks I did the magic armor spell and I called the quarters for the first time, I don’t know if it still counts. :slight_smile:

Thank you for reminding us the importance of protecting outselves, it is indeed a good idea, @sarah29

Sending blessing to you all :dancer:


Hi Zari, I could not find a video to show you exactly the method i mentioned but here is something similar for zipping up your chakras. You should be able to put the subtitles on for translation.


Here is another option that I’m really interested in trying myself to zip up my aura


When I sat down this evening to write something for this challenge, I realised I incorporate quite a bit of protection magick within my practice. Not necessarily spells that regularly, but I have a fair few things around my home for protection.

Early in the week I posted about some protection magick I’d undertaken as part of my Mabon ritual: Blessed Mabon from England :infinite_roots:

I get a monthly subscription box from The Wonky Broomstick in Glastonbury and this month’s was Mabon themed, including a Hazel Protection Spell.

I’ve strung together the hazels provided as part of spell and hung them by my front door for protection.

I also have some witches bells on my front door…

A protection ball hanging above my desk…

And this Nazar by my back door (thank you @MeganB for teaching me the correct name for this)

Later tonight I’m planning to do the protection spell I purchased from The Museum of Witchcraft and Magic during my visit whilst on holiday in Cornwall earlier this year. It comprises a black candle, a stone (doesn’t say what but it’s brown and smooth and could be a type of jasper), some “special” herbs (again undefined but I can definitely smell lavender) and a pentacle talisman along with a scroll with the spell words.

The instructions say to light the candle, repeat the words five times and leave the candle to burn down, then place the jar, scroll, stone and talisman in a place of your choice. I’m thinking I might attach the talisman to the jar and seal it with some of the wax from the candle. I’ll post a photo later when I’ve completed the spell.


So on closer inspection it turns out the candle is purple not black…

And I’m pretty happy with how the spell jar turned out.

I’m going to leave it on my altar for now and I’ve asked my Deities to provide continued protection as I battle a few challenges over the coming weeks.