Which Deity/Deities Does Everyone work with?

Would anyone like to share a little about the deities they work with and how they came about working with them? I think it would be a fun discussion!


Currently I am researching the Triple Goddess and Selene. I feel like right now I connect more with the Triple Goddess going through different stages of life with my children. I am also looking into Selene because of a previous post in the forum and finding out that she is also connected with Selenite. I have several beautiful pieces of Selenite that I love! So, I will see what i come up with as I go along. :smile:


According to my DNA my ancestors are basically Celtic, therefore I am looking at that Pantheon. The Gods and Goddesses I am most familiar with are Danu, Cernunnos, Lugh, Benenus, Cerridwen, Bridgit, Elen, Aine, Morrighan, Herne, Artio, Cailleach, The Dagda, Ostara, Arianrhod. Each of these deities represents either a season or an archetype that I feel in touch with. Arianrhod is the Goddess of the Moon and Stars, Cailleach is a crone who rules from Samhain to Imbolc, when Brigid rules. Elen discovered and shared the Ley lines on Earth, The Dagda was the father of Irish Deities, he was a jolly, earthy man. Danu was the mother of all of the pantheon of deities that eventually resided in Fairy. Herne leads the Wild Hunt, and delivers souls to the Afterlife. Ostara is a Germanic Celtic Goddess of the Dawn and Spring (like Eos). She is not such a bit forgetful. Lugh is a master of all trades, a definite male figure. Belenus is a God, comparable to Apollo or Hyperion. And I have recently been introduced to Lir, The God of the Seas (like Poseidon). I do not deny any tradition, culture, or pantheon. Our relationships to deities are to recognize types within us all. Interestingly, Celtic Gods and Goddesses appear to die and become reborn. Celtic mythology talks about reincarnation. I love learning about all Pantheons.


Also, I dreamed of a name that the deities gave to me. I will not share it. I do not know if it was bestowed on me or if my thoughts created it. I keep it close to my heart.


I do not personally work with any specific deity. Mostly due to the fact I have so many that I am interested in and also because none have spoken to me or given me a clear sign. I have thought about meditating and reaching out but I don’t feel comfortable doing that yet.

I do most of my spell work creating my energy and using it as the driving force without aide from any deities. Although I do have a few rituals and spells in which the energy of it corresponds with certain gods/goddess and I make sure to give thanks for their guidance and such.

I am so curious about all of them though! I love learning about all of their mythologies and folklore.

Have you any that you work with? @Trey


I’ve started working with Hecate a couple months ago! I’ve always been particularly interested in the Greek Pantheon, I remember devouring books about Greek mythology when I was a kid. Nevertheless I never felt drawn to any deity in particular for the longest time!
However a couple months ago I began seeing Hecate anywhere - and with seeing I mean books, online ads, statues on etsy and the like. I actually didn’t know a lot about her, so the first thing I did was excessive research. The more I learn about her the more I feel drawn to her!


Great topic, Trey!

There’s a very interesting conversation about this topic that Megan started here: When Deity Tells You No - My Bealtaine Experience

Personally, the Wiccan God and Goddess, as I see in them a canvas for all manifestations of Divinity.

I pray to and pay homage to el Gauchito Gil more often than not. He’s not a deity but helps me connect with my roots and he’s been with me in all my travels.

Lately I felt Venus/Aphrodite reaching out in dreams. I don’t “work” with her but I feel a very strong connection and I also see her personified in my wife sometimes.


I currently work with Cerridwen, I began studying my family history and it lead me to find out I was of Welsh Descent, which in turn led me to find out about Cerridwen, then signs started popping up everywhere hahahaha


Very cool my s/o works with Hecate