Which elements do you feel most connected with?

Which of the four elements do you feel most connected with?
  • Just Fire
  • Just Water
  • Just Earth
  • Just Air
  • Fire + Water
  • Fire + Earth
  • Fire + Air
  • Water + Earth
  • Water + Air
  • Earth + Air
  • Any three elements
  • All of them equally
  • Not really any of them

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This quiz was inspired by standing very close to and basking in the heat of a fire pit :smiling_face: :fire:

I love the heat of fire and the sun so much, the crackling of firewood or embers, and how in a closed space it just curls around you like a friendly cat :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Warm temperatures that last for days tend to make me very uncomfortable though. I attribute it in part to fire being a quick and intense kind of energy (just like I often enjoy embodying), but also to not being a pure being of fire, but also having a strong connection to water. :heart:

If there are beautiful natural waters somewhere, I’m captivated, it’ll be hard to get me out of there :sweat_smile: I can stay in water for hours, enjoying its contact and gentle pressure on my skin. I enjoy depth and flow in my entire being, and I’m comfortable in the undercurrents of the subconscious. :blue_heart:

I’d love to hear more about you, and what elements you feel connected to! :hugs: :sparkling_heart:
I included pairings of elements on purpose, like how personally I feel connected to the two, I can’t really pick one over the other. I’m curious to hear all of your elemental connections, and please do feel free to elaborate on them! :wink: :revolving_hearts:


I’ve always felt a connection to water for its calming effects and because like water I have been able to flow through many obstacles in my life. However, I’ve also developed a deep connection with fire from working dragon magick. :dragon:


Fire and Earth what a beautiful quiz! thank you!


I’ve thought about this before because I’m like you, @CelestiaMoon – I enjoy the warmth of a fire pit and the sun, the way it envelops and floats around you. But when it’s too much all at once it actually makes me physically sick :face_with_thermometer: I’m very, very heat sensitive, so I have to be careful.

I think the only element I’m not connected to is Air. It’s been like that for as long as I can remember. Honestly, I think it’s because it isn’t tangible for me. I can’t see air, and the only time I really feel a potential connection is when the breeze is blowing or I’m trying to connect through my breath.

I’m very, very connected to water. I think if I had to choose just one element, it would be water :water_element: :ocean: I could swim for hours and hours, send days at the beach, or be in my pool first thing in the morning during the Summer. One feeling that I wish I could replicate is the feeling of being underwater, of being completely surrounded and supported, of the quiet heaviness that’s under the water. It’s almost like a grounding experience for me. It brings me peace in a way that I find hard to explain.


Thank you for your thoughtful response @MeganB, it got me thinking too :hugs: :revolving_hearts:

I’ve had some severe physical symptoms too, I remember one summer especially well when it was 30℃ / 86℉ for a whole week (a rare occasion here in Finland, I wouldn’t be comfortable living in warmer climates…), I was on a cabin vacation with my girlfriend, no AC, no lake nearby, even outside was riddled with mosquitoes… :laughing: Shower was the only place to cool down. And I really should have used that option more often :joy: By the way I got really uncomfortable, I just could not go to the shower, even warm water felt ice cold to me. I had to slowly shower small areas of my body with warmer water, and work my way to colder temperatures, having a towel nearby to wrap myself in. I had to ask my girlfriend how warm or cold the water was, because I just couldn’t trust my own senses there. It was a bonding experience for sure, but one I’d rather not repeat :rofl:

I can get that, especially if the “air equals intellect” isn’t your thing. I’m feeling that the time I’ve spent programming computers and especially things to do with computer networks, how the data moves in the wires and in the air and how to encode all kinds of things into it, has made me connect better with the intangible. :sparkles: I feel more of a connection to the energy / spirit than air though.

Oh my, this sounds just divine :heart_eyes_cat: I have a complicated relationship to being underwater :joy: I love the feeling itself, but I’ve had a couple of almost drowning experiences, and on both of the times I was inhaling chlorinated water too, which burned in the lungs and made me panic even more… :cold_sweat: Having a way to breathe freely while underwater would be a dream come true for me though, I can feel the deep relaxation just thinking about it… :smiling_face: :sparkling_heart:


I couldn’t imagine living somewhere without AC :laughing: I grew up in a state where it was over 100°F all summer long. And even now living in Florida, the heat in the summer is over 80°F for most of the summer :laughing: I’m used to it a bit, but if I’m working outside then I have to have plenty of water, lots of shade, and a place to sit and rest.

I think that might be where my issue is with Air. I have a hard time relating Air to intellect. It’s funny, though, because I can totally relate Water to emotions and Earth to stability and the physical world. Fire I struggle with, too, but I relate to Fire on a more tangible level, I think. It makes sense the way you see Air, especially when relating to your experience in programming!

Breathing underwater is literally a dream for me. I can’t tell you how many lucid dreams I had as a kid about being in my pool swimming and realizing that I could breathe under the water :laughing: even now, I would love to get my scuba certification so I could go diving in the ocean or off the reefs. Or heck, I would settle for just being able to stay underwater in my own swimming pool :rofl:

This is definitely something I’ll have to ponder some more. Thank you for starting the discussion! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Oh dear, with those temperatures I wouldn’t either… :laughing:

The way fire dances and spreads I can totally feel the connection to passion :heart_on_fire: It has a flowy character to me that’s close to water, but quicker and lighter. Water feels heavier and… deeper to me. Both also have their calm modes that feel very nourishing and nurturing :hugs:

This sounds so good, the next time I have a lucid dream I definitely want to try this! :smiling_face: :revolving_hearts:
And why not other elements too… immersed in a sea of flames, swimming in lava, flying through the air (a classic :sweat_smile:), diving into a swamp… :star_struck:

I’d be half tempted to use some kind of a homemade mask and air hose solution, but I’d be playing with my life… :rofl: Definitely not without someone looking after me!

Thank you for your part in it :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Follow up question: Do you feel most connected to the element associated with your zodiac sign? For example, I’m a Leo, but I tend to feel more connected to water than fire. I’m just curious if there is a correlation.


I think this is a great way to describe how they both feel! Fire is definitely quicker and more direct. Water is slower and more…not gentle, but yeah, deeper is a good word for it.

It is so much! :ocean: They’re some of my favorite dreams - and honestly, some of the only ones I remember from when I was a kid :laughing:

Ya know, I’ve thought about it - but you’re right, I shouldn’t play with my life like that :joy: even if I had someone watching, it would still freak me out!

Ohhh… this is a great question! Overall, I think I do feel a closer connection to water than anything else. I’m a Scorpio Sun, so that makes sense.

I had a peek at my entire chart and my element breakdown is like this.

:water_element: Water: 4
:fire_element: Fire: 3
:earth_element: Earth: 5
:air_element: Air: 2

So, I guess looking at my entire chart, it makes sense why I connect with every element excent water, and sometimes struggle to connect with fire. I wonder if astrology plays any role in our connections to the elements! :thinking: Something more to ponder, I suppose!


A quiz! :star_struck:

For me it’s Water :water_element:

I have so much of it in my chart, grew up around it, and have what I’ve recently been noticing is an imbalance of Divine Feminine/Yin energy- it’s overpowering. I’ve been trying to work on Divine Masculine/Yang energy in my life, but it’s been slow going. Although the summer solstice and peak of solar energy seems to be helping! :sun_with_face: :grinning: :fire:

I love the quiz and I’m super excited to see the results- these types of questions are always so interesting to explore! Thank you for sharing the quiz, @CelestiaMoon! :raised_hands: :heart:

The data is pretty limited, but looking at the elemental challenges we did in the past (with the Air Challenge being the least popular), the Type of Witch poll, and now the results from this… it seems like, over and over again, Air is the least popular element.

My guess is that it’s like you said, Megan, that it’s an intangible element- harder to work with and connect to. But maybe there are other reasons too… it’s an interesting topic to explore! :mag: :mag: :thinking:

Scorpio may be spicy, but it’s still a water sign so… yup, that tracks for my sun sign! :laughing: :+1:

Had to look mine up again on Astro Cafe!

feminine 7 water 4
masculine 3 fire 0
cardinal 4 air 3
fixed 6 earth 3
mutable 0

Yeah… it’s all tracking :sweat_smile:


There absolutely is for me! :blush: I’m a Cancer Sun, Sagittarius Rising :wink:

For me it’s

:water_element: Water: 5
:fire_element: Fire: 5
:air_element: Air: 3
:earth_element: Earth: 1

It makes complete sense to me! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Awww, you’re welcome, I can feel your excitement and I love it :hugs: :sparkling_heart:

I’m pretty well balanced there, though I do feel more at home with feminine energy too. :pink_heart: I can definitely feel the shift of the seasons too :blush: :revolving_hearts:


I’m new here and I really enjoyed taking my first poll! I live in the woods so I feel like I’m in touch with all four elements :slightly_smiling_face:


Awww, that sounds lovely, welcome! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


It’s funny how that all works out :laughing:

From what I know about you, I’d say you’re right! It sounds exactly like you :blush:

Welcome to the forum @tina28 :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I’m glad you’re enjoying your time here! Living in the woods is a dream for a lot of people - I’m glad it gives you the connection to all elements!


Look at that- you’ve got a beautiful balance of fire and water, Celestia! :fire: :ocean: :sparkles: :grinning:

Welcome, Tina! :wave: :blush:


My chart says

Fire 3
Air 5
Earth 5
Water 4

But I have always had a Love of Water. According to my Chinese chart I am a wood person with a water personality. My water aspect is higher than my wood aspect if I have read it correctly.

These are the types of things that should be taught in our schools, if public education is necessary. Give ourselves the tools we need to live our lives in knowledge instead of memorization. Allow ourselves to flow into what we Love and aspire to be. Give ourselves the freedom to become our best selves with guidance instead of indoctrination.

stepping down off my soap box now


Although mine is just fire, i tend to feel drawn to water like oceans and such. It maybe as i am a Leo and fire is my element but who knows…


Also as my moon or rising sign i am a moon Pisces sign which interprets as:

With the moon in Pisces, individuals are very sensitive, and they often lose themselves in the problems and feelings of others, towards whom they are extremely receptive . They are imaginative beings, and may seem to get lost in their own fantasy world at times.

Effects Of Moon In Pisces Zodiac Sign.


So I did this, too…

masculine 5 fire 2
feminine 5 earth 3
cardinal 1 air 3
fixed 6 water 2
mutable 3

But now I have to go figure out what it all means. :joy:

So far, all I really understand is Sun in Taurus, Moon in Aquarius.


@starborn I see you stand in the crossroads too (balance in masculine and feminine, and the elements) :silver_heart: Hecate could be a good match for you, if you feel inclined to working with deities :blush: :black_heart:

I used to have a connection with her for a while, but seeing the kind of passion I had she pointed me to Lilith instead… :sweat_smile: :heart_on_fire: