What the Yolk!? 🍳

What the…

I was cooking up my breakfast as per usual and surprise, surprise!

One egg… two yolks!?! :fried_egg: :flushed:

I’ve never seen this before! In all of my egg-eating years, I have never ever had an egg with two yolks. Naturally, I turned to good old Google to help me figure out what this could possibly be :face_with_monocle: .

The first article I read was from How Stuff Works, and gave a pretty thorough scientific explanation:

The yolk (known as an oocyte at this point), is released into the oviduct (the chicken’s fallopian tube) before the previous yolk has had a chance to clear out of the way. So a single shell then forms around the two yolks. Double-yolks usually happen in younger hens with more immature reproductive systems whose timing hasn’t quite been perfected. It can also be a hereditary trait in heavier hen breeds like the Buff Orpington.

But the article also mentions something interesting :mag: :

As is the case with many uncommon occurrences in nature, people have attached many superstitions to double-yolked eggs. They’re a pretty obvious reference to fertility, so most of these superstitions have to do with reproduction and good fortune. The most common is that you or someone you know will soon become pregnant (maybe with twins) if you happen upon a double-yolker. In the Wiccan tradition, they’re known as a sign of general good fortune.

Good fortune coming my way? Egg-citing news! :star_struck: But as How Stuff Works isn’t really a witchy site, I decided to look a little more into it.

The Speaking of Witch blog talks a bit about “Ovomancy” and the signs and interpretations of eggs with double yolks :egg:

I did a little research, and the portent of a double yolk varies a lot depending on what culture you hail from. Pregnancy is a big one. A double yolk can also mean, of course, TWINS! The Norse thought it was a sign of death. Some folklore says a woman who finds a double yolk will soon be engaged. It can mean fertility, prosperity or luck. I figure since the odds are normally one in a thousand we must have some incredible luck headed our way soon.

It tasted lucky.

[From Speaking of Witch: Double Egg Yolks]

It looks like there are many different ways to interpret a double-yolked egg! Unfortunately, they don’t equal good fortune in every tradition.

[Picture from Daily Mail]

I’ll let you know if any of the predictions come true! Fingers crossed it’s something nice like a new pregnancy announcement (but not from me!!! Lol) or good luck :grin:

I’m curious! Have you had an egg with a double yolk before?

  • Yes, I’ve had a an egg with a double yolk before
  • Nope, never

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The last good piece of news- no matter what they symbolize, it looks like eggs with double yolks are totally safe to eat! :laughing:

Bon Appetit and Blessed Be to all! :yum::fried_egg:


Mmm enjoy! :yum: I love a double yolker!

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First thing I thought when I saw the picture is: That’s the Horned One!!

Horned God

Fertility, Prosperity and Good Luck indeed! :moneybag: :seedling:


I think they are fortunate. When I was pregnant with my daughter, we had one early in the pregnancy. Come to find out originally she was a twin, but the twin didn’t make it to term. The twin dissolved (I’m not sure that’s the word) by the 5th month. My daughter was a tough pregnancy and a miracle baby for us (I had five miscarriages between my son and her). So I would take it as very lucky. :two_hearts:

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Ahhhh you’re right, Francisco!!! :star_struck: Wow, seems like it’s a double good sign! :deer: :grin: :+1:

Wow- you had two of the most common meanings for a double yolked egg come true! :clap: That’s wonderful to hear you were able to have a fortunate delivery with your daughter! :two_hearts:

A small update- so far no announced pregnancies or deaths (knock on wood), but I have been having an extra boost of luck lately, with lots of small but nice things happening! So in conclusion- double yolked eggs are indeed a sign of good fortune (and, just as @mrs says- very yummy!) :yum:

Oh yes! We were very happy when she arrived and she arrived fast! I remember that night like it was yesterday!

I’m happy that your double yoke has brought you good luck!

Have a great day!

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Thank you, @krissie117! :grin: The good luck seems to still be flowing- it was indeed a very lucky double yolk! :fried_egg: :laughing: Same to you- have a great day :two_hearts:

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Neat! I’ve never had a double yolk before either. One time a few years back I did have a blood red yolk/ liquid which creeped me out quite a bit. lol.

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Oh goodness! I don’t blame you- that sounds terrifying! :scream: I’ve never had a red yolk like that before- did you find it to be a sign, or have some kind of meaning for an event that happened after? Or maybe it was just one scary yolk? :egg: :laughing: