Dedication of an Athame

I had a hard time finding a blessing that resonated with me. There were several that would have served the purpose and gotten the job done, but I wanted to take it seriously so I wrote this.

Waking at Dawn (an unusual sunny day for a very gray and wet week)
Cleared a circle -and salted it.
Called the corners using the pages from Spells8 - Incense in the East, candle in the South, water in the West and salt jar in the North.
Kneel facing East and draw the energy of protection around and over the circle.
Take the Athame in the dominant hand and say:
"Welcome to the God of Air
Into the dawn of another day
God of intellect and words said fair
Blessings and thanks if you would stay
Bless this gift of Athame
I raise it to the rising sun
Dedicated to good and harming none
I sheath the blade into Mother Earth (pushing the blade into the soil)
That ‘Arun Branok’ may learn from her (Arun Branok is the name I chose for my blade)
Grounded in her abundant worth
Passively receptive awaiting birth
When noon is nigh
the work is done
Strengthened and born anew
In service God and Goddess both
Dedicated now to you
So mote it be.

I cut a door leaving the circle whole and will return at noon to retrieve the blade.

So there it is… happy birthday to my athame!


Ahhh this is gorgeous!
Thanks for sharing @berta! :heart_eyes:
Happy Birthday to Arun Branok! :partying_face:


Wow. That’s beautiful and even more special since you wrote it. Good job!


Love how everything you wrote flows so beautifully.


@berta Wonderful dedication! I’m glad that you found useful the elemental invocations for your ritual!

Thanks for sharing it with us!!


You have a wonderful talent for writing. We have a couple of people that love to write also in the forum! This is fabulous! I hope you remembered to go back at noon and that everything went well!


Berta, thanks for sharing! You do well!


That’s wonderfully! What a great ritual!


Absolutely gorgeous, @Berta :heart_eyes: Sometimes the perfect blessing or spell can’t be found- because it only exists inside your heart! You brought a very beautiful chant to life, it was a pleasure to read :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Many blessings to you and Arun Branok! :pray: