Dagaz - 23rd of the Elder Futhark & 7 of Tyr's Aett :dagaz:

Rune Name: Dagaz :dagaz:

Germanic Name: Dagaz
Phonetic Value: D or DH
Pronunciation: DAH-gaz
Translation: Day or Dawn
Modern English: Day

Rune Number: 23 of the Elder Futhark & 7 of Tyr’s Aett
Polarity: Male :male_sign:

Color Association(s): Light Blue
Elemental Association(s): Air :air_element: , Fire :fire_element:
Deity(ies): Odin

Herbal Association(s): Clary :herb:
Tree Association(s): Spruce :evergreen_tree:

Astrological Association(s): Sun :astrology_sun:
Month/Days: June 14 – June 29; Ostara :bouquet:

Chakras: Heart :heart:, Solar Plexus, Third Eye
Tarot Card(s): The Empress, The Sun :sun:, 3 of Cups :cup_tarot:

Magickal Uses: Wonderful for opening or closing any magical ritual or working. Used to bring positive outcomes. Helps maintain a positive attitude & persevere in the face of adversity. Good luck, promote positive transformations, increase in wealth, turn the corner in a challenging situation, and spiritual or creative breakthroughs.

Overall Meanings/Keyword(s): Dawn, Intuition, Cycles, Beginnings, Transformation, Endings, Light. Spiritual enlightenment, bridging of 2 opposites. The slow progression of change, better times & positive change comes 1 day at a time. Promises the light at the end of the tunnel. Pronounced physical & spiritual harmony.

Harmony of the 6 Cardinal Points

  • 4 Directions of a compass (N, S, E, W) :compass:
  • Heavens above us
  • Heavens below us

Brightstave/Upright: Day, brings the boon of archetypal awareness, which can sometimes seem spontaneous. It is a source. The only true source of hope & happiness. A great awakening is at hand. True vision will be gained. Open yourself to the raw power of it all. Know that you are this power, this divine form manifested. You walk with your lineage at the ready, guiding you inwards towards your greatest (yet undiscovered) strengths. You are the bridge between the sun & the unseen. That which is known & that which is not yet remembered. Root down to rise up.

Arms raised & palms turned skywards, I am willing, I am an open channel. The essence of the universe pours through me, cleansing me, grounding me, protecting me. I am now, I am forever. I am guided & I guide.

Balancing 2 points. Time to embark on a new path. Balance point, growth, & freedom. The cycle of day & night. Twilight paradox.

Merkstave/Reversed: (Traditionally there is no reversed meaning) Manifestation in the life of a person not prepared or who doesn’t want it. A blockage of the light. Blindness, dullness, boredom, hopelessness. It is difficult for “day” to be seen as merkstave in the active sense.

Meditation: Dagaz - Magin Rose


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As above, so below :pray: And a rune of the compass points too? :compass: That’s my personal symbol- I am loving Dagaz! :sparkles::grinning:

There’s a lot to unpack with this rune (and I’m seeing a theme- I think pretty much all the runes have a treasure trove of meanings and symbolism) but I really love how it represents the cycle- both beginnings and endings.

I was reading an article yesterday about rebirth and reincarnation- I think Dagaz ties in well with these studies.

Thanks so much, Siofra! :heart::dagaz:


Blockquote You are the bridge between the sun & the unseen. That which is known & that which is not yet remembered. Root down to rise up.Arms raised & palms turned skywards, I am willing, I am an open channel. The essence of the universe pours through me, cleansing me, grounding me, protecting me. I am now, I am forever. I am guided & I guide.
I have been thinking about raising up a cone and asking guides for help, and tonight I raised up my hands :raised_hands:t2:
I definitely enjoyed this one and thank you for this wisdom!
I can’t wait to get all my runes out of storage! Maybe I should just make a sigil and do some craft tonight! I’ll let you see it when I am done, I feel called!

Thanks for sharing again!



You are very welcome @Jeannie1 & I’m glad that it had meaning for you that you feel called to draw upon! I hope you get to take them out of storage soon :revolving_hearts:

@BryWisteria there is a theme of cycles & liminal space with twilight being in there. It’s a well-rounded rune, that’s for sure & at least in my area, it feels like the end of 1 cycle & the beginning of another on a much better level than in past years.

It’s the opening weekend for tourist season here in the next few days, so the traffic is building :vertical_traffic_light: & somehow the state thinks it’s a good time to line stripe a major 2 lane road :motorway: from Boston to the end of the Cape starting in my town… timing is not their strong suit :roll_eyes: … I have started seeing more out of state plates since Mother’s Day :bouquet: :rofl:

(Friday through Monday, I will not be leaving my house or going more than 2 miles away from it at any given time :joy: The traffic is just not worth it when the first weekend is a nice one.)


I know construction is a nightmare in winter, but really? Construction on the Cape over the summer!?! That’s a nightmare times three. Guess I won’t be visiting the Cape this summer :joy: Either that or more “up at 4am to get over the bridge” trips lol.

You had me at “liminal space”- I don’t know what it is, but the concept of liminal space just calls to me. Love it, and I love Dagaz! :dagaz: :two_hearts:

Thanks again, Siofra! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I mean you know there is something not right when an hour before my son has to be to work I have to call him to tell him what type of construction is going on where so he can use “Native Travel” to get work in a roundabout sort of way while still avoiding 45-minute setbacks every so often :rofl:

Yesterday they were doing construction in 2 different areas of my neighborhood, better to start out on a side road to get to the end & then try to navigate the starts, stops, & creeps of traffic. It’s Thursday morning & it already took me 10 extra minutes to take the girls to school :joy:

So this time of year, I plant myself on this side of the bridge & stay away from the roads leading up to the only 2 bridges to get here or there. More “Native Travel”, I’m kind of happy most people forgot about the side route off the rotary that goes right to the center of my town. Lol :laughing:

Side note: Native travel is what we call using the “backroads”, “side roads” to get around the main roads or beach roads. Most GPS systems will never recommend some of these ways because there are too many intertwined neighborhoods to go through, but after 20 years, you learn a few things.


So much construction- that’s crazy! Ironically, the season of travel on the Cape is actually the best time to stay put and avoid the roads :sweat_smile:

It sounds like you’ve got a smart plan to hunker down and enjoy the sights where you are :blush: I know you said the beach isn’t too far, so luckily you’ve got your own piece of paradise right there- enjoy it! :beach_umbrella: :sparkles:


@Susurrus Thank you! I am exploring the Runes and this has given me a deeper understanding. You are quite the scholar and writer. I know you have researched and written about the 7 chakras and the 24 runes, I wonder what else I will find.
I enjoy your style and am impressed with your bibliography.


Thank you very much, i appreciate it! :revolving_hearts: