🛡 Weekly Witchy Challenge - Powerful Protection

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I think when I do my spells I’d like to go outside so I can have more room.
But that is a great thing to incorporate that you walk around the quarters for protection! :+1:
Blessed be!


This made me tear up : ) I was so moved by your kindness on behalf of your friend and the great thoughtfulness you put into the protective rituals. How wise of you to take steps to protect yourself also from negative energies. I learned a lot from your entry


I love to work outside when I can. I live in an apartment complex so I have to be careful not to be too conspicuous as my patio can be seen from some angles. I laugh sometimes because I invoke SO much – I mean, quarters, and ancestors, and mother earth, father sky, moon, sun, my regular God, deities, angels, I mean, it gets to be a bit much! Then when I’m closing, I"m like OH NO. Did I forget to mention anyone? Did I forget to thank anyone? I really need to streamline my invocations. But I love invoking the quarters the best, I must admit. I love talking about the elements in all their forms.


Hi Zari, I’m reading through everyone’s comments and I came across yours that struck a chord. I have a little techniques or more so a few simple quick and easy things that I do that helps me when I feel outside energies from others or what have you. I felt compelled to share it with you.

if your chakras are wide open there is actually a really simple easy way to close them up so they are not wide open and absorbing all the energies. I don’t mean closing them DOWN I just mean closing them UP or if the word zipping them up works better, so that you are not a sponge of picking up everything. And even if a person is not an empath it does not mean that you’re not still picking up other things it just means that you can’t feel it but it does still affect you even if you’re aware of it or not.

It is so simple to zip up your chakras. Take your left hand, palm parallel and facing your chest where your heart chakra is a few inches away, then take your right hand and flip it over so that way the palm of your right hand faces the palm of your left hand still parallel to your heart chakra. Bring them together, laying against each other. And rub them back-and-forth while still parallel to your chest/heart chakra. Once you get enough energy generated from your palms because you’re in your heart center your core self, hold your left hand in front of your heart parallel and take your right hand go down to your root chakra with the intent of scooping the energies that you generated a few inches from your body from your root chakra bring your scooping hand all the way up not touching your body and go over your head (from root to crown chakra I do this twice) so you were essentially taking all of that yummy energy you just generated from your heart chakra and basically zipping up your chakras. Does that make sense? It’s hard to describe in words how to do it.

The other thing that I do is literally I will take a hand it doesn’t matter which one and I bring my hand with my palm parallel to my body with my thumb being on top, it’s usually between my heart chakra and my solar plexus chakra and I will make a scooping motion with my hand so that way my palm ends up facing away from me with my thumb now facing down though still parallel to my body and I set the intent that I am scooping whatever energy that was, away from me and I physically push it away with my hand and push away from my body. I sent the intent that it is to be removed for me and out of my energy field. I do take it one step further so that those energies are not still in the area that I will send it to Creators/Sources white light of pure and conditional love for transformation. I hope that makes sense because it’s hard to describe.

If you do decide to try these techniques out I do hope it works for you and it’s all about faith and intent of believing the action that you’re doing is occurring in a perfect love and perfect trust. Blessed be!


Hello, thank you for your wisdom and sincerity of intention, and for the detailed explanations you gave, and for your response to me. I thank you for your positive energy and everything, but because I use the translated version of Google, it translates words back and forth a bit Understandably difficult to understand what you explained to do the gestures, I could only understand what my problem was, if there was a video or a few photos that I saw in practice it would be a little better next to your description, thank you.:ok_hand:t2::kissing_heart::pray:t2::mage:


¡Gracias! Thanks for sharing! It’s very very useful!

Sending blessings your way :crystal_ball:


I picked up a protection spell from the Museum of Witchcraft in Cornwall that I’ve been meaning to use. I’ll take a look at what’s involved tomorrow and hopefully add my own flare to it.


Here is a link to my weekly challenge- powerful protection :arrow_right: https://forum.spells8.com/t/my-weekly-challenge-powerful-peotection7/14404


De nada. Im so glad I can help :blush:


Casting circles counts? :wink:

As members of Infinite Roots we cast a metaphysical circle around the earth, :earth_asia: covering our friends and families in light, love, and healing energy.

For the second time in a month I’m able to link to a newly created circle as an example of the current week’s challenge. :grin: Wishing all of my family :infinite_roots: love and light.



I did a couple of my spells outside and actually I think I want to start bringing my alter outside! And I am not just saying it because it sounds like its cool but I feel called to do it outside. I use to always want to be in the house with my statues and my candles ect. I have the perfect basket where I can put some of my witchy supplies outside so I dont always have to carry it outside. One day I am going to make my own alter table. I want to paint the wheel of the year on the table made out of wood.
Right know I am working on getting to know other deities too! I know what you mean about calling out to

I am going to try harder to bring more into my space. I can see how important it is to work with spirit and bring inn all that you can into your inner temple and minds eye.

I learned my lesson hard with this one I forgot a couple of times and really I just try better next time not to forget anything but it is important to thank them individually your so right! But I like that we are talking about it. I use to forget to close my circle and I got into bad habits during ritual. I am trying to be better about writing about writing my experiences down and recording. Sorry I got off the subject but I really want to start ritual outside. Recently I saw someone’s ritual outside and it was so intimate! I cant imagine not doing it outside know and being by a fire or something like that! You may have seen at least one of my rituals outside! My husband is going to help me make my table first we need to get a chainsaw and when it is done Ill keep you posted.
Ow yeah I think I am getting better at calling out the quarters too!
I wont forget to thank you too for this nice talk about working outside! Its a great subject to talk about!


once I made some Florida’s water and made a water fall from the idea of Megans waterfall ward. She really has helped me but I will have to say I need to do it again because they lose there charge. Waterfall Ward :sweat_drops: I have practiced shielding and warding! I am no expert. I just wanted to thank you! This is something I really want to get into doing more and making it become more of a ritual!
Thank you
Blessed Be!


I do this too!!! I love how you explained it! I scoop the energy too! Especially if I’m feeling like I need a recharge. It’s very helpful and more people should know this, so thank you for sharing that info!!


Absolutely!! There are over 4,000 crystals and minerals out there and new ones are being discovered all the time!! Thanks for the great info!!


Unfortunately I do not have photos or videos to describe what I was referring to. I will see if I can find some thing to assist.


Anyway, thank you.:pray:t2::bouquet:


:heartpulse::heartpulse::heartpulse::heartpulse::heartpulse::smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I know what it’s like and how awful it is to not be able to be in your own skin and your own mind and body because you are constantly picking up energies and other peoples emotions and other peoples thoughts as well as their aches and pains and unfortunately sometimes their mannerisms. That sucked when that happened I would start acting like the person. It was so frustrating and horrible there for a while but I stood strong and I had gotten to a point a few years ago where I had had enough and I started working on building my barriers/protection shields and any little tool that I can put in my magickal tool belt to pull out when needed. I will even also call in Archangel Michael. He has helped me so much! Even though I am not a religious person I still honor and respect Archangel Michael.

So anything I can do to help another empath who is struggling you better believe it I will because it was horrible for me. I sometimes still have moments but nowhere near where it was. And I wouldn’t even wish that on my own worst enemy.


Draconic Protection Spell Against Troublesome Customers

3 White Tea light Candles
Rosemary Essential Oil
White Sage Smudge Spray
Work Uniforms

  1. Dress the candles with rosemary essential oil.

  2. Light the candles and say the following:

O Tysteal, Great Dragon Sheppard Goddess, by the light of these burning white flames, I humbly invoke thy name.

  1. Spray your uniforms with white sage smudge spray and then say the following:

I ask thee to strengthen my resolve against any and all customers who have nothing nice to say.
They shall not paint the sky gray and ruin my day,
nor shall they entice me to act
like I want my mother to give me a smack.
These are results that I shall see
They shall come to pass
So mote it be.

  1. Let the tea light candles burn out. Perform this ritual as often as you need, preferably after washing your uniforms.

I want to add that I might have sprayed my uniforms too much (little bit goes a long way) so if any other witches come in to the store, they’ll probably know I practice. :laughing:


My entry is interesting. I hadn’t done any protection spells but during the last full moon I actually did two of them One a general Lunar Protection spell from the site here and the second at the same time an Amulet Consecration also from the site. I did the amulet consecration spell as a protection piece and the item I started with was a necklace that already had plenty of these properties in it’s construction. I am attaching an image of it here.

The necklace is described as Energized Rudraksha Shiva Necklace for men Hindu Meditation Mala with 3 Mukhi Face Rudraksh Beads. I have had it for some time and thought I would give it more specific energy.


I am very excited to start this challenge it will be my first one. I also took Audio Production and sound design in college so I’m hoping to utilize that to my advantage. Any suggestion on types of instruments or tempo used for this would be appreciated. I do have a SOUNDCLOUD and might just post some tracks on there just for this purpose. THANK YOU and I look forward, again , to being a part of this community !!!