Witchery Discretion

Do you still practice in the broom closet?

Do you feel you can’t practice because you are fearful of judgement or criticism?

Try these ‘mundane’ everyday things and practice right out in the open…and NO one will ever be the wiser.


Are you in the broom closet? Or do you practice out in the open? Maybe it’s a little of both?

  • Broom Closet
  • Open Practice
  • A Little of Both

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I watched your video and absolutely loved it. I smiled when you mentioned how cold you felt. Here in Ottawa it went down to 65 (still is) and I’m frozen. This is June NOT fall weather. Thank you for your tips! I’ve managed to create my own little space in the basement. It is by a huge window that actually faces out to my backyard so I’m very happy about that. My youngest daughter (20) just caught on LOL.


Thankfully it finally warmed up…over 90’s for a week now LOL. I LOVE it though, my husband and the dogs, not so much. :joy:

Oh tell me about it…my husband and daughter are ALWAYS complaining about how hot it is…and I get very annoyed when I walk into the house and the air conditioning is ON. They always state “You’re the only one that likes heat and humidity. You’re odd” :joy: Soon they both will have a one-way trip to the North pole. LOL


HAHA…same here…I get mad…because it’s basically snowing INSIDE my house…I have to go outside to warm up… haha

What a great little video! I really liked the altar in the drawer trick. That’s smart! Thank you so much for sharing!


Thank you for taking the time to watch it! :smiley:

I love that you mention jewelry- that’s usually how I bring my practice (mostly my stones) with me. I never considered keeping anything in my bra- but hey! It seems like a clever idea! :laughing::+1:

Also I just want to say that your dog is adorable :dog2::two_hearts: . Thank you so much for sharing, @SilverBear ! :sparkles:

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My friend typically keeps her entire purse in her bra, LOL!! That’s why I thought of it haha.

Doggo likes to be in the movies too haha. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Hahaha she’s a legend! :laughing: I’d be terrified of everything falling out anytime I had to bend over :sweat_smile:. Keeping crystals or trinkets on a necklace chain or as bracelet has worked wonders- much harder for me to lose things that way! :grin::+1:

Seriously, I would lose everything if I did what she does…LOL I can’t even keep track of my glasses, however, they are usually on my head. LOL.

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