A little Forgiveness Ritual

Think of someone you are mad at or have been angry or upset with.

Holding onto that energy doesn’t hurt them. It hurts YOU. One of the greatest benefits of forgiveness is that it releases YOU from the bondage of your past pain and suffering.

Release those low vibrations today.

You need:

1 bay leaf or piece of paper

1 pen

1 fireproof dish

1 lighter or matches

Write the person name on the bay leaf or the piece of paper.

Think about that person.

Think about what it feels like to allow forgiveness to crawl into your heart.

Think about being at peace and free of suffering.

Forgiving someone doesn’t FREE them of their actions. It frees YOU of pain.

Forgiveness does not erase the past, but looks upon it with compassion.

When you are ready, hold the paper/leaf and repeat:

I release the anger I have for you.

I release the pain inside of me.

These feelings do not serve me well.

The bonds of pain and suffering are broken.

Healing energy flows through me now.

I am free.

So mote it be.

Now take that leaf or paper and burn it.

Toss it in your fireproof dish and watch the pain and suffering being burned away.

Once the ashes are cool, toss them outside off the property.


This is lovely, I’m definitely adding it to my BOS for use when I need it. Right now I can’t think of anyone that I would need it for, but I’m sure I will in the future.


So mote it be! :pray: Thanks for this spell, Laurie!! Wishing you a happy waning moon! :last_quarter_moon:


Beautiful and powerful :relieved::pray: I am loving these bay leaf spells lately- this one is a new favorite! Thanks so much for sharing, @Silverbear :heart:


A little tip with this spell… you can also add your own name to the leaf. We often project negative self talk and anger towards ourselves. This is a lovely way to release that. :smiley:


Gosh, this is fantastic! Thanks for sharing @SilverBear! :heart:


I’m with @krissie117 I’m adding this to my big book! Thanks again @SilverBear for another wonderful spell :sparkling_heart: