Besoms? Did you make yours?

I finally broke down and made my own besom. Although it is out of elm branches and an apple limb, its all I had around here, so goes life! It even has its own parking spot lol


I have not attempted this yet…and I don’t own one! I do have an eagle feather tho that I bought from a shaman event I had attended.

By the way I love all your stuff!

I don’t have a besom either, but I hope to make my own one day. I think I just haven’t found the right materials or the right time, even lol but yours is beautiful!

I just used what I could find on my property…and it turned out ok.

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That’s two of us! I think your entire home looks super interesting @roxanne!!


I am not very good in ‘‘art & crafts’’ so unfortunately I will not be making my own. But we have a tourist attraction Called UPPER CANADA VILLAGE where they actually make them by hand during the course of the summer and visitors can buy them.
I will engrave my magikal name and decorate it, of course.
Just another options for those who like me have not been given the gift of creative talent


Village broom maker, how cool is that!! Thanks for the info!

That’s really cool! And honestly, there is absolutely nothing wrong with buying a besom instead of making one :broom:

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