Aura & Energy Scanning Thread

@john.knox while I’m sort of excited I seemed to do well, I can completely understand where you are with those things. I will try to find some things that helped me in the beginnong to at least get your footing aittle more stable. :smiling_face:

Whenever you would like to try to do one for me that would be fun! I’d love to see what your reading says & the method you use.

I will say that it helped my confidence with my abilities & intuition, so thank you for helping me get to where I actually followed through with trying a new method.

I have a distance healing book :open_book: that I keep on my smaller altar next to my bed. Its easier to do my devotionals & certain meditations :woman_in_lotus_position:. Plus I use it for passed on loved one’s items to have their own places.


@Siofra_Strega I’ll try to do yours:

I see a grove of trees one tree is in the middle that’s you

I see a green aura I see connection to nature to the earth

I see a connection to the other trees: family friends?

I see a keen interest in the occult, healthy eating, healthy living & self improvement.

I feel a strong kind heart that wants to help others & to help your own family

I feel a strong heart, a kind 1.

I know you’re having many difficulties: sleep, mental health issues & family issues but I feel like you can get over them.

Knowledge I feel like know how from different areas is your friend.

How accurate is this?


@jan_TheGreenWitch i wanna repay the favor:

Rely more on reason & less on intuition.

Your aura is bluish purple to me I don’t see your chakras cuz of my psych meds but I’ll do what I can…

I see an eagle soaring looking over everything from above: you’re a very big picture person & it tells me you should focus more on the details


@john.knox I have no words, very well done & actually scarily accurate! Thank you! Definitely brightened my day a bit. Spot on!


@john.knox hello John I looked back over some of the things I wrote yesterday and realized that there a couple of things I wanted to clarify.

I am getting the message that the Dragon card pulls were for your finances and the forest of enchantment cards were for relationships.

I have a book called Around the Tarot in 78 days. I have looked at this book to add a bit more information.

For the dragon cards I don’t have much more to save up the nine of swords but the ace of wands. The ace of wands is a card where are you are encouraged to never stop striving for what you want. It is a card of independent thinking and vision. One of the messages of the card is a need to manage your affairs in your own way. Possibly this relates to your sales experience. When we see others successful in sales we try to mirror what they’re doing which is good however we need to also make it our own style so it comes across as authentic. You can block the energy of the ace of wands by being negative and gloomy, not believing in magic of potentials, giving into apathy and weariness, giving up when you have only just begun. You can connect with his card by supporting others in every way by word and deed and being encouraging all day. Remember to include yourself in the supportive actions and encouragement. Another thought that came to me was that maybe there will be other career opportunities for you to look into/go after. It is always a good time to look for a job when you have a job.

For the forest of enchantment tarot cards I got the message that this was in regards to relationships. It is interesting that one is suspension and one is talking about speed and swiftness. The eight of spells is also the eight of wands. In relationships this card indicates the growth of a relationship at a faster pace however it is important to understand in which direction the relationship is moving so it does not get overtaken by the furious pace of the present moment. it can also signify that you will soon receive information with regard to the relationship that is presently on its way to you. ( the preceding was taken directly from the aforementioned book)

For the suspension card which is the hangedman. In the relationship position this card indicates a unique situation where you can abandon yourself to the relationship itself and allow it to take you to an unexpected insight. This relationship will recover deeper parts of you than you currently realize and is extremely transformative. It may also indicate an unusual relationship. You can connect with this cart by standing firm on your principles not committing to anything and to hold your place.(this too is taken directly from the aforementioned book)

It seems like in relationship things may be moving fast but you don’t want to lose yourself if that makes sense. Standing firm on your principles (Suspension) doesn’t necessarily mean being too rigid or taking yourself too seriously.

I hope this information is a little bit more helpful. Please let me know if any of this makes sense or resonates with you. As I said this is my first time doing anything for someone else especially long distance.

Thank you I look forward to your scan/reading.

Around the Tarot in 78 Days.
Edited to add link to book and to add in an extra thought. I don’t think anyone can ever say that I don’t overthink things. :joy:


Let me give a prediction for today:

White green and red blend to an earthquake today

Day of big changes, discoveries

How is this accurate for you?


I’ll let you know once the day is over :blush: it’s just now barely after 7am for me.


So how was my prediction for yesterday?

prediction for today:
Breaking things idols & earthquakes

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Ohh thank you for the reminder! I forgot to check-in. Yesterday was very busy for me lol

I think the earthquake part was definitely something prevalent for me. Not necessarily physically but some things happened in my personal life that shook things up. Overall, pretty accurate for me! The only thing that confuses me a bit is the green and red :thinking: I might have to think on that one a bit more.


Green & red are the dragons
The 1st the way of nature 2nd the way of blood the way of man

Also the color of the base v heart chakra
@MeganB ?


Hmm :thinking: still not quite sure of the connection but I’m sure if it’s meant to come to me, it will!



Changing tides spiritually changing emotions from sad to happy & vice versa


@john.knox @Siofra_Strega @jan_TheGreenWitch Hello. Returning lurker here (:smile: I wanted to let you know that your transparency with how medications ie psychiatric meds in particular affect our clairs really resonates with me. I have been working with tarot for about 4 years now but like many others, I have only felt comfortable reading for a few friends. I think I will keep reading and may gather my courage this weekend to try in this forum. Thank you for starting this thread and for all the great links!!!


Good for you for speaking out. Many don’t.

I’m in A very stressful sales job now & surviving
So anything is possible.

I believe in healing even better before I had my
Mental issues, that’s how I feel at least.

I invite everyone & anyone to try, because
Here is a safe place…

Great weekend everyone;)


Interesting reading material:

Aura colors & meaning


My prediction for today:

Peace & quiet & white clouds


Prediction for today:

A quiet day of work for me &
A good rest day for you

I see the colors white purple & indigo


Prediction for today:

Airy white yellow & orange

Bubbly & excitement filled day


For today:

Tired & weary brown & black practical energies


This feels like how my day is going to go :sweat_smile: