Celebrating St. Patrick's Day as a Pagan ☘️

Do Pagans celebrate St. Patrick’s Day?

St. Patrick can be a divisive figure among pagans. After all, he is the one credited with converting the pagan Irish into Christianity, practically eliminating Paganism from Ireland.


But across the board, modern-day pagans love to feast and make merry on this holiday. One reason is that by celebrating St. Patrick’s Day, we can still honor the “hidden” meanings behind its symbols. For example:

Shamrock :shamrock:

The shamrock is one of the most recognizable symbols utilized by St. Patrick, which for Christians represents the Holy Trinity — the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. However, the number three was sacred to pagans before that, as in the Triquetra or the Triple Goddess.

Leprechauns :tophat:

Leprechauns have long been a beloved part of Irish folklore – mischievous fairies who, when captured by a human, must grant three wishes to be freed.

The Color Green :green_heart:

This color is reminiscent of the verdant nature of Ireland itself: Nature and shamrocks. For pagans across the world, the Green Man is a symbol of fertility and rebirth, represented in the cycle of growth each spring.

How to Celebrate it? Snakes :snake:

While there are ongoing debates on whether St. Patricks’ Day can be considered a pagan holiday, I believe is a great day to celebrate folklore and ancient traditions.

I found a great post on Exemplore on how to celebrate All Snakes Day instead, by making or wearing a snake symbol on St. Patrick’s Day.

Snakes were linked to heathen practices in Ireland. One of the most famous legends of St Patrick recounts how he banished all the snakes from the country, as a metaphor for his Christianizing influence.

While wearing green, carrying a four-leaf clover for good luck, or having a pint of beer :beers: might be more accessible options, I like the idea of making a spiral snake decoration with paper!

What are your thoughts on St. Patrick’s Day? Do you celebrate it or simply wait until Ostara?


Very good article… Thank you @Francisco I celebrate St Pattys day…because of all the hidden symbology…its interesting that others celebrate for other reasons and cannot see beyond their noses! We had corn beef and cabbage last night. We just couldn’t wait! As for Ostara, it is snowing here about 3" so far… lol can’t find a bit of pretty greenery.