Energy Exchange Circle 🤗 Sept 25th

  1. Welcome
  2. Christina’s Distance Healing Box
  3. Updated Notes (25 Sept 2021) From Praecog29
  4. Those In Our Circle Over The Next Two Weeks


Welcome to the next update from the Energy Exchange Wiki - 2021 - a wiki combining energy exchange requests made on Spells8.

While the Energy Exchange category is the preferred place to ask and update requests, I’m thankful we all :heart: love and trust :yellow_heart: each other enough to be open about our needs across the site as we discuss other topics.

Christina's Distance Healing Box

Christina4 is providing a Distance healing box :gift: - offering loving energy to people that need it. Thank you, Christina, for your heart for the :infinite_roots: Infinite Roots family.

An Updated Note From Praecog29

Monitoring the threads and Christina’s Distance Healing Box, I see there are some of us really hurting due to something lost. Some have lost family and friends. Some have lost faith or financial well-being. Some have lost things they believed (or wanted to believe) would always be with them.

This Circle doesn’t mention each person by name but their names do not get drowned out in the sea of voices. Each of you is important and vital to Infinite Roots and Spells8. We may be a bunch of eclectic practitioners but we are all still family and each of our concerns matter.

On the flip side, we have seen wonderful responses from people trying their first spells, seeing results in their lives for the first time, and discovering new things about themselves and the world around them. We have seen amazing answers to some of our deepest concerns, as well. It would be foolish of me to list even one example by name but we can each name someone from the forum that is seeing healing in their bodies, new jobs, new homes, new perspectives, etc.

I’m rambling today and I don’t know if any of this makes sense but each person here is in a cycle of life and death. Celebrate with those who are up and mourn with those who are down. And know this to be true: the Energy Circle works.

Those In Our Circle Over The Next Two Weeks

(If you are on this list, please provide an update. I’ve begun to add dates to requests. Ones that will be ongoing for months will be left alone but others will fall off in the circle on or after two weeks.)

  1. Good wishes for quick healing in regards to a leg infection.
  2. Her friend, Lorraine, sees the doctor about health issues on November 4th.
  1. Her and two of her children are ill. (27 September 2021)
  1. Her son needs continued love and light around him.
  2. Requests support for herself.
  3. Requests positive vibes and energy for health reasons (16 September 2021)
  1. Transitioning from old life into new life. Needs love and light as a support.
  2. Private request received by praecog29 - your deities/the universe knows what she needs
  1. Helps with spiritual counseling.
  2. Sending positive energy from me to England for its better sake.

Thank you so much for keeping us on the Energy Exchange Circle. :heart:


Thanks for keeping me on the list @praecog29


Thanks for keeping me on, Ben. My new medicine is helping a lot but my leg is still healing. I’ll get there yet though!


Thank you for having me on this list really need this!


Along with the distance healing box, I do pray nightly for everyone in general! This forum is family and you’ve gotta look out for family, right!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


:point_up::point_up::point_up:this @christina4 :100::revolving_hearts::white_heart::pray: I do the same I write all the people and their needs in a small composition book and then place one of my led tea lights on top of the notebook while I do my nightly meditation and prayers


Updated for Christina. :hugs:


May I ask for positive energy sent for my son who is receiving some test results this week in regards to his health?
Thank you and Blessed Be


Added. I hope they are good results.


Thank you, Benjamin, for arranging this and keeping everyone in your thoughts with such care and compassion. It’s really inspiring :slight_smile:

I’m sending positive energy and peace to everyone in the Circle :heart:


Thank you @Francisco, I needed that :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


How can I contribute and send love and support to those in need? That may be a silly question…


This is fantastic. How does one participate in the circle? I am not setup just yet at home, but will be soon and I will be wanting to assist with sending blessings and spells out for the requests.

Are they done by specific members, or by everyone And are they done at specific times to make them stronger in combination through the universe or?

Thanks for any clarification, as I am eager to offer my support :slight_smile:


Appreciate it :relaxed:


To @sarah29 and @Temujin_Calidius thank you both for wanting to share your good intentions! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

As for how you might help, @Praecog29 shared the following in the first Energy Exchange Circle post:

@Praecog29 will likely have some great input for you as well, but until he arrives, I know some folks say a chant :scroll:, others light candles :candle:, some may include the names in healing boxes :gift: or other spellwork :sparkles:, etc. It’s safe to say that are free to send positive energy or blessings in any way you’d like! The most important part is your intention :blush:

Thank you both for offering your support and kindness to the coven! :infinite_roots: :heart:


Thank you, Ben!


As always, the :star_struck: marvelous @TheTravelWitch answered your question far better than I could ever dream to answer it. :slightly_smiling_face:

While🧘‍♂️ meditating or spending time with The Divine, I bring up the concerns listed in the Circle. I personally see myself as a separate intercessor, if you’ll forgive my use of the term: When I remember these requests, I’m agreeing with the requestors that the things they ask are just and good and I ask that they feel peace in the midst of the chaos. But that’s me; your own practice may be different and that’s okay.

As for more tangible ways of helping, I try to always be careful of sending money or supplies to strangers. If possible, I try to direct them to services that can help. And above all (and everyone on here take note) I try to be available in the PM’s to listen to those that just need to vent.


Haha now I’m blushing! :blush: Don’t sell yourself short, @praecog29- you always have amazing answers to questions! Thanks so much for keeping the warmth of the Energy Exchange Circle going strong and for all the wonders that you do for the coven! :pray::heart::infinite_roots:


Can I please ask to be added to this exchange circle? My marriage is deteriorating. We have our first counseling session scheduled for next week.

It’s a very lonely and painful time for both of us, I know.