Yule Traditions

I have always celebrated Christmas ever since I can remember, this year is special as I am celebrating it as Yule. I was curious if anybody had any special Yule traditions that they’d like to share? Or does anyone have a recipe they make, share with their family every year?


I like making witch balls! Here’s a page I found for a couple ideas for you :slight_smile: the ones they show are for peace and for love, but you can use any positive intention!


Another thing is a Yule Log!


There are a lot of Christmas traditions that you can incorporate at Yule, since many of them are pagan in origin (i.e., decorating an evergreen tree, gift giving, singing carols).

But here are a few more Yule traditions that to consider.
How to Celebrate the Winter Solstice, the Shortest Day of the Year


Personally, I watch the heck out of The Christmas Carol. When you think of it, the three ghosts are like the Triple Goddess. Maiden, Mother, Crone. Past, Present, Future. Plus my family has always loved the story. But that’s a big part of my family’s tradition that I don’t mind continuing. You can still do a lot of the things you used to, like @Kasandra said, most of Christmas was stolen from us Pagans anyhow.


Last year was my first experience with Yule. I opted not to have tree, but a Yule Log. We pretty much celebrated the season as we have before, but included lighting tea lights that were placed on the Yule log every night. Last year though felt different, Christmas became more materialistic to me ( I am not of a religious faith ) over the years as my kids grew up and the “Santa” magic had vanished… :pensive: It was nice to recreate the season through a different view and new traditions. This year I plan to have a tree, with more so earthy, pagan, craft decorations and a Yule Log. I also plan to have a bonfire every Sunday evening just enjoying the season. @Amethyst I love the Christmas Carol as well! I prefer the older original, although the one with Jim Carey was pretty good too.
@bryce Whatever you discover to do, I hope it’s joyous and memorable.
Blessed Be,


Pagan Witchery has some ornaments on sale that are pretty. Expensive, but pretty. I linked you though in case you wanted to make some to give you some ideas.

I’ve only found one version of the Christmas Carol that I disliked, but my favorites are the musical version from the 1970s and of course, the Muppet Christmas Carol. LOL.


Those are so gorgeous. That’s such a great idea. :heart:


Probably explains why the pagan lifestyle isn’t that different for me. It was stolen from other pagans, just molded into their own.


I love the Christmas Carol as well, they are quite similar. How the Grinch Stole Christmas has always been mine. There’s quite a few similarities between both sides.


That’s what’s different about me, as I have gotten older it’s been less materialistic and I just enjoy spending time with my family. I work an unconventional schedule, so the time I get with them is precious. I just bought a tree to use year round.


Those are beautiful ornaments, however they are quite expensive.


They are pricey! I’m hoping they’ll go down before Yule and I’ll get me one.


Sounds so magical having yule around Christmas time… Here its hot in Australia and we do celebrate like everyone else but i feel its never the same without the snow that so many countries are fortunate to have… How about Litha? Any suggestions to mix it up with Christmas?


The Sabbats are celebrations of the season, so I personally would recommend that you bask in the joys of bright Litha and enjoy the lovely weather you have there :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I don’t think you necessarily need to combine the two holidays- Litha/Yule is on December 21st and Christmas is on December 25th- you could celebrate both as their own special occasions! :blush:


Greetings @bryce!

It looks like @Velle beat me to the Yule Log- that’s a favorite Yule tradition of mine! Although I usually prefer the Yule Log made out of chocolate (aka Bûche de Noël) :yum::chocolate_bar:

I like to decorate with pine around the house :evergreen_tree: and sometimes we’ve made peanutbutter pinecones and popcorn strings to decorate a tree outside for the wildlife during a more barren time of the year :snowflake: :deer:

For spellwork, Yule is a great time for Sun/Solar Magick, as it is the Winter Solstice :sun_with_face:

And on a somewhat related note, last year I learned about the Yule Cat- that’s a fun Yuletide story to share at celebrations! :smirk_cat::tshirt:

Yule is coming up quickly- wishing everyone blessed preparations for the Sabbat! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


The only thing I can think of is usually there’s a bonfire on Litha and a fireplace going on Christmas. But yeah, it’s difficult to mix up Litha with Christmas. Sorry I couldn’t be more help.


HI @bryce, just like you I’m new to celebrating Yule, I’ve always celebrated it as Christmas. I will try to make a Yule Log this year. I’m still new here and still going through my lessons, learning the different seasons. Last year I didn’t put up a Christmas Tree, maybe I’ll do a small one since my boys still like one up. It is nice and exciting to hear how everyone else does for Yule, I’m looking forward to seeing what everyone else does. Thanks, @bryce for your question I was wondering the same thing.
Blessed Be


I need to make a Yule Log this year, I’ve noticed since being on this path Yule excites me again. I feel the magic I used to as a kid returning, I wish I would’ve came back sooner.

My favorite past time is seeing a Momma Deer and her kin in the snow falling around them. Love seeing wildlife this time of year. I’m definitely going to try some of the things you mentioned, thank you friend! :heart:


In many ways, I feel that it’s not far off from celebrating traditional Christmas. We have many of the same traditions, just Pagan’s seem to have a deeper tradition. I like that it’s not all about the presents. I always like to honor my family one’s that are still with us, those departed. I’m glad you liked my question, looks like I wasn’t the only one wondering. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Wow, that is such a beautiful way to put it. The holidays and this time of year really did have such a powerful magick around them during childhood, didn’t they? I feel like since growing up it’s more about the panic of shopping, buying and wraping gifts, dealing with mandatory plans, etc :sweat_smile:

You’re absolutely right that there’s something about Yule that rekindles that special, natural spark and joy of the holiday season :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :snowflake:

I’m really glad if some of the suggestions were helpful for you Bryce! Wishing you all the best with your celebrations- have a blessed Yule, friend! :heart: