Black cat on Dark Moon

Early this morning while still dark I went outside to leave an offering to Hecate for the Dark Moon. When I walked across my front yard I paused and there was a black cat staring at me. Any thoughts on the meaning of this?


One of her sweet children of the night coming to say hello, maybe :blush: :black_heart:

We love black cats here :black_cat:


A little darkness friend! :black_cat: :blush: :sparkles:

When it comes to interpreting signs, I’ve found that it’s worthwhile to first rule out any mundane possibilities. This prevents the burnout that can come from overanalyzing everything (trust me, I’ve been there!). I’d ask if there are any stray or outdoor cats who live in the neighborhood? If so, it may just be a neighbor buddy out there with you.

I’d suggest keeping your eyes, ears, and magickal senses open- if you continue to see black cats appearing (or other related signs/symbols) then, to me, that’s a pretty clear heads up that there’s a spiritual message or contact waiting for you.

Happy Dark Moon, @Cattleya - blessed be! :new_moon_with_face: :sparkles:


Was your offering food? You may have a new pet. Feeding an animal, even if intended for a deity offering, is usually a request to stay.

Did you try to get the cat to come closer for a pet? I would have. Pets are my weakness. I can’t bring them into the house because I have a bird, but I enjoy walking and talking with them as though they would morph into Professor McGonagall at any moment. They are good secret keepers and stress relievers.


I hadn’t placed the offering out yet. And I had my dog with me who may not have been friendly to the kitty.