Zodiac Magick 🌟 Star Magic Catch Up

I figured since I missed the Star :star: Magick challenge, I would go ahead and write up a post about using the Zodiac :scorpius: in magick. This is something new to me, too, so my research is your research!

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I see it all over social media when the Full Moon comes, or when a planet shifts into a different star sign – The Full Moon :full_moon: is in Aquarius! Take this time to work magick regarding x, y, and z! My problem is I have never worked with the zodiac in my magic. I barely work with the days of the week :sweat_smile: However, I want to start incorporating more astrological correspondences in my spellwork, and to do that, I need to learn about it!

The moon moves through all twelve signs of the zodiac throughout one moon cycle, so about every 28 days (1). Different planets :ringer_planet: move faster or slower, so their movements will obviously be different. I am just focusing on the moon for this post because it is easier. Each zodiac sign has different correspondences for magick and different things that are generally focused on. I will go through some correspondences for all twelve signs and then give an idea of how you can work with these in your magick.

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Finding good sources for zodiac magick has proven to be difficult because the search terms are innocuous. Looking at just the zodiac, it has been hard for me to really figure out what each one represents beyond a few basic keywords. I am using a book that was recommended to me called Fixed Star, Sign, and Constellation Magic by Christopher Warnock . I am reading it on Scribd, but I’m sure you can find it on Amazon or another online bookstore.

According to Warnock, different zodiac signs correspond to different physical attributes and can work as talismans for different things. (2)

:fire: Fire Signs (Aries, Leo, or Sagittarius) - helpful with fevers, paralysis and tremors, edema; allows the user to be accepted, eloquent, ingenious, and honorable

:wind_face: Air Signs (Gemini, Libra, or Aquarius) - heals disease and makes the user healthier, creates friendship, harmony, and decreases depression

:ocean: Water Signs (Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces) - heals fevers and reduces anger

:earth_africa: Earth Signs (Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn) - cures illnesses caused by excessive heat, ephemeral fevers; makes the user grateful, acceptable, eloquent, devout, and religious

He also goes on to give keywords associated with each sign as well as an invocation for each one. I have shared their keywords here as well as the invocation for Scorpio.

:aries: Aries - energy, change and new beginnings, audacity
:taurus: Taurus - determination, love, sensuality, strength
:gemini: Gemini - intelligence, thought, sociability
:cancer: Cancer - emotion, sensitivity, empathy, protective love
:leo: Leo - ambition, authority, fame, determination
:virgo: Virgo - precision, practicality, harvest
:libra: Libra - diplomacy, justice, elegance
:scorpius: Scorpio - determination, strength, secrecy

Invocation of Scorpio (sharing this one because I’m a Scorpio)
O Barbiel, angel of Scorpio, sign of the Scorpion, I call upon you! Fill this talisman with your power, spirit, and pneuma, and allow it to bring its user determination, strength, secrecy.

:sagittarius: Saggitarius - optimism, idealism, gain
:capricorn: Capricorn - practicality, hard work, grounding
:aquarius: Aquarius - avant-garde, humanitarian, big picture patterning
:pisces: Pisces - mystic, poetic, intuitive, empathetic

Some people are able to take the moon in its phase and combine it with the zodiac sign it’s in and work very specific magick. I would like to think I could eventually get to that point, but it honestly feels a bit ceremonial and restrictive to me. Would it be helpful for larger workings? Absolutely, but I think for everyday things it really isn’t a necessity.

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With that being said, I know you can also work with the energy of the sun :sun_behind_small_cloud: as it moves through different planets every day. It always amazes me the different things we have for correspondences and ways we can boost the powers of our spells.

This coming full moon will be in Libra which, according to the above keywords, would be a good time for workings involving justice and balance. Do you have any specific plans? Do you involve the zodiac or astrology into your magick at all? I would love to hear your thoughts, too, because even though I’m not a new witch, I’m still learning every single day!


(1) How long does a planet stay in a sign-planetary movements – Skydog Institute

(2) https://www.scribd.com/document/444634727/Christopher-Warnock-Fixed-Star-Sign-and-Constel-z-lib-org


I agree with your conclusions. I think adding too many layers of symbolism to a spell is not very practical for everyday magick.

But if it’s a special occasion or a large group ritual where things need to be clear and powerful, those correspondences can be very useful. And that book is a great reference! Thanks for sharing, @MeganB!


While I do use my Zodiac/horoscope readings (and have occasionally dipped into incorporating horoscopes with tarot readings too :flower_playing_cards:), I’m the same- I don’t usually dig too deep into tying current moon/planet positions with the Zodiac.

Having said that, I do love to read and get inspiration from @Abs53’s very helpful weekly posts (most recent one here) about happenings in the celestial heavens. She does a great job explaining the complex influences between planets and Zodiac signs! :ringer_planet:

I love the Zodiac, horoscopes, and astrology in my practice but I tend to keep it separate from other aspects like moon worship. That being said, there’s always room to learn and try new things! :star_struck:

Thanks for this helpful post, @MeganB- it was a pleasure to read! :hearts:


You’re welcome! It was recommended to me by someone on a different site and so far, it’s interesting!

For sure! I love reading her posts :earth_africa:

I’m glad you both enjoyed my little challenge post :smiley:


Thanks for all that good info I am going to copy your notes! Thanks for the information on the zodiac energies! I know we’re going into Libra energy on the 28th and the Libra :libra: is looking for more justice but at the same time trying to harmonize with energies. I know we as a society have been on the more dominant side. I hope to see we use more of the feminine qualities! For me I tend to use up all the masculine energies and I need to get more balanced. When my body says Jeannie you are over doing it. I need to move in more with the feminine energies! I try to be harmonized with my heavy work schedule and today I leaned into my masculine energy to try to have my weekends off again. I made sure my boss understood my needs. I always work on Saturday! Know I just leaned into my feminine qualities so I can take care of my body. I am very excited to be balanced. I have been working on weekends way to long. Thanks to my Libra energies I know will have balance.
Blessed be


@BryWisteria @MeganB thank you :blush:


Thanks for this post @MeganB! It’s so interesting :blush:

As you can probably guess, I use the planets, sun and moon signs in my magic alot, in fact, most of my magic is directly linked to the moon :full_moon:

I even choose the colours I dress in and my daily crystals according to the which zodiac sign the moon is for the day :joy:

I tend to use the phases of the moon and zodiac placements for any spell work related to emotional or internal issues and I use the suns positions in the zodiac for any physical or external issues.

So today, the moon is in Virgo, so I’m wearing a dark purple dress and carrying pyrite and amethyst.

Each morning, since the sun has been in Aries, I’ve said a little Aries inspired Affirmation like “I am full of energy, Aries has filled me with the fire needed to conquer amy challenges in my path this month!”

Tonight, as the Moon is waxing gibbous, ill be meditating and thinking of the progress I’ve made recently in improving a few virgo-esk habits - like my new mood tracker and how my daily ritual is benefiting my mental health. And how energised I’ve felt going for a jog each morning - thank you sun in aries. Lol.

Because the moon phases/zodiac placements change so often it doesn’t feel particularly restrictive for me, I actually feel much more grounded when I follow the signs :joy:

Of course, if I really wanted to cast a spell or wear a certain colour or carry I different crystal I would! It’s the intent behind the spell that is the most potent ingredient! I just feel better generally when I flow with the zodiac :ocean:


You said this perfectly, @Abs53! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Our intent is the core and driving force of our magick and the Zodiac/horoscopes can be a great compass for this energy :compass:

Reading the stars and planets can give direction and guidance for spellwork and rituals and, just like you said, they can also be great inspiration for things like choosing colors to wear and what crystals to use for the day! :blush:


Hi I noticed you said that,


I think it’s really awesome you are doing that extra self care for yourself! You deserve some recognition for that! I am trying to be better about journaling and this would help me. Thanks to Megan I feel I could track better.
Do you have any pointers?
How can I track the moon like the way you do? Is it hard? I always just use infinite roots tracker. Is there a better way to track the moon? You said you use the moon tracker, and I just was wondering if you could expand on the subject? Or what traker do you use? You could probably do a whole video huh?
Thanks for your input!


Being a Chaote witch, I necessarily use different methods in my magick.

The problem for me has always been that rarely do horoscopes describe me (at best maybe one or two characteristics out of a dozen). So, while I enjoy reading them in hopes of something that’s mystical and entertaining, I know that little will apply.
Also, a large part of me does believe that Relativity affects Quantum and vice-versa. So planetary activity would affect human behavior and outcomes, but again, seldom works for me.
For example, for me Mercury retrograde is usually a time when minor problems dissolve or get ‘unstuck’ rather than the contrary, but that’s due to my mercury placement.
I do use certain things, like planetary times, days, etc.


Do you know your birth time? I can do a chart with an interpretation for you if you are interested… let me know. :hugs: :night_with_stars:


You are always so kind!
Thank you. :heartpulse:
I do, and location outside the US.
I would hate to put you through that trouble, though.
I was clumsily trying to explain why, although I get its significance, I personally haven’t been as passionate about learning more about it than the most rudimentary stuff, you know? Whereas with other aspects of witchcraft that I know work, I search out everything I can about the subject.
You, Marsha, are a treasure! :kissing_heart:


It’s not a problem @Wysteria_Norn

I totally understand. My daughter is a triple Gemini and everything fits her! I was curious, and of course, I love helping. When I was studying astrology, I calculated everything by hand and would check my calculations with my computer. Now I only use my computer to calculate the charts, and reports! If you change your mind let me know.

With love :heart: always