Amazonite - Have you worked with it?

@SilverBear has a sharp eye and talent with crystals! :grin: They sure can be hard to identify- I love your idea about an app for identifying them, @nadialuna. It seems to be unfortunately common for shops and sellers to mislabel the stones they sell. Like the discussion about Is Selenite Really Selenite? :face_with_monocle:

I’ve tried ordering from sites like AliExpress and Amazon with very mixed results. For anyone looking to add some lovely Amazonite or other stones to their collection, I’ve found it’s worth it to spend a bit more and invest in stones from a specialized shop! :gem: :sparkles:


I agree! I only order from a couple shops. I learned the hard way. If you take a pic, this site helps with I’d a stone…

Otherwise, you’d have to use the Moh’s hardness scale, color, shapes, etc.

That’s amazing, Christina :heart_eyes: A crystal identifier is a really great resource- thanks so much for sharing! :gem::sparkles:


You’re welcome :blush: I know the frustration trying to identify crystals! There’s also a website that my school uses a lot and that’s it’s all the way at the bottom. You enter the type of crystal then it has a pic and tells you everything
there is to know about that crystal.