What to do with Deity Offerings?


I’ve never worked with deity’s but started looking into it and I was reading about offerings. I don’t really understand how that works. I read that you leave the items on your alter, but how long do you leave it there? What do you do with it afterward… do you throw it out?
The deity I was drawn to is Freya and the recommendations for offerings to her are rose petals, mugwort, lavender, honey, chocolate, gold, jewelry. So how do I “offer” those things? And when/ how do I dispose of them? For the gold part- would I put a piece of gold jewelry and leave it on my alter for her permanently and no longer wear it?
Deity stuff is completely new to me. If anyone can answer those specific questions and also can think of anything else that would be helpful for me to know that would be amazing! Thank you!


Hi Saige! Excellent questions.

Those are all great offerings for Freya. You can also add a picture of Her!

Depending on what your offerings are, you have many options. If it’s herbs or oils :herb: , you can burn them. You are then releasing the essence of the offering so that it reaches your deity.

If it’s food, :shallow_pan_of_food: it can be eaten, but also burned or buried. Sharing a meal with your deity is a sign of being at peace with Her, or an invitation.

I like to take a piece of tonight’s dinner and place it on the altar, then I throw it away the next morning. But eating the remains of food offerings and libations is always an option!

You can read a recent conversation we had in the Forum about this clicking here.

When you offer a piece of jewelry :diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside: , you may stop wearing it to symbolize that it’s no longer yours, but Hers. You would instead keep it as a personal reminder of your connection to that deity.

But your Craft is yours only, these are just ideas and you should experiment with them!

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Ok thanks! Your response and both those links were really helpful.
So I have a selenite bowl that I believe was labeled “offering bowl” when I bought it. So is a selenite bowl ok to place the herb offerings and leave the gold jewelry in? I’ll probably offer things like honey and chocolate on something different I don’t wanna ruin it my selenite bowl with anything melty or sticky like honey hahah.
So do I just meditate and think or say this offering is for you? I get confused if freya will know it’s for her? Also how do I know she wants and offering from me/ work with me. I haven’t really found a way to connect with her yet as I just started all this last Friday. I saw a ladybug in nyc right after researching her so I was taking that as a sign :beetle:


Selenite promotes clarity, joy, and higher realm connection. It will be perfect. You can get in tune with a Selenite Guided Meditation.

It’s a strong crystal but fragile at the same time. I recommend you don’t get it wet!

If you’re seeking guidance from Freya, you can use a prayer along with an offering like the ones you mention.

Also, try searching and find what her epithets are (her sacred titles). If it’s a prayer you wrote yourself, it might be better. But you can use this one as inspiration or to get started:

Hail Freyja, Vanadis,
I ask for protection,
Under your falcon wings
And war-maiden’s shield.

Help me to make peace among my enemies.
Give me the courage to fight again
For if I am battle-slain in truth
May my actions be worthy of your choosing.

Hail Freyja, Lady of Sessrúmnir
Help me to set boundaries for myself
So I can honor the boundaries of others,
For as your home, when locked,

Is protected by your will
Let me be also protected
And closed against trespasses,
Yet may my hospitality be true

And help me act in frith.
Help me to pay fairly
And to accept fairly what is my due.
Show me your just ways.

Hail Seidhkona,
Holder of Magic and Keeper of Mysteries.
Teach me to see the magic in all things.
Help me to move between the veil,

Allow me to walk among the worlds.

May I glimpse in your forge of dreams
By Seidhr rune-wise and true as words from your tongue.
Hail Goddess of Beauty,
Amber-laden Creatrix, Mistress of Brisingamen.

Ignite within me the creative spark.
Help me to bring beauty
Into my own deeds and all that I make.
May the fierceness of your eyes

Lend me their keen awareness
That I might see none other
Than your face before my work
Let me be ignited with Need-Fire, your Will.

From NorthernPaganism.org


Oh thank you for the question @saige and for the ideas @Francisco. I have sea shells and a statue and I wear a necklace and bracelet for the triple goddess. I have leave the statue and shells on my altar all the time for her.

Thank you for the links to other articles.

I hope you both have great days!