😎 Weekly Witchy CHALLENGE - Casual Casting

Here the CRA (Canada Revenue Agency) is also to be feared. You never want to mess with a tax agency. I am so happy to hear that you had support from your ancestors and that you were empowered. Glad they caught the mistake!


I like this! Great idea. I think I will add protection and love symbols as I clean from now on. Shift the energy and see what happens!


May you be blessed with healing energy and a successful surgery! I have sent healing energy for your surgery date. I will do so again when I am home so I can direct a more focused energy.


@Amaris_Bane so… in our neighborhood (If you look at Cape Cod on a map, just Cape Cod, there’s a part close to the mainland that the southern coasts look like what we call “the fingers”… I live on one of them… so “the fingers” are basically mini peninsula type areas made of 1 main road down the middle then a side road either on just one side or of both sides of that main road… well… we use golf carts to go to neighbor’s houses, the beach off “the finger”, the dock, across the street, find out why there are flashing lights at the top of the street (neighborhood watch :wink:) get the mail, that’s how I take my dog up & down the street a few times so he doesn’t burn his beans on the rocks & road… we have friends that come here & tell us they are jealous of our cart gang there’s about 4 of us throughout “the finger” we live on… we have another friend that brings his own golf cart when he visits from the next town over… it’s definitely a thing here. :laughing:

  • I hope the pain oil works for your ankle, I know that feeling :flushed:

@Kasandra you are really doing well with your new language! Color me impressed! Beautiful entry & beautiful prayer :revolving_hearts:

@AileyGrey thankfully your family is okay! What a day for everyone, I hope everyone gets the rest they need & everything goes smoothly.

@maudot7 Don’t worry about it not being remembered right away, once you kind of make it a point to do it regularly… it will just happen. :hugs: Awesome that you remembered that about softball & what you had done without realizing it was casual.

I will be posting my entry in a little bit, I’m getting another cup of coffee… :coffee: then refocusing on what I’m doing… I’m kind of still waking up because my sleep doesn’t know what it wants to do until I lay down. :joy:


Thank you Maudot :kissing_heart:


Challenge Entry

So, as a master of chaos, this has to be the most chaotic informal casting that I have ever done.

*Picture it, Sicily, 1929…" (Sorry, bad “Golden Girls” reference :face_with_open_eyes_and_hand_over_mouth:)

It all comes together but not all at once, however I think I have the ultimate message figured out & later this morning we will be connecting with The Morrigan :triquetra: :raven: after some chaotic informal magic over the course of a few days… I’ll explain…

Explanation: It's long though

So, last weekend was, not what we expected at all but we made it to Monday. How thrilled was I when after what I remember as a somewhat faster-paced morning, it was like something said, "Hey, after that you need a good Chakra cleanse I like to do a total Chakra cleanse meditation :woman_in_lotus_position: at least once every other day. We are working on every day… baby steps :footprints: Anway, back to the informal part of this, I took crystal healing courses & crystals are a great way to help with Chakras. Currently, I am working on my Root & Sacral plus added some extra love to the Solar Plexus recently. I carry a pouch with chakra stones & with black tourmaline & clear quartz plus an extra crystal for each of the chakras I’m showing attention to for healing & balancing while I transition & continue my therapies.

So I gathered the crystals that I would need, 1 Black Tourmaline log at my feet (at the Earth Star :star2: Chakra), double point quartz, a small Selenite wand behind the log, a Large Selenite wand that extends from my Root to my Solar Plexus with Red Jasper in the area of my Root Chakra, Orange Calcite, Carnelian, Sunstone in my Sacral Chakra area, & Citrine, Yellow Fluorite, Yellow Jasper in my Solar Plexus Chakra area, a medium Selenite wand that goes to my Throat Chakra, a small Selenite wand at the top of my head followed by double point quartz at the end.

I went to my Insight Timer app & entered my “Mood Check In” & then chose my Chakra Cleanse meditation with a Chakra Stone in each hand & a small Clear Quartz with each stone, settled into my space with the TV off, fan on 1, & the lights off… I can’t explain what happened but I remember near the end slipping away & kind of not sinking into the bed but very settled into the bed & I was awake but there were images & words. I remember 2 things from that point in time:

  • Water :ocean: :water_element: which actually came to me as the word water in blue :blue_heart:
  • A super tiny, barely lit light :candle: that got a bit bigger then shrank but was brighter :sparkler: than before

I had completely lost track of time & have no idea :woman_shrugging: how long I was laying there after the guided meditation stopped (I don’t even remember her guiding me back I was somewhere else entirely plus I started before my son had to even be up for work & when I came back… he was at work for 20 minutes or was very late leaving the house :thinking:) & I remember feeling sensations throughout my out body that weren’t there before & surprisingly refreshed :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

So on with life, I went. I was pretty content, I had my therapy appointment & she was very encouraging that I am actually rolling with what is coming my way really well & doing great with the boundaries & sticking with them no matter how hard the “kids” push back (which when one is a 13-year-old girl & the other is your 20-year-old son it’s like they took turns each day & switched off or teamed up :thought_balloon:) & how much progress I’ve made from where I was when we started in early February. However, I need to take a day a lot had happened in the last month & I was borrowing spoons & doing some things that if they continued… could be unintentional backsliding. We definitely don’t want that, then my husband found the flower in the yard again, it had stayed bloomed.

By Thursday between my husband & my therapist I had strict orders to take a “ME” day on Thursday because the appointment was draining & I did have to kind of process it & talk to my husband about it so I wasn’t wearing a path in my floor from pacing… ah anxiety is fun :roll_eyes: However, I was actually pretty excited about it because of this week’s ritual & it basically is very similar to Monday, I was kind of like hmmm… just there’s something shifting :thinking: & went about my day again.

I received my Tamed Wild box in the mail. I was hoping for 1. The Wild Moon Deck & 2. As long as it wasn’t the Wild Runes deck (I own it)… I was excited to get a new deck either way. I got the Wild Crystals deck… which I like, it’s really nice & I love the information on the back. However, I have a Radiants Crystal Oracle deck :laughing: I’ve never really had 2 decks that similar before so I kind of giggled :grin: of course, that’s what I would get, but that also tells me I need something else from my crystals or extra something somewhere… so I cleansed the deck with cedar & rose :rose: wrapped bundle, shuffled until I felt like stopping, then as I always do, I took off the top 3 cards & drew the next card. It was Bloodstone - very much a grounding stone & also a Root Chakra stone… so with all of that in mind I did the Bloodstone Activation Meditation :woman_in_lotus_position: & added it to my pouch of crystals.

Yesterday was great for the most part, there were a couple of hectic parts, but nothing too bad. I was telling my husband that for about 2 days, I was very content & honestly relaxed not really overthinking anything. I had done a cleansing shower & combined properly cleaning my new deck & the wrap bag that came with it in the box & a Waterfall Chakra meditation that you can do in the shower & I cleansed the room & shower with the Cedar Rose Petal wrapped bundle & then myself & the shower & the deck & the bag & the area where I placed it… (I had ventilation in the bathroom, I wasn’t letting it fill up & sit with smoke & steam & a fireproof bowl in the sink where the burner & bowl was) I said my cleansing prayer & placed a Clear Quartz point on top of the deck, lit lavender incense, put my pouch of stones on the shelf, & turned on the meditation & took a cleansing shower with lavender incense, lavender & oatmeal body wash. I felt amazing! Just so refreshed & recharged. It was a good day. Again! After I left the shower room I left the deck out on my altar for a little bit, left the clear quartz point on the cards, closed the box, & wrapped it in its new cloth wrap & placed it in my pillowcase. I will sleep with it for a few days to a week & then just shuffle it throughout the day before I really start using it.

My husband shows me his phone & its information about my friend’s daughter that I had just gone to her wedding last weekend. I remember it feeling weird, off, tense but fun, but they weren’t people that I knew. Lisa & Shannon & I had a very close but I guess private relationship. It has always been just Lisa & I or the 3 of us together. Shannon’s son was a Freshman when my son was a senior in high school & on the football team in 2020 & they were together a lot so are also friends. I was like, that feeling makes so much sense at the wedding that I couldn’t shake it! So I text her asking if they needed anything to let me know. Anything at all, even a hug. :people_hugging: I also asked for them to be added to July & August’s Energy Circle within the forum for healing, love, & prayers for them. :revolving_hearts:

For 2 nights in a row, I slept for 6 hours or more at a time :flushed: So rare, but I’m happy :smiling_face: that I have relaxed & I know when even if I don’t want to, it might be necessary for me to move on, even if for a moment, I’m more patient, and my dog & I have forged a new or updated relationship since losing my older dog in June :rainbow: We are getting outside more now, I’m sticking to boundaries 1000x better than ever :star_struck:, even with 2 at a time. I know when it’s time to start letting go whether or not it’s the right thing for the other person & more about whether or not it’s the right thing for me & my family.

So I go to make the bed yesterday after I had messed it up looking for all the runes. I “thought” I had them all & found Dagaz :dagaz: at the foot of the bed right in front of me. This is hours later because honestly, our hard work paid off & we had a week off this month from financials & an evening of pizza for dinner, so I found my old TikTok & started watching some videos that pop up. I was losing my mind for 2 days over some of these videos & go sucked into the video vacuum hole for a few hours! & my husband was just like, it’s okay you were having fun & I was here to see you laugh again. (I mean OMG :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:)

so then I turned off all the electronics & we watched a couple of movies together while the kids were either outside or inside the immediate house. Things just felt, lighter, easier to accept & stop the overthinking before it starts turning into panic from antsy. I know how to release it before I’m reacting to that & not the actual situation… empath gifts can be a gift & a curse… these were the things that would happen to me if I couldn’t let go of something that wasn’t mine anymore or it was someone else’s.

Throughout the week of doing what was feeling right, shorter specific guided meditations to regain self-awareness & be able to come up with practical solutions, I have come to a place of just staying here for a while & enjoy the time & what has been done. Manifest for yourself & for others within your limits, not theirs. As a person with mental health complications & physical limitations within the past 7 years, to get here is Indescribable. To even have the knowledge I do about everything I have come back to & just felt so at home with myself, my family, and my friends. Learning how I need to let go & what works for me has done wonders. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

So this hurdle whatever it was, I must have “leveled up” :grin: so to confirm my suspicions I had a card draw & the message was basically like a “NAILED IT” moment for me anyway & the rest have been that way since also that I have done for myself in some way. I’ve found what is working for me & it’s so good to feel this way now after so many years of bouncing. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :heartpulse:

July 26, 2020, was a life-changing moment at the right time for me & my practice. It doesn’t feel like it’s been that long because I have learned so much, but there is also so much to still learn! :nerd_face: :revolving_hearts:


This is such a powerful statement! Thank you for sharing your week and all the casual casting you did. As a fellow mental health misfit, I’m so happy for you! I understand the struggle to get to a place of just being. You are doing an amazing job, keep it up!! :heart::heart::people_hugging::people_hugging:


Casual Craft is pretty much my style. I don’t follow any particular deity(ies) in my casting, though I’m fond of several as concepts, so everything I do is based on what feels right at the time. That means from one day to the next everything may change. One day I’m hoarding quartz, the next I’m all about my pyrite ammonite fossil, the next I’m snuggling piles of jasper. I figure I know nothing in comparison to the energies that exist around me, so I let them guide me.

Right now I’m going through a huge personal journey, and part of what I need to focus on is taking it easy. No more pushing myself to get as far along the to-do lists as possible in a single day.

So my chaos magic right now is:

  • burning a candle for the waning moon

  • loading my pockets with minerals and (tumbled) crystals to help me stay attuned to the energy around me

  • to be thankful for every ingredient as I eat my meals and sip my beverages,

  • to let the concept of time drift away, focusing on human comforts and what feels good in the moment

  • To tend to my garden under the hot sun and feel connected to the plants’ energies and the benefits they trust to me.

  • To listen to the birds building nests in the corners of our roof, and the lawn mowers hitting the dry grass across our neighborhood.

I like the geese and chickens our neighbors keep but they’ve been pretty quiet lately. Maybe our friendly otters will be attracted by my energy, to bring their new baby by for a quick wave from our pond. I don’t know. It’s not my place to know until it happens.

Coincidence that today is the Neptunalia? Probably not!



Some evidence of my casual Craft… using Sailor Neptune stickers as an altar offering. :grin:


Oh! And part of my practice this weekend will hopefully be to find the energy to sew some tarot pouches. I found a free pattern online and am giving them to friends as I practice.

One goal is to make them fit nicely. I have a “tarot pouch” I bought once that is so enormous, it set me on a quest to find better pouch sizes. Now my quest has brought me to that age-old conclusion: “If you can’t find what you need, make it yourself!”

But my energy is my primary concern this weekend, so if it doesn’t happen, that’s okay, too.


About 8 months ago I placed an order for bay leaves. There are so many things you can do with bay leaves and at the grocery store they are expensive. I kind of messed up when ordering. I ordered a pound of bay leaves. That is so many bay leaves that if I used them everyday in spells and cooking I would never use them all!

So, casual spell casting. I took a handful of bay leaves, went outside and sat under my favorite tree, and wrote what no longer serves me on each bay leaf and let the wind take them away. I still have a smile on my face. Of course, that could be because after I plopped my butt on the ground,I had to think about how I was going to get myself back up off the ground! Lol!

Thank you @Amethyst for your wonderful ideas. You are a blessing to us all.


This is wonderful! I love it as inspiration for the rest of us, and that you uncovered the reason you bought so many! (I do always worry when I order things offline, that I’ve either ordered something too small to be what I needed, or that I’m going to be buried under that supply forever!)

Funny enough, I just spent some time at my altar for Neptunalia, and it was more formal than I usually practice! :rofl: I did let inspiration guide my words, however, since my Book of Shadows is in the main house and not my office at the moment, and I found myself led by many powerful words and I think it was just what was called for (funny how that happens :sweat_smile:).

But my casual casting will continue. I think I’ll go get a glass of the herbal sun tea that I made earlier this week and sit on the porch to finish the book I’ve been reading.

Then when my partner wakes up, I’ll see if I feel like sewing the tarot bags I cut out the other day as described in my earlier post.


Aww, thanks @Ostara! And wow, that’s a lot of bay leaves! What a good idea!


Ok so i have a regular daily thing of connecting to plants n nature through watering my plants n opening cutain to give sunlighy for inside planrs. Id been checking on a jar id put outside with cotyon balls n water n seeds but craziness had meant i had forgotten plus the wearher meant i wasnt going on balcony much. But i just remembeed the sunflower seeds i planted. I wanted to draw on solar energy through the growing of the sunflowers as welk as the sunflowers themselves. Anf today i found tgere had been major growth from when i last checjed n was so excited . I jusy had yo share. My seeds in soil have not shown growth but the seeds in the cotyon balls n water in glass jar hace had more growth in less time. :tada::tada::tada: i have lots of glass jars so i think im going to try more. Heres the jar i already did. My sunflower seeds been growing even in this weather bringing sunshine into dreary days ecen before tge flowers themselves have come


I had another idea for daily magic, im doing scentsy now and while their not candles they have a wide range of colour n scented wax melts, oil diffuer scents and fan pod and event items like sachet bags things. They have a range of ingredients im drawn to rhe sandlewood ones or ones tgat have sandlewood in it. But i was thinking about it and they habe colours abd indegrients i coyld use as correspondences for particular needs. Ive been using the sample one for the scent and colours and i want to make a full list so i can use them in my practice as well. For example i could have a wax warmer that melts a green wax with ingredients that are correspondances to prosperity or if i feel i need to do a self love spell i could use a pink wax with relevent ingredients. Or i out open one of the samples for shorter spell n use the scent n colour like a scented candle just withour tge flame or hand a white candle n the scent. N smell the scent during the spell or meditation. Plus the samples come in so msny colours they can act as a contained ingrients i can use or display on my altar. Lol plus having nicr smells in the house xan lift spirits. Lol i even think i say a pala santo one. I wouldnt use magical correspondance to sell to customers ( they dont know) but i can use my table or scwnts with their coloyr n ingredients tp help customers find one they might like while i might use it not only for that but also as a correspondences table for my practice n fhis is soooo exciting cause its another thing i can use in my practive every day. Even just pickibg up a same scent that dtawn to n use it in a daily meditation and think about the correspondence of the colour n scent indredients and use it as a smell scent aspect in spells and meditation.

This is my little wall of samples ( only a portion of tge ones they do) n cause of the colours it fits into bringing colour into my days.

This is my favourite of samples i have, its calked Luna and as if the name wasnt good enough to love it, the colour is a blue green colour and the scent is lavender, sweet pea, freesia, berries and sandlewood. How cool. Once ive made my table of all of them and whats in each and colour ill look at each correspondences and benifits for them n i can incorporate more. N that is cool. Oh and yes i put the rest of ny crystals not on the altar space infront of the crystals. I think it would be cool to do spells and meditations that use all scenses. How cool would that be😁


Okay, I can’t believe that since this was my challenge idea that I was reading so much that I was about to forget to post! LOL!

I’ve been tending toward more formal rituals in the mornings which is weird but there ya go. I guess it may change once I get the feel for it. But I do want to share my morning prayer. It goes like this:

Good morning Lord and Lady! I thank you for this day.
For the chance to eat and laugh and pray.
For brand new days, giving me brand new opportunities,
Grant that I listen to you and be a blessing to my communities.
Grant me good health, and a sunny disposition,
And help me with my magical tuition.
These things of you I ask and pray, so I may return to thank you another day.

And that’s it! :smiley: Hope y’all liked it!


@Amethyst that is a great start to the day! You are a great writer! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Our neighbor has the most adorable toddler (just over a year old). I’ll sit on the ground and play with him a lot because he just loves me. But then I have this same problem!! I just give my hubby puppy eyes and help come give me a hand lol!

I love this!!! I often place fan art of Hades and Persephone on their altar. She loves it and he tolerates it for her. :rofl::rofl::rofl:

@Phoenix_Fire Yay!! I love sunflowers! :sunflower::sunflower::sunflower: And I often use a wax warmer my self as I try to avoid actual candles because of my kitties. They are a great way to incorporate color or smell into your practice. I have an electric one but you can get a cute porcelain one that uses tea lights also.

@Amethyst that’s a lovely morning prayer! I have been wanting to start a morning and bed time prayer but am still working on what I want to say.


You always make me smile @Amaris_Bane. How is your ankle doing? I hate having any pain on the foot ankle or toe because it’s impossible to stay off of it for it to heal! You cant just jump around on 1 foot because then you have a double injury. Lol!


It was healing well but then I rolled it again today. I was gathering laundry this morning to take to the washers and one of my pibbles tried to help but caused me to trip and roll that same ankle. So, we got me an ankle brace, lol. Otherwise it’s not so bad. But yes, trying to stay off it is horrible! I’m just glad I don’t have kids to worry about, my animals and my husband (who we joke is my 45 yo child) are enough, lol.