Working on Money Spell

It is with a very heavy heart I write about my wonderful beast cat Yuki. He has started to be sick all of the time and we took him to the vet. They have recommended we start with a blood and urine test but that alone is upwards in cost of $300. Those tests may not even reveal anything and from there they suggest an X-ray and that’s almost $600.
Yuki is too good of a companion to not have the best treatment made available however I am not in a place of abundance to have that disposable income and am in the midst of trying to craft a spell to bring wealth in.
If anyone has any tried and true spells do please let me know!
I also wondered would it be something acceptable if I were to put my PayPal link or create a go fund me (?) for Yuki and if so would it be ok to do so within our coven?
I am not the type who likes to ask for help, nor am I the type who likes to receive~I am admittedly a giver but I recognize there is no shame in asking when you do truly need help.
Blessed be and thank you in advance for any advice!
Yuki (and Alice)


@MeganB, @Francisco, @BryWisteria they would be great resources for how to go about setting those up here if it’s allowed. I am a giver also & hate asking for help. I’m trying to remember the last money spell that I did because it was very beneficial, but I don’t know that it would necessarily bring in an abundance of funds. But something is better than nothing right?

I have a jar spell that I used with turquoise, quartz, pink salt, oats, & mugwort with a green candle. I can’t remember the words off hand that I used. Ack… my brain is awful when I try to retrieve something from memory. I will definitely get back to you today with it. I will send a message through the forum.


I so appreciate you my friend


I promise to get it to you before dinner. I just have to find it on my computer, I remember doing it & that week I got some much needed funds.


It’s just so hard right now for me to even save, never mind unexpected financial emergencies :tired_face:


How old is your cat?
Forgive for what am about to say, but vets have not as much compassion as we feel for our lovely pets. They are in for the money, and they make a nice living out of it.
I have loved animals all my life, why I keep going to such troubles.
They live, die and feel awful when they are gone.
We had a cat for 20 years. It came to a point when we seen there was no way back. We made sure she was as comfortable as possible.
I hated myself at times for not having enough to pay vet. fees.
There’s no guarantee that they will recover.
I’ve to vets, and it’s for me as stressful as for my little friends.
I feel guilty because pedigree or mongrels, give everything expecting to little, unlike some humans.
In the end, she’d past away.
I’ve placed gently inside one of my compost bins cover with hay and soil.
Said goodbye and cried a bit.
I’m happy that her spirit wanders around the garden.
Same trouble with a duck. She had in egg stuck up the uterus. £100 X-ray and £500 to open her in half to remove the egg.
Funny is that once they smear the flesh with chemicals, it can not be consumed.
I know what you might think, but farmers do this all the time and ancient cultures ate the animal to feed on the flesh and absorve it’s qualities.
One thing I have learnt the hard way was, if you gonna eat, do not give it a name.
My father was a farmer.
I bought these eggs in the supermarket.
I incubated them.
She was so tiny, she needed so much attention. I couldn’t wait to see her in the morning alive.
She made it.
We had so much fun with pair, a boy & a girl.
She died 3 years later, the boy keeps growing strong, 5 years old.
It’s a real rascal.
You’ve no idea how nasty drakes can get.
He damaged it’s beak several times and fixed it with tape.
He wears does scars like medals.
That should teaching for getting so boisterous.
Despite the ups & downs, would it all over again.
It’s really up to you. Whatever you decide, your conscience will be clear.
My mother died and felt exactly the same way. It was quicker than expected, but what hurt me most is that did not have time to mourn her.
Why our lovely pets have to grow and get sick?
Same as humans, only my bond is stronger with animals.
What went wrong, I ask myself?


Yuki is ten years, or a few years older and he has lived a most magnificent life. However he has told me he has more to do and I want very much to be able to allow him that


small jar
green candle
turquoise, green aventurine, emerald, or amazonite (or a combination of them)
pink salt
a few coins
bay leaf

Write money & your name on the bay leaf & light the green candle

place the green stones, quartz, then oats/rice, mugwort, pink salt in the jar with a few coins


Towards this wish the money grows
With these coins, it overflows
coins that jingle, coins that shine
so mote it be the money is mine

burn the bay leaf and seal the jar with wax from the green candle.


This is so beneficial and it’s very short and sweet :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: you can even make those words that Krissie sent

Be a chant you can say to grant you what ever you seek financially, its definitely worth the try.


Surely has a few lives left under his paw😃.
Sasha was 20. Remember I wanted to adopt a cat, the woman from the cat protection league said the house was unsuitable.
At a local petshop I’ve spotted her in a tiny cage. Paid £25 for a common cat!
She was a hommy girl, all the local boy were after her. She hated it. She’s only happy with us in the garden.

She’s black, but in summer partially got coffe and milk colour.

Never put on weight, was very fuzzy eater and had personality.

She’d decided when play begun and finished.
Her favourite pastime, sleeping.
Hope he ticks all the boxes before his time comes.


Just as so you’re all able to put a face with the name(s) the big fella is Yuki and the small black familiar is Nomi. I love them so much


Awe!!! I just wanna hug’em! I love how he is holding Nomi, so sweet!


Oh I know~he’s such a lover. Nomi however tolerates it (she’s not much for the cuddles) :joy_cat:


This is prolly my favourite pose of his~he’s honestly so ridiculous and wonderful


Is he an American breed( he’s large and we’ll groomed) or is that spoil him rotten?:smiley:


I do not know his breed but he’s a bit of both~a large size and overweight. He has one blue eye and one green eye which I’ve noticed is something other cats I’ve seen that share his physique and coat colour/length also have.
He is also a bit spoiled but sadly (for him) I’ve had to really put my foot down and he’s on a diet.
The vet has suggested we switch him to a hypoallergenic diet which does thankfully seem to be agreeing with them both and they also gave him a round of anti nauseant’s that seem to be also helping.
He takes his kitty pill like a champ~I’m so proud of him.


That’s great Sasha would not take any tablets and seem dogs behaving same way.
He’s a mummy’s boy!


I wrote this spell this morning for my own needs … didn’t think I’d need to share it this quick but here ya go:

Quick Money My Way Please

This spell uses an orange candle for success, with cinnamon oil for speed and prosperity. I cast it on a Sunday for success.

I call on Mercury to hear my plea,
Bring money and prosperity to me!
Aid me quickly for I am in need,
Before my checkbook begins to bleed!
Thank you so much for hearing my cry,
And for being a good friend and ally!

So mote it be!

Hope this helps!


This was well done @Amethyst love the words to your money spell :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Did one for myself some months aback but it was more of a chant and I must say every time I say the words, I always receive in Devine time.

I only Chant it though when I am REALLY in need.


That’s a wonderful one too @Amethyst… this was why you were meant to write it!

I hope that @AliceInWonderdab & @NickWick have positive results with the ideas.

Please keep us updated. Yuki is adorable. I just want to hug him!