💸 Weekly Witchy CHALLENGE- The Thrifty Witch!

I trimmed a bunch of lavender today! You can burn the dried buds as incense, it has a beautiful aroma! :purple_heart: You can also use it for bedtime/calming tea!


I also just found that old tin of raisins in the garage and it’s the perfect fit for chime candles :+1:


Great find on the raisin tin!!


love it, looks great.


I needed to find a way to keep my toddler out of the goods. I can’t afford to buy all new furniture. So I repurposed a jewelry mirror I was not really using for anything special.

It’s actully turned Into quite a blessing. Perfect area for my daily reflections.


What a wonderful idea. It looks absolutely stunning :slight_smile: I love all the compartments. And your jars :heart_eyes:


That’s just awesome @sarah9! Very beautiful!


This would be amazing! :star_struck: But hahaha I totally understand being a busy witch too! :laughing:

You’re very welcome, @christina4! I’m so glad you like the challenges- thank you for participating! :two_hearts: And I see you are also a jar collector! There’s something so enticing about clean, empty glass jars- I have so many (and most of the lids are gone lol) that I have to be creative about things to use them for! :laughing: :+1:

Ohhhhhh Katt!!! This is gorgeous! All your tools are so nice and neatly organized :clap: :heart_eyes: And the tiny bottles are adorable- great find! :+1:

I’m so happy you were able to save a piece of the tree, @andrea_d! :heart::deciduous_tree: And such a cute fairy door it will be- it’s the perfect size for garden fairies! :fairy::sunflower: If you don’t mind, please share a picture when you’ve finished it- I absolutely love fairy gardens (my mother has several in her garden!) and I love to look at fairy doors! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I’m so happy you like the challenge, @SageDove! :heart: And that’s an awesome find- and a win-win situation! I hope you enjoy your lavender and can make some lovely bath bombs and decorations with it! :blush: :two_hearts:

Nice find, @Francisco! :grin: Ohhhh that will make a lovely bedtime tea :tea::sleeping:. Enjoy your lavender harvest! :two_hearts:

Nicely done, @sarah9! :clap: That should keep your toddler out of your tools- and everything looks so lovely and organized! :star_struck: :two_hearts: I love all your jars- and it looks like you were very meticulous about labeling everything to keep it organized. Beautiful! :heart:

Everyone is so creative!!! :heart_eyes: Thank you all for sharing your beautiful (and very resourceful crafts!) :pray:

For anyone who hasn’t yet shared their thrifty witchy ideas- a gentle reminder that this challenge will close tomorrow, at 23:59 on Tuesday, July 21st!! If you would like to participate and receive the prize, please post about your budget witchcraft before this time- I can’t wait to see your creativity and magick shine! :blush: :two_hearts:


Protection pouches for loved ones made from the Lavender, Rosemary and Sage growing in our garden :heart::herb::cherry_blossom:


What a cutie :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Connie Rose, my little ray of sunshine :sunny::rose:


She has such a contagious smile :blush: I’m sure she must love being a great helper to Mom!


Here’s an update on that lavender I found behind my workplace


Hello there, Connie Rose :rose:
Lil helping hands are the best!


I love this challenge, it actually made my creative begin to flourish! I went to the dollar store and walked through the store with a different mindset. I came home with votive candles 4 for a dollar and many candle holders today I am using my essential oils and dried herbs like rosemary to anoint the candles for different reasons like abundance, love ,protection ect. Then I looked through my home with that same mindset. I don’t have a cauldron but I found an old tea service with a sugar bowl that has no top presto I now have a cauldron! It’s small but it works for what I need,

Thank you for this challenge


So Iam a thrifty witch, I love second hand shops, garage sales and the dollar tree. I love to create, and Iam usually learning new art forms and prepping for the next sabbat. This week my neighbor asked if I wanted to grab some sage and rosemary, I was like I will be right over. Her beds had grown overboard spilling out and into other areas.

so I have been making bundles with my sage, prepping some for culinary: oils, vinegars, and add to my spices and of course my magical pantry. Trying to save the thicker branches for some beads, a wand, ogham and soaking them and making a small basket. Also Iam part of several witchy groups on fb. I also spend my nights reading, sourcing or coloring. I have the coloring book of shadows by Amy Cassari. And love this sites lunar ritual program.


For my own addition to the challenge, I wrote up a post on the Bath Blends I’ve been making lately! :bathtub: Quick, easy, and best of all, free! :sparkles: There’s a very broad recipe in the post- for anyone interested, please know that it’s a very adaptable craft! :+1:

Ahhhh so fun that you worked on this craft together! :two_hearts: The protection pouch you and Connie Rose made looks amazing- great job! :purple_heart:

Ohhhhh such a lovely spot- and a great find! Nice, @SageDove :grin: :+1:

I’m so happy you like the challenge, thank you @sue! :heart: Your new cauldron and anointed candles are lovely- thank you for sharing your creativity and wonderful crafts! :candle::two_hearts:

Wow- yes, you are very a thrifty and creative witch, @Rene! :green_heart: That was so kind of your neighbor to share their sage and rosemary, and such a great (and free!) find for you! :herb::star_struck: It looks like there will be plenty for your culinary oils and vinegars (which must be do delicious! :yum:), with plenty left to your magickal pantry and crafts :sparkling_heart: Thank you so much for sharing! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Thank you so much for everyone for sharing their amazing crafts and creativity! :sparkling_heart:

A gentle reminder that the challenge will close tonight at 23:59! Shout-outs and prizes will be given tomorrow- for anyone interested who has not already posted, please do so before the clock strikes midnight! :mantelpiece_clock::first_quarter_moon:

Blessed Be! :two_hearts:


I am about to post a spell I did that literally cost me zero dollars, as I had all the items either gifted to me, on hand already, or right out of my own garden. It’s called Rose Water Rite.


Yesterday we made candles :fire: using old jam jars, left over wax, essential oils and herbs from the garden.

Luckily, I found some wicks in my craft box from last Xmas :christmas_tree:so the whole project was free :blush:

They smell gorgeous! :heart_eyes: But I can’t light them yet as my husband has stolen my “woo lighter” and taken it to work :joy:


Such good vibrations with Sage.


I loved your Rose Water Rite, @SilverBear :rose::two_hearts:, and the candles came out beautifully @Abs53! :candle: :blush:

Ohhhh no!!! :laughing: I hope it returns your lighter soon- I bet the candles will spell amazing! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: