Breaking an Empathic Bond

I worked with a friend/boss for 17 years and was recently laid off from the company by said boss. We have always had an empathic bond and even now I can feel all his anxiety over a number of things that happened and are happening surrounding this.

I would like to sever that bond as I’m no longer interested in knowing how he feels.

I searched and came up with nothing that talked about breaking an existing connection when it comes to empaths.

I don’t want to sever all my connections with those around me. Just this particular one. Is it doable? Or is it once an empath, always an empath no matter who?



I am so sorry to hear this. I’m sure it’s stressful and upsetting to have this energy connected to you.

I took a look at the website and found a few options. Hopefuylly one appeals to you and will work!

This might now be quite applicable to your situation but it may work if the bond between the two of you is very strong.

Wishing you light, strength and peace!
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THANK YOU Artemisia!


That’s a really long time, to know someone.

I can imagine this burden of being a empath it felt really rheavy and I am glad that you are aware of the effect it has on you! Having boundaries with people is so important. unfortunately, I was not taught boundaries so taking a course on Insight Timer is something that you can do. To help guide you to have those boundaries!
I just did a meditation and cut :scissors: some cords!
I cleansed my vortex

I imagine a bubble :thought_balloon: around me and protect myself with a shield and call ur spirit guidance! I pray :pray: for you sending the light over your whole being!



Thank you so much!


Hello @veronica1,

I’m so sorry, it sounds like a difficult situation- I think you’re right to find a way to remove the energy cord if it is carrying extra anxiety your way.

Absolutely! I want to second what Artemisia and Jeannie already mentioned about the Cord Cutting- this is a strong and final way to break a bond between two clearly-specified parties. Those not involved/not mentioned in the ritual will not be affected by the cord cutting. It is a great way to sever an unwanted tie between two people :scissors: :knot:

Artemisia already shared several cord cutting spells you might use. I would suggest taking a look at those (and feeling free to adapt any of them to best suit your needs, if you wish).

An Empath’s abilities are strong- after the cord cutting, you might consider looking into ways to lay protections over your energies and prevent unwanted energies/emotions of others from coming through and affecting you in negative ways in the future.

There’s a great guide about being an Empath that I recommend reading (here: Are you an Empath? :sparkles:) and there are several resources about Empath Protection in the forum that may be of use to you. Here are a few:

Whatever you choose to do, wishing you all the best, Veronica! Blessed be :candle: