Chakra crystals any ideas?

Hi everyone, so today my chakra stones came in the mail and I was wondering does anyone have any ideas how I can in corporate them in my practice? After reading about the 7 chakras I went searching and when I saw these I couldn’t pass the opportunity in buying them. They were Hand made with crystal fragments that represent each chakra….


Oh wow, those are gorgeous @TheMuslimWitch! :heart_eyes: You’ve got a great eye for treasures- those are some really beautiful chakra stones :gem::sparkles:

I’m sure there are crystal experts (such as the wise @Christina4!) who will have great advice for you, but just as a first recommendation- I remember Christina shared some Chakra Crystal Grids you could use these for.

You might also use them for crystal healing by doing Chakra Balancing with Crystals.

I’m sure the crystal experts will have more for you in just a bit! For now, I hope you enjoy your beautiful new chakra stones :blush:

Blessed be! :sparkles:


Ooh, nice! I have the same set. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: You can look at the links that @TheTravelWitch_Bry provided. Before using any crystals before crystal healing, make sure they’re cleansed and charged! That said…You can also lay with them on your chakras while doing a chakra meditation. If you do that, start with the root chakra (red) and go up to the crown chakra (violet). But when you’re finished, take them off starting backwards with the crown and end with the root.

One major reason why I haven’t made a post on crystal layouts on the body is because of emotional distress. When you do this kind of work it can be stressful or overwhelming for many reasons. One being spiritual awakening. Occasionally, a crystal will trigger a detoxification process which brings up negative energies or emotions so that they can be released. You could think why haven’t I done this earlier in my life or it can just be a beautiful experience. For that, somebody else should be there with you to help ground you in the situation in case this get too stressful. That’s why I haven’t made a post about that. But that’s your choice! If you do this and get the emotional overwhelm, be prepared to ground yourself.

Take the crystals off backwards, starting from crown to root…this is important. Place a root chakra related stone between your feet. And breathe. Do anything that calms you. Do anything that grounds you. You know what that is.

Don’t rely on the possibility that you will experience this. Just know that it’s possible.
Have fun with it. There’s other things to do with your chakra crystals like distance healing grids. But that’s a lesson for another day. I might make a post on this soon.


Thank you and I will be sure to check these links out and keep my eye out if @christina4 replies :blush:


Thank you @christina4 this is so interesting as I didn’t know there were so many techniques and possible ways to. Use chakra stones. I will be sure to do some research before doing any of these methods…:relaxed:


@TheMuslimWitch I have made several posts that could possibly help you! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Thanks I will check them out now :blush:


Awesome! If you have anymore questions don’t hesitate to ask :blush:


Thanks will do… I can see a few of your older posts so I will start there so you are not repeating yourself :blush:


You’re welcome! @Missa is very knowledgeable about crystals and chakras too! She has some great links! Good luck with your chakra crystals! :relaxed:


Hi Khadija, Those chakra tablets are just amazing.

As for use on your altar? I have no idea. I’d just stare at them in the candle light like a crotchety old dragon. image