February 16 full moon and void of course...I'm so confused

Is going to be ooh la la! :heart_eyes:

  • culturally, there is the leftover Valentine vibe…
  • The Sun will be in Aquarius at 28 degrees. The moon will be in Leo at 28 degrees. If they were a couple, they’d be pretty compatible with each other. I guess that’s what happens with full moons – they are directly opposite each other.
  • Venus and Mars are going to be aligned, too, in Capricorn. Isn’t that romantic? Capricorns are noted for their responsible side but my oh my. They have a passionate side, too!
  • All the planets are direct.
  • Jupiter in Pisces which is good for all things except for your diet.

Here is the confusing part for me – most charts say the moon is full in Leo about 11:56 am. (EST, North america). The moon will have been in Leo since Valentine’s day.

The moon THEN goes almost immediately void of course - that time when it is in limbo between signs. It is void of course from about 11:56 or 11:57 until 3:43 p.m. and then it will be in Virgo.

Huh. So is the full moon in Leo for only about a minute? Because stuff like this (from astrology.com):

“The Leo full moon on the sixteenth squares the lunar nodes of destiny. This is an extremely potent and powerful aspect because it allows us to move toward what’s been on our minds and in our hearts for some time. We are letting go of old structures, relationships, and arguments that have held us back, as we evolve to a newer state of being. After this full moon, the future could seem limitless and at our disposal. Our personal world can change for the better, as we create the energy we want in our life just in time for the sun to enter Pisces on February 18.”

That all sounds good but I mean…is that all happening in about a minute? :laughing:

I think it’s good to know because 1) you probably don’t want to to full moon work in the afternoon when the moon is void of course, I mean, if you are into astrology and 2) if the moon sign matters to your full moon work…well, what am I saying, probably no one does full moon work in the afternoon, anyway :slight_smile: but you get what I mean.

any thoughts on void of course? does it impact your practice or is it not a factor for you at all?


I wondered about that also but usually do moon work when it’s full. I’m usually busy and work nights and I am a moon child! Love this group!


HI! Void of Course is the minimal space between each sign as the moon :full_moon: moves through them. Sometimes it’s an hour or less sometimes it’s a few hours. I have heard about not doing spell crafting or rituals during this time or anything witchy. I did find some information about it with a quick search of the forum though:

Moon Void of Course

What to do when Moon is Void of Course

Astrology Aspects - What are they and what do they mean?


I think it does that nearly every full moon. It goes Void of Course the minute and it reaches totality. Void of Course usually doesn’t factor for me at all. I try to keep track of it but I’ll still do things, you know?


Void of course :astrology_moon: v/c is an astrology term that occurs for a short time when the Moon doesn’t make any ‘aspects’ to other planets before entering the next zodiac sign.

@mary25 If I was doing something magical that was based on the moon sign or phase, I would not do a ritual, spell, or ceremony during the :astrology_moon: v/c It’s also not a good time to start something new.

@Siofra_Strega Thank you for the links, you are great at finding sources for more information.


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