Candle cleansing


I have a question please, tried to Google it but didn’t find anything useful. I know that crystals, tools etc can be cleansed by smoke water etc.
My question is, what about candles? Let’s say you finish your spell and there’s still more than half of the candle left, can you cleanse it with smoke for example and re use it for a different spell ? Will the cleansing make it a “new” candle or you can’t do that with candles, and have to throw it away, or use it only for the same spell at a different time ? Many thanks :blush:


Great question! & it has come up in the past.

Of course first & foremost is always Candle Safety.

You can also dispose of the candle safely

Personally, I do have a specific candle on 1 of my altars for Brigid that I relight whenever I am working with her or would like to invite purification into my space. I have another one on my other altar specifically for protection that I will snuff out & relight with the same intention when I relight it.

If the candles are anointed or carved into for the specific spell & it’s say… a tealight or chime candle, I will let them burn to completion.

For other ideas & interpretations on how to use candles, dispose of them, or reuse them… you can check out:


Thank you :blush:


This is a great question and @Susurrus has already given you some great answers :blush:

I just want to add in here that reusing old candles is a great way to repurpose tools and recycle them without creating excess waste :clap: good for you for wanting to reuse candles!

The only time I wouldn’t cleanse and reuse a candle is if that candle was used for baneful workings – curses, hexes, and more negative stuff – because I would rather not take the chance of that energy lingering for any other more positive spell I’m doing.

Besides that and candles specifically for deities? Nope, I cleanse and reuse, or even melt down to make new candles!


You are very welcome!

@MeganB I do have a jar of black wax from last week… with some white streaks in it from another candle… no wick! I forgot, the wick :rofl:


omg :rofl: turn it into a wax melt! That’s hilarious Siofra lol


Thank you very much :blush:


You’re very welcome! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


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