Witchy names

I have noticed that some people do not go by their given name.
I have 2 other names I have used at various times but they are not at all very “witchy”.
How does one come to have a witchy name? Does it have to in fact be witchy? Or just another name you identify with?

Thanks in advance for any and all advice. And apologies if this has been addressed before. I didn’t see it when I was looking.

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You don’t have to chose or have a witchy name. In the forum, I have chosen one, but I go by my real name, Kat.

Has a lot of tips for exploring the idea and maybe finding your witch name if you were so inclined.
This is my story -

Found another link to help.

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I think my partner might be picking a witchy name sometime soon and will be on a similar journey, so I’m glad to be thinking about this already.

I agree with @Artemisia that it does not have to feel witchy. Your name just has to feel right to you, to feel right when you say it, to feel right when people address you by it. If it feels right when you refer to yourself as “XYZ the witch,” it’s perfect. :black_heart:


I had read something in another app (I wish I could remember what it was) that helped you find your witch name based on your real name and what area of witchcraft you preferred to practice. My birth name is Michelle but based on my practice it said I would be known as Mystique by my ancestors.


I chose my name because of the crystal that I was working with the most at the time. BlueAngelite! :gem:


I thought it was going to be hard so I was going to wait till something came to me but then I too read an article https://otherworldlyoracle.com/witch-names/
I like the concept of how the writer broke down the categories. Once I looked at that, I knew the 3 names I wanted. And I wrote them down in different sequences, saw how they looked & heard how they sounded and picked from there.

I went with 2 things that I was drawn to -the Moon & my favorite flower…& lastly my passed paternal grandmother’s maiden name: Swan.

My parents didn’t given me or siblings middle names, so I gave myself one and had it legally changed too.


I thought my 2nd son was going to be a girl :laughing: and I was going to name her Sivonnah. But I guess it was wishful thinking :crazy_face::rofl: Anyway the name stuck with me. :blush: It was my D&D character’s name. I loved it so much it seemed right for my witchy name :blush::purple_heart:


Hi :wave: when I first joined Spells8, my username was a version of my first name, but my daily nickname with numbers.

I chose a ‘Witch’ :witch_pentacle: name afterward to go by; & that was a combination of 2 words from my ancestry of Irish :ireland: & Italian :it: but the first part was kind of where I felt based on the word, not necessarily the entire “meaning” of that word.

I believe earlier last year, I had changed it to Susurrus because of it’s meaning & where I am & have been in my life, practice, journey for quite some time. The literal meaning is “a rustling, quiet whisper”

Which is how I feel or where I am throughout my life as I work through things of all kinds, including my practice, craft, path, journey & myself. So I suppose it’s an updated Witch :magic_wand: name for myself.

The important thing is that it resonates with you, whatever you choose. Also keep in mind, that it’s not something you Have to Do or that is Necessary for the forum.

Another thing to thing to think about is , that it can be, a Username if you want it to be. Whether it’s your Witch Name :mage: is totally up to you :hugs:

So if you want to change it, feel free to do so! It can be what you want it to be & what you’re comfortable with to go by within the coven :infinite_roots:

If you choose a witch name :witch_hat: or a username & need assistance changing it, feel free to send a message :email: to @moderators & 1 of us will be happy :blush: to help you get it changed :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Thanks everyone. I have a name i used to make a facebook do i could post about my craft before everyone knew. Im still feeling pulled towards that name. I will cobsider it some more and then see how i feel.

Thanks again!!!


My nickname when I was younger was "Shadow Jester "