Advice of remedy for chronic migraines

Have been dealing with Migraines with visual aura for three days, already. Need a tested way to relieve the pain, 'cuz ordinary medication is not helping anymore. Have tried drinking more water, and hot bath also - no results. Is there a tea I could try? Or maybe a calming ritual?


If @Mistress_Of_Herbs is around, she probably has something.

Sending you calming vibes anyhow. Hope it gets better.



If you have access to essential oils, mix the following

4 drops of lavender
4 drops of peppermint
10ml of carrier oil

Apply to your temples, wrists and back of neck. It also helps to put onto your feet. After applying, cup your hands and take a few deep breaths to inhale before washing your hands.

Hope you find a solution soon

Blessed be



Ice on your forehead and back of your neck. I used to keep 2 bags of cheap frozen vegetables for just that purpose. They stay cold a while and they are easy to mold into the right spot. Lay on your back, one on your forehead and one under your neck. It is going to hurt like hell at first but wait it out, it doesn’t last long and relief will come.

Ice cold electrolyte drinks, like down 6 or 8 ounces, maybe not all in one shot but rather quickly.

There is science behind both of those, can’t remember. Something about blood vessels

This one has no science behind it and I get looks at the very least but it is a quick fix with moderate relief until you can get to something better.

Tie something around your head just above your temple. I don’t mean like tighten a belt around your head but like a hair scarf tied a little snug in cute little knot on the side.

I used to get trigger migraines so make sure you cover all of the headache bases: caffeine, food, water. Because of the oils and such, coffee is the best caffeine source and if you pour hot coffee over ice (the only acceptable way to make iced coffee says the coffee snob :laughing:) and it’s a 2 in one with the ice cold drink


I don’t have migraines, but I hate headaches!! My tried and true relief is peppermint oil! I rub some on my forehead, behind my hears, my temples, and at the base of my neck. Of course, be careful with oils and make sure you can tolerate it before you douse yourself in it!

Also, I have had luck with a cool rag on my head and a hot rag on my neck at the same time.

Finally, I actually like a hot corn bag (a fabric bag full of feed corn… rice works too) heated in the microwave for about 2.5 minutes right on my head. I’ve always heard that cold helps headaches more, but hot seems to take mine away.

I’m so sorry you’re struggling! I hope your headaches eases soon!


I’m so sorry to hear you’ve been dealing with this. :people_hugging: I hope the pain ends as soon as possible. :black_heart:

The last series of headaches I had, the doctor gave me codeine and sent me off to have an MRI. Unfortunately, the codeine was the only thing that worked.

While I don’t have any fixes for you, might I suggest that if it keeps going, you might want to check with a doctor? I recently got my MRI results back, and there’s… there’s something in my brain. I’m still processing and my GP wasn’t comfortable with making a judgment, so it’s off to the neurologist next. :face_exhaling: But yeah, there’s a slim chance a migraine isn’t always just a migraine.


@Amethyst thank you for support, I needed it.

@Cosmic_Curiosity I have to buy them, because I only orange, lemon and eucalyptus oils left in my cupboard. But thank you, I appreciate the help. :purple_heart:

@Nixi The physiological explanation would be - the cold constricts blood vessels, :snowflake: I believe with migraines the cold would only make it worse 'cuz migraines by themselves are caused by constricted cerebral vessels.
But I tried it, and the pain went away for a while, unfortunately it had a very short effect…

@AileyGrey I appreciate your help, thanks. :hugs:

@starborn So sorry to hear that. I hope it is a treatable condition and you will get better. :purple_heart:
I have a similar problem, I was diagnosed with microprolactinoma, but it is so small it couldn’t cause migraines, it affects my hormones and my period. Though you are totally correct, I think it is a great idea to have myself checked.

Thank you everyone for your help, I hope it will get better soon. I tried ice and will try oils later today, hopefully with great effect :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
Love you all :purple_heart:


I’m so sorry to hear about your migraines- I deal with them too and I know they are no fun at all :people_hugging: :heart:

When they get ready bad, I’ve found the fastest way to get them under control is to go into a dark, quiet place away from people and noises, cover my head with a blanket, and focus on deep breathing. The dark, quiet, and calm helps to ease the pain, although it can take some time to get back to normal.

Yes, she has some amazing herbal recipes, and I believe she has very kindly shared a tea specific to migraines here in the forum! Let me see if I can find it…

Here it is: Migraine Tea (and there’s also a Migraine Oil)

While digging through the archives I also found a lovely Self Love Anti Migraine Bath Tea by @Ostara that might interest you too! :bathtub:

I see there are some lovely recipes and advice already shared here too- I hope that you’ll find plenty of methods that help you to have on hand any time the migraines act up!

Wishing you all the best, Eva- much love and many blessings :sparkles:


You are welcome @EvaCVM, I’m just sorry i couldn’t help more,.


I have no evidence based advice but I have lived this and have quite a bit of mundane advice. I periodically get migraines with aura and usually there isn’t much I can do to make them stop once they start. Alternating hot and cold therapy (warm compress over the eyes, then something cold like frozen veg) has helped me. As you saw it basically is effective while it is there and cold or warm, but it lets me get some naps and those naps are incredibly healing. Drinking more water is good, make sure you get some electrolytes so that you don’t make the venal constriction feel worse by inundating it with more pressure. This can be as simple as adding a few grains of salt to one of your cups of water through the day (not all of them, just one cup, salty water can cause stomach upset). It is a way to more effectively hydrate. You can also nibble on saltines or some other salty cracker while drinking water.

For me, migraines like this often are a result of stress. Strong smells would make me nauseous in the thick of it so I drink some slightly more plain tea, like chamomile or hibiscus, that also has some correspondence to anxiety or stress relief. I try and stay in the dark with soothing sounds playing to help prevent nausea from overstimulation and listening to those anxiety relief sounds on youtube seems to work well for easing some of my internal tension. I do my best to be easy with myself. There really isn’t a way to make the migraine go away by stressing about it, so I give myself reduced expectations in all my realms of life and spend time napping and praying. I find prayer very grounding and can have times where I am not better, but at least I’m not as anxious, and I can take solace that I’m in a deep valley of suffering now, but it will end and I will be okay again. Many of the migraine remedies I see on here help me more between migraines than during them, but you may have a different experience so feel free to experiment.

A possible important note is that my most common aura is to lose the majority of my vision for hours while still being very light sensitive. It’s extremely frightening and it doesn’t help that my migraines leave me disoriented and unbalanced as well. Some of these stress relieving practices just help me to stay calm which I find beneficial because being in terrible pain, nauseous, and with limited vision is bad enough without panicking that the world has disappeared or I will lose my vision forever this time or worrying that I can’t do my work while I’m so sick. Just staying calm has a medicinal effect that even makes the pain feel less acute.

For migraine prevention I highly recommend keeping a migraine diary to try and discover triggers and building a meditation practice along with some gentle exercise like walking or yoga on days you are well. If you can, get a blood test to check your nutritional deficiencies as well. Mine were worse when I was vitamin D deficient but they lessened as I resolved the deficiency. I do recommend doing vitamins or supplements with a doctor of some kind as some supplements can cause issues when taken in too large of a dose.

I hope something from that can help you and I will send prayers of healing your way.


@TheTravelWitch_Bry thanks for posting these.

@Amethyst sorry i didnt see u tagged me til this am. Sorry we were on vacation, and since getting back i need another one. Lol

@EvaCVM i was just gonna say, i understand and feel your pain. I personally have chronic clustered migraines with auras. They are very debilitating. So glad Bry was able to give u those recipes, as they are the ones i personally use too. Hope with all the suggestions u find something that works for u. But please make sure to speak with your doctor before starting any herbal treatments.


No worries, @Mistress_Of_Herbs. Hope you had a great vacation!


@Amethyst we did, thank u


Thank you, your support means a lot.
I eventually got rid of pain just by having an aromatherapy session in my bath with a mix of oils that my sweet and kind witches suggested here.

Love you all. :sparkles: :crescent_moon:


Good, you deserve a nice vacation!

@EvaCVM glad you are feeling better.


@EvaCVM soooooo glad u feel better

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