Birthday spells or magick?🎂

Of course, we make a wish and blow out candles and that is a form of magick…but have any of you heard of a birthday spell? I’ve not seen one.

  • I thought about using spice and food correspondences to make a magickal cake with those meanings.
  • Sigils that can be carved in the batter or finished cake.
  • Maybe use a certain color of candles for wishes (e.g., green for money, pink for love, etc.)
    I’ve seen cakes on Pinterest decorated with frosting pentacles or triple moons.

Any birthday magick ideas or spells you have tried?


I have not tried any before now! Tomorrow is my daughter’s birthday! So I will try the ones that you did share! Thank you! :heart:


I love this idea!! Hey if you have an idea and want to try it I say give it a go. That sounds like a great idea. It might not be out there but who knows maybe people have done this and not put it up or made it obvious that’s what they were doing but I think it’s a great idea. I hope it goes well for you. Good luck!


@mary25 If you have an Oracle deck, light a candle and do a spread for the year ahead! :candle: Or journal on the year that you just had.

Clean up or reorganize your altar or your bedroom. Rearrange your furniture or get rid of old stuff. Get yourself a present :gift: maybe some new decorations, jewelry or clothes that reflect your path.

Cast a self-love birthday spell, or instead a spell for new beginnings or make some Moon Water for a New Year.



You’ve got some awesome ideas going, @mary25- I especially love the Kitchen Magick ideas! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Have you considered using edible flowers too? :cherry_blossom: They make some gorgeous decorations on the cake and flowers carry magickal meanings of their own. Pansies, natursiums, and mint leaves are some of my personal favorite natural cake-toppers :birthday: :grinning:

If you’re feeling particularly fiery, you can also dose the cake in a quick layer of alcohol and light it on fire- burning away the woes and worries of the past year and beginning the new year like a phoenix rising from the ashes :fire:. The witch’s cookery on YouTube has a video with a flaming cake (a Yule Log) that has video instructions on how to do so. This is probably where I should add that I’ve never been able to light a cake on fire successfully- haven’t quite mastered the trick myself :sweat_smile:

You can also use a bit of Knot Magick while tying bows and wrapping presents :gift: :ribbon:

Hope you can find some fun new ways to add a bit more magick to a b-day, Mary! Blessed be! :sparkles:


I found a couple of more birthday spell resources :slight_smile: I am irritated with myself because I didn’t save the links – but one was about creating a birthday altar and the other was about using a 7-day or glass jar candle and decoupaging it with messages and photos as a birthday altar candle.
Another article suggested – and I thought this was a very good idea – doing a kind of cord-cutting or release ritual, e.g., the day before – so you say goodbye to old patterns, habits and other things that no longer serve you, so you can start a new year fresh.

I also read – and I didn’t know this – that people in some countries, like Germany consider it bad luck to wish someone Happy Birthday before the day of their birthday, and that it is also considered bad luck to celebrate your birthday before the day of your birthday, while afterwards is fine.

I read that birthday cakes symbolize prosperity and of course, candles are for wishes. Another German custom, if you have a LOT of candles, is to put one big wishing candle in the center of the cake. That way, if you blow out that big one, then you’ll get your wish and you don’t have to worry about blowing out 57 little candles :slight_smile: LOL

Here are some magickal flavorings for the cake (from many different sources)

  • Chocolate - passion, luxury, calming
  • Dark chocolate - intimacy, romance, prosperity, grounding
  • Milk chocolate - love, self-love, friendship, fun, nurturing
  • White Chocolate - Friendship, self-love, fun
  • Mint (spearmint) - Luck, Money, Prosperity, Communication, Health
  • Almond - Wisdom, prosperity, healing
  • Vanilla - love, lust, energy, sweetness, money (Venus)
  • Lemon - Clarity, Cleansing, Repels blockages
  • Orange - Prosperity, Abundance, Joy, Success, Blessings
  • Carrot - Love, Fertility, Insight,
  • Banana - Lust, Virility, Prosperity
  • Apple - Love, friendship, the soul, healing, fertility (Venus, Diana)
  • Pineapple - Hospitality, luck, money, chastity
  • Coconut - Chastity, purification, protection
  • Mango - family, new home, happiness, friendship
  • Coffee - Grounding, peace of mind, removes blocks
  • Pumpkin - Creativity, Prosperity, Luck, Fertility
  • Cherry - Love, Happiness, Female Sexuality
  • Strawberry - Love, Success, Luck, Motherhood, Fertility
  • Raspberry - Love, Protection, Fertility
  • Blackberry - Protection, Healing, money
  • Blueberry - Protection
  • Cinnamon - Money, Abundance, Love, Protection

Decisions, decisions! :slight_smile:

I had a few other ideas – rolling the birthday candles in cinnamon for prosperity before putting on the cake; asking your deities; spirit guides, ancestors or guardian angel to celebrate your birthday with you; blessing your cake while you make it or just before you eat it; doing a gratitude list or ritual on your birthday.

I made up a birthday jar spell :slight_smile:

  • A glass jar with a lid
  • A white candle - represents purity, wishes
  • Rice - represents abundance, prosperity, blessings
  • The blown out birthday candles from your cake - wishes
  • Paper and pen; you can also use some gift wrap
  • Optional: a birthday decoration (like confetti or glitter) - joy
  • Optional: orange rind for joy
  • A clear quartz or citrine crystal or one that aligns with your intention
  • Any of the following items that represent wishing and luck: Bay leaf, Beech leaf, Cinnamon stick, Dandelion leaf, Dogwood petals, Nutmeg, Peppermint, Spearmint, Willow leaf


  • Add your items to the jar one at a time, thinking about what each thing represents and how it relates to your intention. Put the rice in first.
  • Write down your wish on paper or gift wrap, sign it, fold it, and place it in the jar.
  • Envision your life as it would be when the wish comes true.
  • Light the candle and state your wish out loud.
  • Close the lid on the jar and drip wax to seal your jar with candle wax.
  • Place the jar in a dark cupboard until the first night of the full moon after your birthday. On that night, put the jar outside or on a window to charge.
  • Afterwards, place the jar in any place you like until the wish comes true.
  • After the wish comes true, empty the jar contents and wash/re-use jar.

I hadn’t heard that before, but it makes sense! :+1: Kind of the same principle as “don’t count your chickens before they hatch” haha :hatching_chick:

This is an amazing collection of birthday magick, @mary25, and I love your birthday spell jar! Sounds like the wish jar would be a great birthday present to oneself :gift_heart: :blush:

Thank you so much for sharing your bday spellwork research! :raised_hands:


So love this!! This is awesome​:grin:thanks for sharing :bouquet::hibiscus::cherry_blossom::rose:love it​:two_hearts:


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