😎 Weekly Witchy CHALLENGE - Casual Casting

So i had to walk to the shop n back (ran out of food) and to the post office. And got caught in rain part way there n of course walked bavk in rain. But one thing i noticed wgen your looking for colours you see them everywhere eben on the rainiest of days. I found a white feather ( ok not rainbow colour but still colour) on way back from shop. I stopped put shopping down yo pick up fearher before picking up shopping to continue home. On way back from post ofgixe a black n white feather. I also found a leaf i recognised from my cetic tree oracle deck so i again put shopping down to pick it up and also when left to go to post office i found abother leaf like it and put it im my jacket poxket for safe keeping. I put them on my abundance altar space. I thought alobg tge way the colours i sae as walked n their correspondence. I saw yellows amd blues, green and browns white n black. I also was wearing my purpke and white chevron amerthyst bracelet and hemetite necklaxe. Today friday n of course Freya, lit my pink Freya candle n rose incence and lit my green abundance ( well its white with green base cause didnt have a big green candle.). Im like seeing colours everywherd now that im looking :joy:. Also casual casting seems to be happening more than id realised and im only realisung now that im looking for wbat to do but then i realised im using herbs in my teas and in my cooking, im using tea tree oil in washing and hand soap ( which is shower gel n bit of water as ran out​:joy:then id added tea tree oil to add ectra cleansing properties n of course the shower gel has sandlewood in it, one of favourite scents these days and is asdociated to Fenrir and protection . So tge hand wash not only has both physical protection and cleaning but also magical too. I spray a essenrial oil infused water spray mist over my bed and pillow to honor not only Cernunnos ( has frakinscence in it) and also for calming effect like creating a sacred safe space to help me sleepand spraying th e mist is like creating a water and air based circle of protection around me as i sleep.
Ok im literally talking alot. Sorry fot so excited. I took a photo of my updated altar space which inclufes a crystal circle but its in shape of a heart. I had crystals out and i endex up making them into a heart shape lol. Now ive made it its been sitting on the altar space .


Oke casual, I had to get up with something today. Got a letter from the government. I could postpone paying taxes for 2019, 2020 because of Corona and difficulty to do my work and get paid. They sent me a list of the amounts Instill had to pay, but I already payed for 2019, and the amount for 2020 was way to high!
I am always a bit scared when it s about numbers, governments, legal structures, and I have the tendency to freeze and do nothing.
I pulled a card and it said that I should contact my ancestors to work through issues and let them help me.

These are pictures of my female line. My mother who died in 2007, my grandmother, and great grandmother.
I know there were great issues with money debts, hunger even. My mother had lived in an occupied area in the war and she really did suffer from hunger. She told me she went on a bike with no tires to farmers to beg for food. She had to , there was not enough to feed the family.
Her whole life she kept everything and was economical. My grandmother had eight children, went from a wealthy family and owning a hotel with my grandfather into bankruptcy and the economical crisis in the thirties.

I talked to them and asked them to help me. Tried to calm down, and find peace inside. Burned some laurel leaves
And then I called the tax phone ( Don’t know if you are familiar with this, but here in the Netherlands whe can call this number to get information about everything handling with paying tax)

I gathered everything I need and told them everything they needed to know and ask them to find out.
And luckily it was a mistake from their side!
I get a new list which will be better to deal with!

I am happy I didn’t freeze and felt the back up from my family who knows where I was going through


@Crystal5 Hahaha I’m on it! :wink: :heart: And those rainbows of yours are GORGEOUS, Crystal- I’ve never caught a pic of the entire arc before, what a perfect shot! :heart_eyes: :rainbow:

@jan_TheGreenWitch The Book of Answers sounds like a great piece of your practice to bring with you and draw on at any time :blush: And hooray for stones and kitchen witchery too! :heart: I am wishing you all the best with your upcoming surgery, Jan, you are one strong witch and you got this! :muscle: :sparkling_heart:

@MeganB Hooray for fun little chants! :partying_face: This one is really cute, Megan- it says exactly your intention in a fun and easy-to-remember way. I love it- may your hair grow fast and beautifully to exactly how you want it to be! :raised_hands:

@Amethyst Hahaha I know the feeling! Hopefully you can find some great methods- with just the right amount of ritual (or lack of ritual!) :grin: :+1:

@Janae_Rochele Hooray for Chaos Magick! :tada::crazy_face: It’s been a hot topic lately, you should be able to find plenty of resources and inspiration- but don’t hesitate away from jumping in and just seeing what happens! It’s a fun area of magick where the only rules are the ones you choose for yourself. Good luck and have fun with it! :grinning:

@Phoenix_Fire Beautiful altar! :heart: It sounds like the things that have been on your mind are manifesting around you, Phoenix- that is really exciting that you discovered all of those things! :blush: There’s no need to apologize- I love your excitement, it’s contagious! :sparkles:

@Martje You’re not alone, Martje- tax stuff and government paperwork is very scary to deal with! I think you are amazing for seeking guidance and reaching out to your ancestors for their assistance. It sounds like you come from a very strong line of women- they overcame so much and were able to survive! :muscle::heart: It looks like they are smiling down upon you- I’m so glad you were able to handle everything and that it all worked out beautifully :blush: Congrats to you- great work!


Good job using your alter. I noticed your candle is much shorter than the first time you showed us your alter.


So my clumsiness resulted in some casual casting yesterday so I’ll share it here. I was running up (on my golf cart - for my non-Texans, it’s a colloquialism here in Texas, maybe the south, to mean “I’m going”) to our office to get packages because my Tamed Wild box arrived. I also was taking some trash to the dumpster because multi-task.

Well, am empty box feel off the back of the cart not once but twice. The second time I stopped to pick it up, I stepped off the cart wrong and rolled my ankle. :pleading_face::face_with_head_bandage: I knew it wasn’t severe because I could still put weight on it but it hurt like a son of a gun. (Yes, I continued to the dumpster and office, lol)

When I got back to the house, I turned to my trusty Llewellyn’s Book of Natural Remedies by Vannoy Gentles Fite. I knew there was a section on muscle, ligament, and tendon pain.

Sure enough, pain rub! It called for wintergreen, birch, and peppermint essential oils, vitamin E oil, and a carrier. I don’t have birch oil so I looked up it’s properties in the front and found that most were repeated in the wintergreen. The few that weren’t I was either able to replace with Arnica oil or felt I didn’t need.

I gathered my oils, a bowl, amber bottle, roller bottles, and funnel. I didn’t cast a circle but did request aid from Apollo for fast healing. As I added each oil to the carrier oil, I focused on what I wanted it to perform. Then I stirred counter-clockwise to remove pain, swelling, and bruising to allow my body to heal quickly. I added a pentagram just because, transferred some to the roller bottle and the rest to the amber bottle for storage.

I immediately put it on my ankle, again going in a counter-clockwise direction, while asking for fast healing of my ankle and to reduce the swelling and pain. Let it dry some and wrapped it up with an ace bandage, which I didn’t even realize till now that I also did counter-clockwise.

It eases the pain and allows me to focus on what I need to actually get done for work. I plan to use it 3-4 times a day as the author states “as needed”. Also following traditional RICE.


Dovahzul diist!

Fod zu’u drey paagol usul, zu’u drey koraav dilon lokraan ko jin do feykro! Fos drey koros? :cry: Zu’u drey lorot rolnah nii drey praag kogaan.
Ful, zu’u drey saag, “kos ahst drem, mal lokraan. Bo wah faal himdah do koor. Ful, nii los.” Vahk draan. Drey ni mein.

Zu’u pel dovahzul vothni nelom, nuz yun tinvok! Nelom fen bo voth tiid!

Now, English!
When I went for a walk yesterday, I saw a dead bird in a bush in the woods! What happened?:cry: And I suddenly thought that it needed a blessing.
So, I said, “Be at peace, little bird. Fly to the Summerland. So mote it be.” A simple prayer. Not planned.

I write dovahzul slowly, but it is a new language! Speed will come with time!


Thank you so much Bry :kissing_heart:


I think I have that book @Amaris_Bane
I’ll have to look for it!


Thank you, my dear!

OOh, that sounds as if it would work a treat!

That was perfect, @Kasandra!


Girl, I am in awe!
Thank you for this amazing blessing
Love and passion


Today was my first day back at work, so I tried to start out with my magickal routines. Once I dragged myself out of bed, I did my morning shower chant, and really focus my intentions for the day. When I put on my body spray this morning that smelled like roses I made a mental note and asked the universe to remind me to be sweet to my colleagues even though I was tired and a little grumpy about having to go back to work. Then I made my coffee and while it was brewing made a mental note of how each of the elements is essential in my morning cup of Joe. Then I did the spells 8 coffee blessing (minus the cinnamon).

Hopefully, my mornings and days will go better than tidy. Was late to work (even though I left early) because I got stuck in traffic from a big accident and then this afternoon my mom and step dad were in a terrible accident (all parties are ok, just really sore and shaken!).

I’m enjoying weaving the mundane and the magickal together!


I think I will use this chant on my hair as I think it may be thinning as I age :flushed::grimacing:
And thank you for the chant post. I have been having trouble creating rhymes for my spells. It would be good to get examples.
I remember being in the hospital, pregnant with my youngest, sick and exhausted. At the time I was a regular church goer and remembered some catholic prayers my grandmother taught me. I chanted the Hail Mary repeatedly and the most amazing calm came upon me. It was awesome. I also used the guardian angel chant. I must remember that I can do chants any time. I used to think you can only call upon angels etc only when you I really needed not as a regular part of life.


Challenge entry
Good morning all.
I play softball, coed. As I get older my reflexes are slowing down. This makes me feel a bit jumpy when a left handed hitter, (esp male) hits a line drive towards me. I play second, mostly. I also find my hitting is affected by my energy levels.
This week, there was a heat warning and I felt drained.
I found myself charging my glove while I was on the ball field. I put my intention first into it protecting me (catching the ball rather than it hitting me), then I thought it is ok that I intend to be a good ball player- it is harming none and I am not expecting to be perfect. I thought , this should be about me. So I started affirming that I can catch and that my glove is an extension of me. I have never had my glove sit so well on my hand. It worked. I felt more responsive to the plays and more confident that I could catch the ball.

Then I turned my intention to my bat and did the same as above except for hitting rather than catching. I invited the goddess in for grounding, strength, and confidence. I had some nice hits, unfortunately, at times, there were also some nice catches. :wink:

Next, as it was really hot, I imagined a cool icy wind blowing through me to help cool me off.

Playing ball is so important to me. I have an unhappy marriage that I am stuck in, for now. About 10 years ago I started playing. My kids were little and I was coaching and a parent asked me to play on their team. It was the BEST thing I could have done. I got away from the house once a week, I got exercise, and I got to be around people who laughed and smiled. That was huge because that didn’t happen at home with my husband. My kids, yes, but not my husband.
I am not ready to give it up and my 14 year old will be able to play on the same team as me in two years. It would be fun to play at least one game with him before I have to hang up my glove.
Thanks to this challenge, I realized that I had done some casual magic this week :grinning:


I am glad your mom and step dad are ok!
I like how you add magic to your mornings. Simple to do while getting ready. I keep thinking I have to set aside specific time to do so but I will do it more often if I do chants/ affirmations while living daily life.


Here the CRA (Canada Revenue Agency) is also to be feared. You never want to mess with a tax agency. I am so happy to hear that you had support from your ancestors and that you were empowered. Glad they caught the mistake!


I like this! Great idea. I think I will add protection and love symbols as I clean from now on. Shift the energy and see what happens!


May you be blessed with healing energy and a successful surgery! I have sent healing energy for your surgery date. I will do so again when I am home so I can direct a more focused energy.


@Amaris_Bane so… in our neighborhood (If you look at Cape Cod on a map, just Cape Cod, there’s a part close to the mainland that the southern coasts look like what we call “the fingers”… I live on one of them… so “the fingers” are basically mini peninsula type areas made of 1 main road down the middle then a side road either on just one side or of both sides of that main road… well… we use golf carts to go to neighbor’s houses, the beach off “the finger”, the dock, across the street, find out why there are flashing lights at the top of the street (neighborhood watch :wink:) get the mail, that’s how I take my dog up & down the street a few times so he doesn’t burn his beans on the rocks & road… we have friends that come here & tell us they are jealous of our cart gang there’s about 4 of us throughout “the finger” we live on… we have another friend that brings his own golf cart when he visits from the next town over… it’s definitely a thing here. :laughing:

  • I hope the pain oil works for your ankle, I know that feeling :flushed:

@Kasandra you are really doing well with your new language! Color me impressed! Beautiful entry & beautiful prayer :revolving_hearts:

@AileyGrey thankfully your family is okay! What a day for everyone, I hope everyone gets the rest they need & everything goes smoothly.

@maudot7 Don’t worry about it not being remembered right away, once you kind of make it a point to do it regularly… it will just happen. :hugs: Awesome that you remembered that about softball & what you had done without realizing it was casual.

I will be posting my entry in a little bit, I’m getting another cup of coffee… :coffee: then refocusing on what I’m doing… I’m kind of still waking up because my sleep doesn’t know what it wants to do until I lay down. :joy:


Thank you Maudot :kissing_heart:


Challenge Entry

So, as a master of chaos, this has to be the most chaotic informal casting that I have ever done.

*Picture it, Sicily, 1929…" (Sorry, bad “Golden Girls” reference :face_with_open_eyes_and_hand_over_mouth:)

It all comes together but not all at once, however I think I have the ultimate message figured out & later this morning we will be connecting with The Morrigan :triquetra: :raven: after some chaotic informal magic over the course of a few days… I’ll explain…

Explanation: It's long though

So, last weekend was, not what we expected at all but we made it to Monday. How thrilled was I when after what I remember as a somewhat faster-paced morning, it was like something said, "Hey, after that you need a good Chakra cleanse I like to do a total Chakra cleanse meditation :woman_in_lotus_position: at least once every other day. We are working on every day… baby steps :footprints: Anway, back to the informal part of this, I took crystal healing courses & crystals are a great way to help with Chakras. Currently, I am working on my Root & Sacral plus added some extra love to the Solar Plexus recently. I carry a pouch with chakra stones & with black tourmaline & clear quartz plus an extra crystal for each of the chakras I’m showing attention to for healing & balancing while I transition & continue my therapies.

So I gathered the crystals that I would need, 1 Black Tourmaline log at my feet (at the Earth Star :star2: Chakra), double point quartz, a small Selenite wand behind the log, a Large Selenite wand that extends from my Root to my Solar Plexus with Red Jasper in the area of my Root Chakra, Orange Calcite, Carnelian, Sunstone in my Sacral Chakra area, & Citrine, Yellow Fluorite, Yellow Jasper in my Solar Plexus Chakra area, a medium Selenite wand that goes to my Throat Chakra, a small Selenite wand at the top of my head followed by double point quartz at the end.

I went to my Insight Timer app & entered my “Mood Check In” & then chose my Chakra Cleanse meditation with a Chakra Stone in each hand & a small Clear Quartz with each stone, settled into my space with the TV off, fan on 1, & the lights off… I can’t explain what happened but I remember near the end slipping away & kind of not sinking into the bed but very settled into the bed & I was awake but there were images & words. I remember 2 things from that point in time:

  • Water :ocean: :water_element: which actually came to me as the word water in blue :blue_heart:
  • A super tiny, barely lit light :candle: that got a bit bigger then shrank but was brighter :sparkler: than before

I had completely lost track of time & have no idea :woman_shrugging: how long I was laying there after the guided meditation stopped (I don’t even remember her guiding me back I was somewhere else entirely plus I started before my son had to even be up for work & when I came back… he was at work for 20 minutes or was very late leaving the house :thinking:) & I remember feeling sensations throughout my out body that weren’t there before & surprisingly refreshed :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

So on with life, I went. I was pretty content, I had my therapy appointment & she was very encouraging that I am actually rolling with what is coming my way really well & doing great with the boundaries & sticking with them no matter how hard the “kids” push back (which when one is a 13-year-old girl & the other is your 20-year-old son it’s like they took turns each day & switched off or teamed up :thought_balloon:) & how much progress I’ve made from where I was when we started in early February. However, I need to take a day a lot had happened in the last month & I was borrowing spoons & doing some things that if they continued… could be unintentional backsliding. We definitely don’t want that, then my husband found the flower in the yard again, it had stayed bloomed.

By Thursday between my husband & my therapist I had strict orders to take a “ME” day on Thursday because the appointment was draining & I did have to kind of process it & talk to my husband about it so I wasn’t wearing a path in my floor from pacing… ah anxiety is fun :roll_eyes: However, I was actually pretty excited about it because of this week’s ritual & it basically is very similar to Monday, I was kind of like hmmm… just there’s something shifting :thinking: & went about my day again.

I received my Tamed Wild box in the mail. I was hoping for 1. The Wild Moon Deck & 2. As long as it wasn’t the Wild Runes deck (I own it)… I was excited to get a new deck either way. I got the Wild Crystals deck… which I like, it’s really nice & I love the information on the back. However, I have a Radiants Crystal Oracle deck :laughing: I’ve never really had 2 decks that similar before so I kind of giggled :grin: of course, that’s what I would get, but that also tells me I need something else from my crystals or extra something somewhere… so I cleansed the deck with cedar & rose :rose: wrapped bundle, shuffled until I felt like stopping, then as I always do, I took off the top 3 cards & drew the next card. It was Bloodstone - very much a grounding stone & also a Root Chakra stone… so with all of that in mind I did the Bloodstone Activation Meditation :woman_in_lotus_position: & added it to my pouch of crystals.

Yesterday was great for the most part, there were a couple of hectic parts, but nothing too bad. I was telling my husband that for about 2 days, I was very content & honestly relaxed not really overthinking anything. I had done a cleansing shower & combined properly cleaning my new deck & the wrap bag that came with it in the box & a Waterfall Chakra meditation that you can do in the shower & I cleansed the room & shower with the Cedar Rose Petal wrapped bundle & then myself & the shower & the deck & the bag & the area where I placed it… (I had ventilation in the bathroom, I wasn’t letting it fill up & sit with smoke & steam & a fireproof bowl in the sink where the burner & bowl was) I said my cleansing prayer & placed a Clear Quartz point on top of the deck, lit lavender incense, put my pouch of stones on the shelf, & turned on the meditation & took a cleansing shower with lavender incense, lavender & oatmeal body wash. I felt amazing! Just so refreshed & recharged. It was a good day. Again! After I left the shower room I left the deck out on my altar for a little bit, left the clear quartz point on the cards, closed the box, & wrapped it in its new cloth wrap & placed it in my pillowcase. I will sleep with it for a few days to a week & then just shuffle it throughout the day before I really start using it.

My husband shows me his phone & its information about my friend’s daughter that I had just gone to her wedding last weekend. I remember it feeling weird, off, tense but fun, but they weren’t people that I knew. Lisa & Shannon & I had a very close but I guess private relationship. It has always been just Lisa & I or the 3 of us together. Shannon’s son was a Freshman when my son was a senior in high school & on the football team in 2020 & they were together a lot so are also friends. I was like, that feeling makes so much sense at the wedding that I couldn’t shake it! So I text her asking if they needed anything to let me know. Anything at all, even a hug. :people_hugging: I also asked for them to be added to July & August’s Energy Circle within the forum for healing, love, & prayers for them. :revolving_hearts:

For 2 nights in a row, I slept for 6 hours or more at a time :flushed: So rare, but I’m happy :smiling_face: that I have relaxed & I know when even if I don’t want to, it might be necessary for me to move on, even if for a moment, I’m more patient, and my dog & I have forged a new or updated relationship since losing my older dog in June :rainbow: We are getting outside more now, I’m sticking to boundaries 1000x better than ever :star_struck:, even with 2 at a time. I know when it’s time to start letting go whether or not it’s the right thing for the other person & more about whether or not it’s the right thing for me & my family.

So I go to make the bed yesterday after I had messed it up looking for all the runes. I “thought” I had them all & found Dagaz :dagaz: at the foot of the bed right in front of me. This is hours later because honestly, our hard work paid off & we had a week off this month from financials & an evening of pizza for dinner, so I found my old TikTok & started watching some videos that pop up. I was losing my mind for 2 days over some of these videos & go sucked into the video vacuum hole for a few hours! & my husband was just like, it’s okay you were having fun & I was here to see you laugh again. (I mean OMG :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:)

so then I turned off all the electronics & we watched a couple of movies together while the kids were either outside or inside the immediate house. Things just felt, lighter, easier to accept & stop the overthinking before it starts turning into panic from antsy. I know how to release it before I’m reacting to that & not the actual situation… empath gifts can be a gift & a curse… these were the things that would happen to me if I couldn’t let go of something that wasn’t mine anymore or it was someone else’s.

Throughout the week of doing what was feeling right, shorter specific guided meditations to regain self-awareness & be able to come up with practical solutions, I have come to a place of just staying here for a while & enjoy the time & what has been done. Manifest for yourself & for others within your limits, not theirs. As a person with mental health complications & physical limitations within the past 7 years, to get here is Indescribable. To even have the knowledge I do about everything I have come back to & just felt so at home with myself, my family, and my friends. Learning how I need to let go & what works for me has done wonders. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

So this hurdle whatever it was, I must have “leveled up” :grin: so to confirm my suspicions I had a card draw & the message was basically like a “NAILED IT” moment for me anyway & the rest have been that way since also that I have done for myself in some way. I’ve found what is working for me & it’s so good to feel this way now after so many years of bouncing. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :heartpulse:

July 26, 2020, was a life-changing moment at the right time for me & my practice. It doesn’t feel like it’s been that long because I have learned so much, but there is also so much to still learn! :nerd_face: :revolving_hearts: